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SR 58 constitutes a nearly four mile route from SR 4 (Stanton Ogletown Road) and Delaware Park Boulevard southeast to SR 273 (Christiana Road) near Hares Corner. The western third forms a busy arterial linking Christiana Hospital, Christina Executive Campus, the Stanton campus of Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC) with both SR 1 and Interstate 95. South of I-95, SR 58 (Churchmans Road) reduces to two lanes by The Woods and DuRoss Heights communities to meet SR 37 (Airport Road) at the west end of New Castle County Airport (ILG). Churchmans Road serves industrial parks west of the airport to its end at SR 273 and Churchmans Industrial Center.

SR 58 was designated along with SR 37 in 1985 along preexisting roads. The Churchmans Road off-ramp from I-95 south serves movements from the JFK Memorial Highway to SR 7 (Stanton Christiana Road) north to Churchmans Crossing. Construction underway in 1996 upgraded the congested intersection at SR 7 and SR 58 into a partial cloverleaf interchange. The $25 million project1 required land acquisition from the DTCC campus, the adjacent Christiana Hilton Hotel and the Stafford Metro Center retail area. The bulk of work was completed in 1999, and by 2000 SR 1 was extended north to the new Exit 166. A ramp omitted from the project requires motorists to use the SR 58 off-ramp from SR 7 south and cross the signalized intersection to reach Interstate 95 south. The ramp was cut from the project to save costs.

Preliminary work for the 2007-08 widening of Interstate 95 to ten overall lanes from SR 1/7 to the Interstate 295 split replaced the SR 58 (Churchmans Road) overpass. Started in March 2004, the $17 million bridge replacement project2 expanded Churchmans Road to include full shoulders and a multi use path. Construction was completed in fall 2006. Long range plans may add a collector distributor roadway system for I-95 below the overpass, and add a new northbound on-ramp to I-95 from SR 58.

The New Castle County 2010 Transportation Plan issued in 1990 outlined an extension of Churchmans Road north through Delaware Park to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) at Delaware Park Drive. The four lane extension was also cited in the early 1990s plans for Metroform, a new town envisioned both along the SR 7 corridor between I-95 and Stanton and along SR 4 west to Harmony Road. Metroform was eventually renamed to Churchmans Crossing, but the development failed to be realized.

