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Business Loops I-15/84 overlap 2.01 miles northward from the rural town of Elwood along SR 13 (5200 West) to SR 102 (11200 North). SR 102 continues the pair west 2.00 miles across the city of Tremonton. The two separate west of the business district at the Main Street intersection with 1000 West. Business Loop I-84 continues alongside SR 102 (Main Street) west 1.38 miles to Interstate 84. Business Loop I-15 branches 1.7 miles north along 1000 West to 1000 North to reconnect with Interstate 15. This section of the business route is locally maintained.

SR 13 through the Bear River Valley follows the historic route of both U.S. 30S and U.S. 191. The state route originates in Brigham City from U.S. 89/91 and ends 33.14 miles to the north at the Plymouth Interchange with Interstate 15. SR 102 through Tremonton is the former route of U.S. 30S. The 20.07 mile long state route also replaced what was SR 30 east from I-84 to SR 38 at Deweyville. The western extent of the highway follows a stair stepped route southwest to Thatcher, Penrose and SR 83 south of the Blue Spring Hills.

Business Loop I-15 Utah State Route 13 North Business Loop I-84 West
Business Loop I-15/84 accompany SR 13 (5200 West) north from a diamond interchange (Exit 376) in the town of Elmwood. 07/08/16
The first set of shields for Business Loop I-15/84 appear along SR 13 (5200 West) northbound beyond 10400 North. 07/08/16
Advancing north to the community of Crossroads and SR 102 (11200 North) on Business Loop I-15/84-SR 13. 07/08/16
The three routes enter Tremonton just ahead of Crossroads. SR 13 follows 1600 East over the course of 2.5 miles through eastern reaches of the city limits. 07/08/16
The junction of SR 13 (1600 East) and SR 102 (Main Street) at Crossroads was the southern terminus of U.S. 191 between 1962 and 1972. The highway originally extended south to Brigham City and was later cut back to Idaho Falls.1 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15/84 split with SR 13 north for SR 102 (Main Street) west to the Tremonton city center. SR 102 extends 2.57 miles east from Crossroads to SR 38 on the north side of Deweyville. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15 Business Loop I-84 Utah State Route 102 West
Business Loop I-15/84 expand to a three lane boulevard along SR 102 (Main Street) west from SR 30 to 400 West in Downtown Tremonton. 07/08/16
SR 102 runs west from Tremonton to connect with SR 83 to 7200 North at Lampo Junction for the Golden Spike National Historic Site. 07/08/16
Advancing to the south end of SR 82 (300 East) on Business Loop I-15/84-SR 102 (Main Street) west. SR 82 represents the original alignment of U.S. 191 through Tremonton.1 07/08/16
Lowering to cross the Malad River on Main Street west ahead of SR 82 (300 East). SR 82 leads north tom Main Street in the city of Garland. 07/08/16
Measuring 3.18 miles in length, State Route 82 forms an L-shaped route north from SR 102 in Tremonton to Garland and east to SR 13. 07/08/16
Main Street west at 300 East in the Tremonton city center. With 8,426, Census estimates in 2016 showed a population increase of 10.2% for Tremonton from the 2010 counts. 07/08/16
Rising around 30 feet from the Malad River, Business Loop I-15/84-SR 102 continue west along Main Street from SR 82 toward the Box Elder County Fairgrounds. 07/08/16
Another reassurance marker for Business Loop I-84 appears along Main Street west at 100 East in Downtown Tremonton. 07/08/16
Tremont Street represents the east-west dividing line for the Tremonton numbered street network. 07/08/16
A trailblazer directs motorists headed north to Interstate 15 along the continuation of Business Loop I-15 on 1000 West. Business Loop I-84/SR 102 (Main Street) pass below the freeway ahead without direct access. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-84 Utah State Route 102 West
Business Loop I-84/SR 102 (Main Street) proceed west from 1000 West by the Box Elder County Fairgrounds. 07/08/16
Main Street west at the Interstate 15 over crossing. I-15 north from I-84 through Tremonton was completed in 1990. 07/08/16
An array of traveler services line Main Street leading west to the diamond interchange (Exit 40) with Interstate 84. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-84 returns to I-84 west ahead of a rural stretch extending northwest to I-86 outside Rupert and Burley. Interstate 84 reaches Boise in 259 miles. 07/08/16
I-84 eastbound combines with Interstate 15 south 1.8 miles from the exchange with SR 102 (Main Street). 07/05/16
Business Loop I-84 ends at the westbound entrance ramp to Interstate 84. The Bothwell interchange nearby opened in 1989. 07/08/16
SR 102 leaves the Tremonton city limits and transitions to a rural highway along 11200 North beyond the I-84 underpass. 07/08/16
I-15/84 combine southward 15 miles to Brigham City. 07/08/16
Interstate 84 runs concurrently with I-15 south for 38.327 miles to Ogden. The two routes connect northern Utah with Salt Lake City and I-80 east to Wyoming. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15 North
Although unsigned, Business Loop I-15 advances north from Main Street alongside the Box Elder County Fairgrounds toward 350 North. 08/10/16
A trailblazer directs motorists on Business Loop I-15 (1000 West) onto 1000 North westbound by Bear River Valley Hospital. 08/10/16
Concealed by foliage in this scene, a Interstate 15 trailblazer also appears along 1000 North west of 1000 West. 08/10/16
A diamond interchange joins 1000 North and the end of Business Loop I-15 with the freeway north toward Plymouth and Pocatello, Idaho. 08/10/16
1000 North extends beyond the southbound on-ramp for I-15 to Ogden 1.75 miles to an access road linking with Interstate 84. 08/10/16
Business Loop I-84 Utah State Route 102 East
SR 102 combines with Business Loop I-84 east along Main Street through the city of Tremonton. 07/05/16
Several motorists services center around the Main Street intersection with 2300 West in Tremonton. Motorists originating on SR 102 west of I-84 are directed east to Business Loop I-15 north along 1000 West. 08/10/16
Advancing east along Main Street, Business Loop I-84/SR 102 pass under Interstate 15 just north of the split with I-84. 08/10/16
Business Loop I-15 and 84 converge by the Box Elder County Fairgrounds at 1000 West. Business Loop I-15 heads north to Jeanie Stevens Park and 1000 North west to Interstate 15. 08/10/16
Business Loop I-15 South
The first confirming marker for Business Loop I-15 precedes the eastern turn from 1000 West onto Business Loop I-84/SR 102 (Main Street) in Tremonton. 08/10/16
Business Loop I-15 Business Loop I-84 East Utah State Route 13 South
Business Loop I-15/84-SR 13 (5200 West) enter the Elwood town at 10400 North ahead of this shield assembly. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15/84 meet I-15/84 at a rural diamond interchange (Exit 376) south of 9600 North. 07/13/08
The first right turn connects SR 13 south with I-15 north to Pocatello and I-84 west to Snowville. 07/13/08
Passing over the freeway, SR 13 continues to the southbound entrance ramp for I-15/84 to Ogden and Salt Lake City. 07/13/08
Business Loop I-15/84 south conclude at the entrance ramp for I-15/84 south to Brigham City. SR 13 (5200 West) parallels the freeway to Bear River City and Corinne before crossing I-15/84 again at Exit 365. 07/13/08

  1. End of US highway 191. US

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