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Florida State Road 202 West
The westbound beginning of SR 202 from SR A1A (3rd Street) south. Photo taken 07/04/06.
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3 photos
3 photos
SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Boulevard) elevates above South Beach Parkway and adjacent shopping centers to the half diamond interchange with Marsh Landing and Sanctuary Parkways. Photo taken 07/04/06. Second photo taken 11/06/19. Third photo taken 11/06/19.
JTB westbound emerges from Jacksonville Beach along a causeway across marshland, one mile ahead of the diamond interchange with San Pablo Road (CR 101A). Photo taken 11/06/19.
SR 202 transitions to a pair of bridges (Arthur N. Sollee Bridge) from Cut Creek west to the Intracoastal Waterway (Pablo Creek). Photo taken 11/06/19.
Viewing the Intracoastal Waterway and Beswick Island north from the Butler Boulevard bridges. Photo taken 07/04/06.
The twin spans of SR 202 provide a 65 foot vertical clearance for vessels along the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 11/06/19.
San Pablo Road winds north from a gated community just south of JTB to the Mayo Clinic and U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) as a multi lane arterial. Unsigned County Road 101A lines the road north to SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard). Photo taken 11/06/19.
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2 photos
Continuing west, SR 202 next meets Hodges Boulevard at a diamond interchange. Photos taken 11/06/19.
Turner Boulevard was expanded from four to six lanes between San Pablo Road and Kernan Boulevard as part of a $28.9 million project underway between July 2007 and November 2009.1 Photo taken 11/06/19.
Hodges Boulevard stems north from SR 202 as a suburban arterial to the Beach Haven and Golden Glades communities to SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard). Photo taken 11/06/19.
Confirming marker posted west of Hodges Boulevard. Turner Boulevard separates development to the north from Pablo Creek Preserve to the south. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Kernan Boulevard joins SR 202 with the University of North Florida (UNF) and the Sans Parell community in one mile. Photo taken 11/06/19.
State Road 202 converges with Interstate 295 just beyond Kernan Boulevard. I-295 was designated in 2012 over SR 9A when the interstate was expanded around the East Beltway of Jacksonville. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Entering the diamond interchange with Kernan Boulevard on SR 202 (JTB) west. Kernan Boulevard dead ends south of the freeway. Photo taken 11/06/19.
I-295 encircles Jacksonville northwest to Arlington, the N.B. Broward Bridge across the St. Johns River, Oceanway and I-95 by Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). Photo taken 11/06/19.
SR 202 advances west across Buck Head Branch and Sawmill Slough to the turbine interchange with Interstate 295. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Dual lanes take motorists onto I-295 southwest to I-95 at South Side Jacksonville and the Buckman Bridge across the St. Johns River toward Orange Park, a Clay County suburb along U.S. 17. Photo taken 11/06/19.
SR 202 / JTB west at I-295 / East Beltway. Interstate 295 south connects with SR 9B in five miles. SR 9B provides a direct route to Interstate 95 south toward St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Leading away from I-295, SR 202 (JTB) passes by St. Johns Town Center and the Markets at Town Center retail complexes to Gate Parkway. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Gate Parkway originates from Baymeadows Road, just east of I-295. The arterial curves northwest by a number of office parks and apartment communities to intersect SR 115 (Southside Boulevard). A single point urban interchange (SPUI) joins the parkway and SR 202. Butler Boulevard westbound was expanded to five lanes by 2009 from I-295 to Gate Parkway in conjunction with work to build the turbine interchange at SR 9A. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Proceeding west from Gate Parkway, SR 202 (JTB) enters a full cloverleaf interchange with SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) in a quarter mile. Photo taken 11/06/19.
SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) travels five miles north to Killarney Shores, Southside Estates and Woodland Acres among other communities between SR 202 and Arlington Expressway. Arlington Expressway takes the state road west along side U.S. 90 Alternate to the Mathews Bridge. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Southside Boulevard forms a busy commercial arterial north from U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) at Greenland to Arlington Expressway at Regency Plaza Shopping Center. SR 115 follows the boulevard as part of a 38-mile route from Jacksonville northwest to Callahan. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Leading west from SR 115, SR 202 (Butler Boulevard) runs between areas of Tiger Hole Swamp and various apartment complexes to a single point interchange with Belfort Road. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Belford Road serves an array of office parks and Saint Vincent's Medical Center Southside sandwiched in an area between Pottsburg Creek and Interstate 95. A two lane distributor roadway separates for I-95 north to Downtown Jacksonville in one mile. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Traffic to Belfort Road departs Butler Boulevard west ahead of the flyover opened on September 7, 2017 for I-95 north. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Construction of the grade separation at Belfort Road and the high speed connection with I-95 north extended the freeway portion of Butler Boulevard to the west side of Interstate 95. Photo taken 11/06/19.
The entrance ramp from Belfort Road and Southpoint Boulevard merges with SR 202 ahead of a slip ramp for I-95 north to Downtown Jacksonville and Savannah, Georgia. Photo taken 11/06/19.
Two lanes loop onto a distributor roadway for I-95 to Southside Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Photo taken 11/06/19.
State Road 202 (J. Turner Boulevard) continues at-grade from the cloverstack interchange with I-95 to nearby U.S. 1 (Philips Highway). Photo taken 11/06/19.

  1. "Butler construction nearing completion The road widening from four to six lanes began in July 2007." Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, FL), November 3, 2009.

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    07/04/06 by AARoads and Justin Cozart. 11/06/19 by AARoads.

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