Delaware State Route 58 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 21,261 - SR 4 to Christiana Hospital
  • 23,666 - Christiana Hospital to SR 1/7
  • 26,291 - SR 1/7 to I-95
  • 19,451 - I-95 to SR 37
  • 10,149 - SR 37 to SR 273
Delaware State Route 58 East
Churchmans Road curves southeast from SR 4 (Stanton Ogletown Road) and Delaware Park Drive by Christiana Hospital as SR 58 begins. 12/23/16
The east entrance to Christiana Hospital ties into SR 58 (Churchmans Road) at Center Point Plaza shopping center. 12/23/16
SR 58 (Churchmans Road) expands to three lanes ahead of Continental Drive south and Churchmans Place north ahead of the parclo interchange with SR 1 south and SR 7 (Stanton Christiana Road). 12/23/16
Continental Drive spurs south from Churchmans Road into Christiana Executive Campus. Churchmans Place north links SR 58 with Old Churchmans Road and adjacent Churchmans Place shopping center. 12/23/16
A left turn takes motorists onto SR 7 (Stanton Christiana Road) north to Stanton and the Pike Creek Valley. Replacing a congested intersection, the interchange at SR 1, SR 7 and SR 58 was constructed between 1996 and 1999. 12/23/16
A dual turn lane forms a southbound collector distributor roadway for SR 1 & 7 through the adjacent interchange with Interstate 95. The SR 1 freeway starts here and travels south to Bear and St. Georges. SR 7 overlaps with the route to Christiana. 12/23/16
SR 7 extends north from SR 1 and SR 58 another 8.7 miles to the state line near Hockessin and Kaolin, Pennsylvania. The state route intersects the east side frontage road from the adjacent Stanton Campus of Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC) at the freeway end. 12/23/16
Confirming marker for SR 58 posted along Churchmans Road east of SR 1 and SR 7. Retail occupies the southeast quadrant of the exchange. 12/23/16
Geoffrey Drive provides the egress point from the adjacent commercial area opposite the Stanton Christiana Road service road north to DTCC. Geoffrey Drive is named after the mascot of the defunct Toys "R" Us franchise. Toys "R" Us was the first business established east of SR 7 at Churchmans Road. 12/23/16
Continuing east from Geoffrey Drive, SR 58 passes over Interstate 95. Completed in December 2005, the forthcoming bridge over the JFK Memorial Highway was rebuilt to accommodate widening of Interstate 95. The new span slightly extended the four lane section of SR 58 eastward while adding a pedestrian / bicycle path. 12/23/16
The subsequent eastbound traffic light serves the southbound off-ramp from I-95 to SR 58 (Churchmans Road). A northbound on-ramp from SR 58 to I-95 was proposed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but never constructed. 12/21/17
Cavaliers Country Club Drive stems south from SR 58 (Churchmans Road) to an adjacent apartment complex. A portion of the nearby golf course was sold in 2013 for new residential and commercial development. 12/23/16
A reassurance marker for SR 58 east stands between Cavaliers Country Club Drive and Addison Drive. 12/23/16
Churchmans Road arcs southward by The Woods subdivision on the ensuing stretch. 12/21/17
SR 58 east next crosses the Christina River on a 1972-built bridge. 12/21/17
Road work between May 2005 and June 2006 expanded the intersection of SR 58 (Churchmans Road) and SR 37 (Airport Road). The $8.6 million project widened both routes to four lanes and added dual turn lanes in three of the four directions.3 12/23/16
SR 37 comprises a short north-south route from SR 273 (Christiana Road) near Christiana to New Castle Corporate Commons and SR 141 (Basin Road). 12/22/16
Churchmans Road continues south from SR 37 (Airport Road) through an industrial area on the west side of New Castle County Airport (ILG). 12/23/16
Churchmans Road reduces back into a rural style two lane highway on the 1.25 mile drive south to SR 273 (Christiana Road). This view looks at SR 58 at the onset of construction to expand the intersection with SR 37 (Airport Road). 05/01/05
SR 58 (Churchmans Road) veers southward to end at SR 273 (Christiana Road) by Churchmans Corporate Center (the former New Castle Square Mall). 12/23/16
SR 273 (Christiana Road) constitutes a suburban arterial west to SR 1 and SR 7 at Christiana and east to U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway) at Hares Corner. 12/23/16
An end sign for SR 58 east was formerly posted at SR 273. It was removed by 2012. 05/01/05
Delaware State Route 58 West
Churchmans Road arcs northwest from SR 273 (Christiana Road) alongside Churchmans Corporate Center. Missing here is a confirming marker for SR 58 westbound. 12/24/17
SR 58 (Churchmans Road) angles northwest from SR 273 (Christiana Road) along the west side of New Castle County Airport (ILG) to meet SR 37 (Airport Road). SR 37 travels 3.11 miles southwest to SR 273 and northeast to New Castle Corporate Commons business park and SR 141 (Basin Road). 12/23/22
SR 58 (Churchmans Road) west at SR 37 (Airport Road) before construction expanded their intersection near DuRoss Heights. 03/20/04
Confirming marker for SR 58 posted as Churchmans Road makes an S-curve ahead of the Christina River. 12/23/22
Churchmans Road spans the Christiana River west from Old Churchmans Road and the DuRoss Heights community. 12/24/17
Churchmans Road rises from the Christina River to intersect Gooding Drive at The Woods subdivision. 12/23/22
The succeeding westbound signal connects SR 58 (Churchmans Road) with Cavaliers Country Club Drive south. The adjacent apartment complex abuts the east side of the Interstate 95 right of way. 12/23/22
A southbound off-ramp links Interstate 95 (Delaware Turnpike) with SR 58 (Churchmans Road) at this signal. 12/24/17
SR 58 expands to a four lane arterial from the bridge across I-95 to the parclo interchange with SR 1 south and SR 7 (Stanton Christiana Road). 08/18/21
The on-ramp from I-95 south adds a third westbound lane for SR 58 (Churchmans Road). The ensuing traffic light operates at Geoffrey Drive north and the SR 7 frontage road to the Stanton campus of Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC). 12/24/17
The northbound ramp to SR 7 (Stanton Christiana Road) follows from SR 58 west. SR 7 combines with SR 4 east in one half mile. The two split at Stanton, with SR 7 continuing north along Limestone Road to the Pike Creek Valley. 08/18/21
Geoffrey Drive forms a one way road south from SR 58 and the northbound off-ramp of SR 1/7 to the retail area sandwiched between Churchmans Road and Interstate 95. 06/06/12
The grade separation at SR 7/58 was completed in 1999. Included in the work was the separation of traffic south for SR 1/7. Drivers turning onto the freeway from SR 58 (Churchmans Road) form a collector distributor roadway through the adjacent interchange with I-95. The SR 7 mainline passes above and bypasses all ramps with I-95 to Christiana Mall. 08/18/21
Initially planned for Fall 2013, construction from Spring to Fall 20174 reconfigured SR 58 westbound from SR 7 to Continental Drive. The project extended the third westbound lane to Center Pointe Plaza shopping center and lengthened the dual left turn lanes for Continental Drive south. 08/18/21
Continental Drive forms the lone entrance to the Christiana Executive Campus spreading south of SR 58 and north of I-95. Churchmans Place ties in from the north, linking SR 58 with Old Churchmans Road north to SR 4. 12/24/17
Churchmans Road west prior to the third lane addition beyond Churchmans Place and completion of Center Pointe Plaza shopping center. 03/20/04
SR 58 curves northward and intersects access roads west to Christiana Hospital and east to Center Pointe Plaza shopping center. 12/24/17
SR 58 (Churchmans Road) west intersects SR 4 (Stanton Ogletown Road) across from Delaware Park Boulevard. Delaware Park Boulevard extends north to Fairplay Station with service to SEPTA Regional Rail, and across White Clay Creek to Delaware Park. 08/18/21
End SR 58 shield assembly. SR 4 constitutes a well traveled suburban route west to Ogletown and south Newark and east to SR 7 in Churchmans Crossing. 08/18/21
Delaware State Route 58 scenes
SR 58 shield assembly at Geoffrey Drive and Churchmans Road, across from the Stanton Campus of DTCC. 12/21/17

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