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Florida State Road 60 East
A roundabout in Clearwater Beach joins Cornado Drive north and Mandalay Avenue south with Causeway Boulevard east to State Road 60 (Clearwater Memorial Causeway). Photo taken 04/03/20.
Causeway Boulevard stems east from the Clearwater Beach Roundabout to become SR 60 at the Mandalay Channel bridge. Photo taken 03/11/15.
A four lane parkway, Causeway Boulevard runs by Clearwater Municipal Marina to Mandalay Channel. The westbound direction is often congested due to heavy traffic at the adjacent roundabout. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Pedestrian signals operate along Causeway Boulevard at E Shore Drive and the Marina Cantina retail complex. Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 begins at the low level bridge taking Causeway Boulevard across Mandalay Channel. The span connecting with Clearwater Memorial Causeway was built in 1960. Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 curves southeast along a man-made island from Mandalay Channel to the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 03/11/15.
The first confirming marker for SR 60 appears just east of the Mandalay Channel bridge. Memorial Causeway expands to include a landscaped median along this stretch. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Forthcoming Island Way stems north from SR 60 (Memorial Causeway) onto Harbor Island. The island chain is home to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which lines the waterside just to the north. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Island Way provides the sole connection to a series of finger like residential islands between Clearwater Harbor and Mandalay Channel. Photo taken 03/11/15.
SR 60 next rises onto the Memorial Causeway Bridge spanning the Intracoastal Waterway into Downtown Clearwater. Photo taken 03/11/15.
The Memorial Causeway Bridge was constructed from December 2002 to August 2005. The 2,340-foot long bridge cost $69.3-million.1 Photo taken 04/03/20.
The Memorial Causeway Bridge includes bicycle/pedestrian walkways on each side of the span while four lanes with full shoulders are provided for motorists. Photo taken 03/11/15.
High rises from Downtown Clearwater appear prominently to the east of SR 60 as the Memorial Causeway Bridge turns south to Chestnut and Court Streets. Photo taken 04/03/20.
The old Memorial Causeway Bridge tied into Cleveland Street just to the east of this scene as a low rise draw bridge. It was dismantled by the end of 2006, with its debris taken to a reef 12 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.2 Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 transitions from Memorial Causeway onto Chestnut Street through Downtown Clearwater. Westbound traffic utilizes Court Street one block to the north. Photo taken 04/03/20.
This SR 60 shield posted ahead of Oak Avenue was replaced with a new shield in 2017 and then replaced again in Summer 2019 with a 30 mile per hour speed limit sign. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Oak Avenue intersects SR 60 (Chestnut Street) south from Court Street and the Pinellas County Parking Garage. The local street continues from SR 60 to Druid Road. Photo taken 04/03/20.
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2 photos
Fort Harrison Avenue meets SR 60 (Chestnut Street) east at the subsequent traffic signal. The three lane boulevard was a part of U.S. 19 Alternate until 2007, when it was realigned eastward to Missouri Avenue. Photos taken 04/03/20.
Approaching U.S. 19 Alternate (Myrtle Avenue), SR 60 crosses a CSX Railroad line that runs down the middle of East Avenue. Photo taken 04/03/20.
U.S. 19 Alternate follows Myrtle Avenue north from SR 60 to overtake Fort Harrison Avenue north to Edgewater Drive through Dunedin. Photo taken 04/03/20.
U.S. 19 Alternate South Florida State Road 60 East
U.S. 19 Alternate/SR 60 combine east along Chestnut Street for 0.51 miles. U.S. 19 ALT was realigned in 2007 to bypass Downtown Clearwater. Photo taken 04/03/20.
The separate roadways for U.S. 19 ALT and SR 60 along Court and Chestnut Streets converge ahead of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. Photo taken 04/03/20.
