Delaware 2 Business was commissioned in 1988 along the former route of Delaware 2 through Downtown Newark. Elkton Road carried the state route along side Delaware 896 northeast from Christina Parkway (Delaware 2 & 4) to Delaware Avenue east and from West Main Street. Originally a four-lane arterial with concrete pavement, Elkton Road north to West Park Place was rebuilt as a four-lane boulevard in the late 2000s. The remainder northeast was also reconfigured in 2012-13 as a landscaped boulevard with bike lanes, and renamed to South Main Street.

Delaware Avenue carried SR 2 Business east to Library Avenue (SR 2 & 72) at Newark High School, while westbound paralleled along Main Street to the north. SR 896 branches northwest from the couplet via New London Road while SR 273 joins Delaware Avenue and Main Street as part of its cross city route between Cecil County, Maryland and Ogletown.

A study conducted by DelDOT in 2013 with public input, suggested removing SR 2 Business all together while truncating SR 2 east from the Maryland state line to the intersection of Library Avenue (SR 72) and East Main Street (SR 273). The study also recommended renumbering Elkton Road west from Christina Parkway (SR 4 & 896) as new SR 279 to provide continuity with MD 279 southwest to Elkton. These changes were ultimately finalized, and signs throughout Newark were updated by winter 2014.

Delaware 2 Business - 2002 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 39,590 - Delaware 2/4/896 Christiana Parkway to Newark limits
  • 20,709 - Barksdale Road to Delaware 273/Delaware Avenue
  • 32,641 - S. College Avenue to Chapel Street
  • 19,297 - Chapel Street to Delaware 2-72/Library Avenue