U.S. 19 ALT separates from SR 60 (Court Street) east at Missouri Avenue. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Missouri Avenue constitutes a six lane commercial arterial taking U.S. 19 ALT south to SR 686 (E Bay Drive) and Seminole Boulevard in Largo. U.S. 19 ALT continues to Seminole, Bay Pines and St. Petersburg. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Florida State Road 60 East
SR 60 confirming marker posted beyond the split with U.S. 19 Alternate at Missouri Avenue. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 60 (Court Street) east at Glen Oaks Park and Hillcrest Avenue. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 60 converges with Gulf to Bay Boulevard at a five way intersection with Highland Avenue at the succeeding traffic light. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Gulf to Bay Boulevard angles northwest from Highland Avenue to Cleveland Street along the former alignment of SR 60. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 60 continues east along Gulf to Bay Boulevard by Crest Lake Park. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard) east at Lake Drive. Lake Drive travels north by Crest Lake Park to SR 590 (Drew Street) and south as unsigned Pinellas County Road 385 to McMullen Road in Largo. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Gulf to Bay Boulevard east at Duncan Avenue. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted ahead of Pinellas County Road 1 (Keene Road). Photo taken 01/02/06.
Keene Road (CR 1) constitutes a six-lane arterial route leading north to Dunedin and south to Largo. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Confirming marker posted after County Road 1 (Keene Road). Photo taken 05/04/19.
Arcturas Avenue intersects SR 60 by Clearwater High School. Photo taken 05/04/19.
This shield assembly preceding Hercules Avenue was removed by 2018. Photo taken 01/02/06.
Hercules Avenue (CR 425) leads south to a subdivision beyond Lakeview Road in Clearwater and north to Greenbriar Boulevard and Belcher Road within unincorporated Pinellas County. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Gulf to Bay Boulevard advances east from Hercules Avenue (CR 425) through a heavily commercialized stretch. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Pinellas County Road 501 follows Belcher Road, a major arterial route joining Clearwater with Largo and Pinellas Park. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Continuing east from Belcher Road (CR 501), SR 60 passes between several manufactured home communities. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Old Coachman Road (CR 535) stems north from SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard) to St. Petersburg College - Clearwater Campus, Spectrum Field and SR 590 at Coachman. Photo taken 05/04/19.
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A single point urban interchange joins SR 60 with U.S. 19 just east of Old Coachman Road. Photo taken 05/04/19.
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A single point urban interchange joins SR 60 with U.S. 19 just east of Old Coachman Road. Photo taken 05/04/19.
U.S. 19 constitutes an urban freeway north to Evans Road at Countryside and south to Pinellas County Road 611 (49th Street) in Pinellas Park. The arterial route was upgraded in stages from the mid 2000s to 2015. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Frontage roads carry drivers to the U.S. 19 freeway from SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard). U.S. 19 leads south into east Largo and east Pinellas Park.
Road construction underway in 2011-15 rebuilt the U.S. 19 overpasses and added turn lanes from Gulf to Bay Boulevard to the freeway frontage roads. Photo taken 05/04/19.
U.S. 19 extends north from Countryside to Dunedin, Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Leaving the exchange with U.S. 19, SR 60 passes by Clearwater Mall in east Clearwater. Photo taken 05/04/19.
The first mileage sign for SR 60 east appears by Clearwater Mall 20 miles from Downtown Tampa and 61 miles from the Polk County seat of Bartow. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Park Place Boulevard stems north from the main entrance to Clearwater Mall as a local boulevard connecting an adjacent office park with Drew Street. Photo taken 10/01/16.
Sky Harbor Drive ties into Gulf to Bay Boulevard at the east entrance to Clearwater Mall retail center. Formerly an enclosed shopping mall, Clearwater Mall was demolished by the early 2000s. The site is now a big box store power center. Photo taken 10/01/16.
Hampton Road follows at the ensuing eastbound signal, leading north from SR 60 to Drew Street at an elementary school. Photo taken 10/01/16.
SR 60 enters an exchange with CR 611 just prior to Courtney Campbell Causeway across Old Tampa Bay. A supplemental sign outlines the connections with Ruth Excerd Hall, Clearwater's performing arts center, and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE), Pinellas County's main airport. Photo taken 05/04/19.
County Road 611 is a major route that extends north to Safety Harbor and East Lake and south via the Bayside Bridge to Pinellas Park. A single point urban interchange joins the north end of the Bayside Bridge freeway with SR 60 here. Photo taken 05/04/19.
SR 60 confirming marker posted after the SPUI with CR 611 and ahead of the traffic light with Bayshore Boulevard north. Photo taken 10/01/16.
Bayshore Boulevard straddles the marshy areas of Coopers Bayou and Alligator Lake leading north to Downtown Safety Harbor. Photo taken 10/01/16.