Delaware 2 Business east
SR 2 turned east from Elkton Road with SR 896 south along Christina Parkway (SR 4) east as SR 2 Business began. SR 2 Business east & SR 896 north overlapped to South Main Street and the couplet of West Main Street / Delaware Avenue to Downtown. When SR 279 was signed in 2014, the erroneous East SR 896 reference here was retained. Photo taken 12/21/12.
SR 2 Business overlapped with SR 896 north for 1.7 miles to South College Avenue. The first reassurance marker appeared just east of the split with SR 2 along Elkton Road. Photo taken 03/28/04.
SR 2 Business east & 896 (Elkton Road) north at Casho Mill Road. The concrete surface of Elkton Road was eventually paved over with asphalt. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Span wire signals previously operated along Elkton Road eastbound at Thorn Lane west to the Towne Court Apartments and Short Lane south to Park Place Park. Photo taken 03/28/04.
The four lane, concrete roadway of Elkton Road next intersected Park Place. Elkton Road ends here now, but the name used to extend east to Delaware Avenue. Photo taken 03/28/04.
Reassurance shield assembly for Delaware 896 north & Delaware 2 Business east after West Park Place. Photo taken 03/28/04.
Mast arm traffic lights were installed along Delaware 2 Business & 896 (Elkton Road) at Veterans Drive in 1997. Photo taken 03/28/04.
Apple Road intersected Elkton Road to the immediate east of Veterans Drive at Park & Shop shopping center. Apple Road spans the adjacent CSX Railroad to the north. Photo taken 03/28/04.
Prior to the 2012 redesign, Elkton Road remained with four lanes north to Amstel Avenue. A pedestrian underpass below the parallel CSX Railroad line ties into this intersection from the north. Photo taken 03/28/04.
SR 2 Business east & 896 north combined with SR 273 east along the initial two blocks of West Delaware Avenue. Orchard Road intersects the trio midway between their merge and split. Photo taken 03/28/04.
SR 896 northbound split with SR 2 Business & SR 273 for South College Avenue north in the heart of the University of Delaware campus. Sign changes made here added a I-95 trailblazer for South College Avenue south and a parking sign in place of the SR 2 business shield. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Delaware 2 Business & 273 eastbound reassurance assembly posted after the split with Delaware 896 north. The University of Delaware campus north and south of East Delaware Avenue was designed with a Jeffersonian motif. Photo taken 06/23/12.
East Delaware Avenue separates the Newark business district with the UD campus on the approach to Academy Street. Academy Street comprises a north-south through street between East Park Place and East Main Street (SR 2 Business & 273 westbound). Photo taken 05/15/05.
SR 2 Business & 273 (East Delaware Avenue) eastbound at South Chapel Street. Chapel Street was once a part of SR 72, which is why shields were posted here. Photo taken 05/15/05.
2 photos
2 photos
A pair of traffic light assemblies were posted along the Delaware Avenue S-curve between South Chapel Street and Tyre Avenue. These traffic control devices were installed by the early 1980s to meter traffic as SR 2 & 273 approached Tyre Avenue and Newark High School. Photo taken 03/28/04. Second photo taken 06/04/12.
42 inch Eagle signals remained in service at East Delaware Avenue and Tyre Avenue to 2015. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Delaware 2 Business ended at the upcoming intersection where Delaware 273 east joins Delaware 72 north along Library Avenue for one block. Note the left-curve warning signs predating the 1979 construction of Library Avenue south to Wyoming Road. Photo taken 03/28/04.
Delaware 273 eastbound turns northward onto Library Avenue. Delaware 2 & 72 overlapped between Delaware 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) and Possum Park Road east of the city until fall 2013, when SR 2 was dropped south of SR 273. Straight ahead is the entrance to College Square Shopping Center. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Delaware 2-273 east & 72 north combined for two tenths of a mile along Library Avenue north leading to the intersection with East Main Street, Ogletown Road and Capitol Trail. Signs were changed in 2004 to reflect the adjacent Newark Free Library along Library Avenue southbound for the left-hand turn to Delaware 2 Business & 273 east to Downtown. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Delaware 2 Business west
Nearing the westbound beginning of SR 2 Business (East Main Street) on SR 273 (Ogletown Road) west at SR 2 & 72 (Library Avenue south / Capitol Trail east). Photo taken 08/03/13.
SR 2 east & 72 north overlap along Capitol Trail east to Possum Park Road outside the Newark city limits. The tandem south continued to SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road). SR 2 Business followed the old alignment of SR 2 west through Downtown, while eastbound ended via Library Avenue north from adjacent Delaware Avenue. Photo taken 08/03/13.
The westbound beginning of the SR 2 Business & 273 overlap along East Main Street from Ogletown Road. Photo taken 08/03/13.
Forking west from Delaware 2 west & 72 south (Library Avenue) on the beginning of Delaware 2 Business at McKees Lane. McKees Lane provides a short cut north to Cleveland Avenue under one of the few passages below the CSX Railroad in Newark. Photo taken 05/21/07.
Delaware 2 Business eastbound merged with Delaware 273 on East Main Street ahead of the signalized intersection with Tyre Avenue. Photo taken 05/21/07.
A 2-digit width shield for Delaware 273 remained in service along East Main Street by Newark Shopping Center until sometime after 2000. Photo taken 07/08/00.
East Main Street west at Chapel Street, the original alignment of Delaware 72. Chapel Street heads south to East Park Place and north to Cleveland Avenue at Paper Mill Road. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Academy Street carries two-way traffic south from Delaware 2 Business & 273 west to Lewis Park adjacent to the AMTRAK line. A pair of north facing, street level signals serve the exit from a municipal parking lot. Photo taken 03/27/04.
A pedestrian signal formerly operated at the main crosswalk near the Main Street Galleria between Academy Street and South College Avenue. Prior to the installation of signals here in winter 2004, a pair of yellow flashers instead cautioned motorists.
The traffic lights were eventually removed and replaced with flashing LEDs. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Span wire guide signs posted ahead of the SR 2 Business & 273 (Main Street) merge with SR 896 north from South College Avenue. The left and center signs were replaced when SR 896 was relocated away from South College Avenue in 1988 to overlap with newly designation SR 2 Business along Elkton Road west. The panel to the right was an original sign dating from the switch of Main Street from two-way traffic. Photo taken 06/26/10.
A three-way split with Delaware 273 (West Main Street) west and 896 (New London Road) north took place just west of Downtown Newark where Delaware 2 Business joined Delaware 273 east & 896 south on Elkton Road (renamed to South Main Street in 2012). Photo taken 06/23/12.
Motorists continuing west along Delaware 2 Business veered away from West Main Street just ahead of the Delaware 273 west and 896 north separation through northwest Newark. Photo taken 08/04/13.
SR 273 east & 896 south quickly merged with SR 2 Business west at the beginning of Elkton Road (now South Main Street). SR 273 eastbound dog legs along South Main Street to Delaware Avenue east as part of its cross city route. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Shields for SR 2 Business west & 896 south posted along the newly rebuilt stretch of South Main Street (former Elkton Road). Photo taken 08/04/13.
Reassurance markers for SR 2 Business & 896 south at Apple Road were retained following the completion of the Elkton Road redesign. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Traveling westbound along Elkton Road between Thorn Lane and Casho Mill Road. Photo taken 08/04/13.
The truck restriction along Christina Parkway east from Elkton Road was increased from just trucks exceeding 9 tons of gross vehicle weight, to all trucks with over two axles. Delaware 4 forms part of a popular bypass of the Newark Toll Plaza for I-95 through traffic. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Delaware 2 Business ended as Delaware 896 south traded places with Delaware 2 west along Elkton Road. Delaware 2-4-896 overlapped east along Christina Parkway to South College Avenue otherwise. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Delaware 2 overtook the western most mile of Elkton Road from the end of Delaware 4 (Christina Parkway) to become Maryland 279. Photo taken 06/20/12.

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