SR 60 begins its course across Old Tampa Bay via Courtney Campbell Causeway ahead of the traffic light with Damascus Road. Photo taken 10/01/16.
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2 photos
Separate traffic lights along SR 60 east at a beach access point and Dr. Kiran C. Patel Boulevard north to the Tampa Bay Regional Campus of Nova Southeastern University were consolidated into a single intersection in Spring 2020. Photos taken 10/01/16.
SR 60 narrows to four lanes along the Courtney Campbell Causeway (also referred to sometimes as Courtney Campbell Parkway). The four lane roadway acts as an expressway with a handful of beach access points along its eight mile course. Photo taken 04/03/20.
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2 photos
Narrow frontage roads originally lined both directions of the causeway, providing access to the water for fishing, picnicking, or swimming at Ben T. Davis Municipal Beach. The south side frontage road was replaced with Courtney Campbell Trail, a multi-use path spanning Old Tampa Bay. Photos taken 10/01/16.
The barrier median separates traffic and allows drivers to use Courtney Campbell Causeway at higher speeds. Photo taken 10/01/16.
Midway across Old Tampa Bay is the Hillsborough County line. Photo taken 04/03/20.
A handful of buildings rise along the eastern horizon from Rocky Point, an area of land jutting southward from Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa. Photo taken 10/01/16.
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SR 60 ascends over the channel crossing of Old Tampa Bay at milepost 4.5. Photos taken 10/01/16.
A traffic light operates at the Davis Municipal Beach parking areas adjacent to SR 60. A boat ramp, picnic pavilions and sandy beaches are available to the general public here. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Dedicated in 2013, Courtney Campbell Trail parallels the south side of SR 60 to Rocky Point. Photo taken 10/01/16.
A $12 million project constructed a bridge along SR 60 at a new a channel created across the narrow strip of land west of Rocky Point.2 Photo taken 11/22/19.
Completed in June 2019, the project restores the tidal flow to northeastern reaches of Old Tampa Bay originally cut off by construction of Courtney Campbell Parkway.2 Photo taken 04/03/20.
A second signalized intersection lies at the east end of Ben T. Davis Municipal Beach. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Bay Harbor Drive stems south from SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) to a hotel and restaurant. Photo taken 04/03/20.
Reassurance marker for SR 60 east posted at Rocky Point.
Much of the land at Rocky Point was developed by George Steinbrenner, who was the owner of the New York Yankees baseball club. Photo taken 10/20/13.
Rocky Point Drive crosses SR 60 at the second Rocky Point traffic light. This signal can cause significant traffic delays during the evening peak hours of traffic. Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 expands to six overall lanes from Rocky Point to Memorial Highway. A folded diamond interchange is next with Bayport Drive, a local road to Bayport Plaza Business Complex. Photo taken 10/01/16.
Construction upgraded the east end of Courtney Campbell Causeway in conjunction with the $230-million Tampa Airport Interchanges project. The expansive work took place between August 15, 2005 and March 31, 2010.3 It removed at-grade intersections at both Bayport Drive and Memorial Highway, where SR 60 meets the south end of Veterans Expressway (SR 589). Photo taken 04/03/20.
SR 60 was shifted northward to bypass the previous at-grade intersection with Bayport Drive. Now a freeway, the state road approaches a directional T interchange with SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) north at Eisenhower Boulevard. Eisenhower Boulevard forms a frontage road system to the Veterans Expressway north from Memorial Highway (CR 576) to Hillsborough Avenue (SR 580). Photo taken 04/03/20.
Reassurance marker posted ahead of the lane split for SR 589 north to Carrollwood, Northdale and Pasco County and the continuation of SR 60 east onto the Memorial Highway freeway by TPA Airport. Photo taken 06/26/15.
A left exit joins a collector distributor roadway to Eisenhower Boulevard north and SR 589 north. The Veterans Expressway winds northward through unincorporated suburban areas to SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Lutz. Connections with SR 580 (Hillsborough Avenue) east lead motorists to the air cargo facilities of TPA Airport. Photo taken 04/03/20.
The SR 60 eastbound mainline separates into single lane ramps for the Memorial Highway freeway south to I-275 at Westshore in Tampa and the nearby ramps for both SR 616 (Spruce Street) east and George J. Bean Parkway north to Tampa International Airport (TPA). Photo taken 06/26/15.

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