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Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south
Southbound Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 between Exit 69 (Cass County 20) and 19th Avenue North (Exit 67). Much of north Fargo remains rural as the freeway. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Exit 67 represents the southbound beginning of the Fargo U.S. 81 Business loop. U.S. 81 Business follows 19th Avenue east and a combination of University Drive (southbound) and 10th Street (northbound) through the city. Photo taken 04/22/07.
0.75-mile guide sign for U.S. 81 Business (Exit 67) posted on Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south. U.S. 81 Business serves Hector International Airport (FAR) and the Fargo Air Museum between the freeway and University Drive. Interests to the Fargodome, Newman Outdoor Field (home of the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks Northern League and NDSU baseball teams), and the North Dakota State University campus should use U.S. 81 Business east to University Drive south. Photo taken 04/22/07.
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 with 19th Avenue North at Exit 67. 19th Avenue North enters the scene from rural Cass County at the North Dakota Horse Park to become U.S. 81 Business east of the freeway. U.S. 81 Business overtakes the original U.S. 81 alignment from Cass County 81 nearby through Downtown. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Attached to the 19th Avenue North overpass is the one-mile guide sign for 12th Avenue North (Exit 66). North Dakota 294 overlays 12th Avenue east to U.S. 81 Business (10th Street North) north as an unsigned route. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 widening was not yet complete at the time of this photograph. Pictured here is an interchange sequence sign for Exits 66, 65, and 64 through central Fargo. Photo taken 04/22/07.
12th Avenue North crosses paths with Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 on the industrial northwest side of Fargo. The arterial provides a state-maintained route to the University of North Dakota to the east and a local route west to West Fargo. ND 294 totals 2.158 miles along 12th Avenue North. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south next meet U.S. 10 & Business Loop I-94 (unsigned here) at Exit 65. The pair follow Main Avenue east into Downtown Fargo and west to West Fargo. Points of interest served by Exit 65 include Red River Valley Fairgrounds and Bonanzaville USA in West Fargo and the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center in Moorhead, Minnesota. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Interchange sequence sign posted at the 7th Avenue North overpass on Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south. Business Loop I-94 follows all of U.S. 10 (Main Avenue) west from U.S. 75 in Moorhead, Minnesota to West Fargo. Photo taken 04/22/07.
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 with Business Loop I-94 & U.S. 10 (Main Avenue) at Exit 65. Main Avenue comprises a commercial boulevard west through the Village West neighborhood and West Fargo and east to Jefferson and Downtown, Fargo. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Exit 65 departs Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south at a refurbished BNSF Railroad overpass. The span was redone as part of the overall Interstate 29 expansion project through Fargo during 2004-08. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Exit 65 expands into four lanes ahead of the turns onto Main Avenue. Business Loop I-94 & U.S. 10 continue east two miles to U.S. 81 Business in Downtown and 3.5 miles to their split in Moorhead City. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Turning onto Main Avenue west from Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south. U.S. 10 ends with Business Loop I-94 at a trumpet interchange with Interstate 94 in five miles. The US highway was replaced wholly by I-94 between West Fargo and Billings, Montana. Photo taken 04/22/07.
13th Avenue South meets Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 at Exit 64 by West Acres Shopping Center and neighborhood in Fargo. Photo taken 06/17/15.
One quarter mile north of the parclo interchange (Exit 64) with 13th Avenue South on Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south. 13th Avenue South constitutes an east-west commercial arterial between Village West and Willow Park to the west and through the Westgate neighborhood to the east. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 64 departs I-29 & U.S. 81 south onto parallel 38th Street SW, a west side frontage road, ahead of its intersection with 13th Avenue South. Drivers continuing southward will meet Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 in one mile at Exits 63A/B. Photo taken 06/17/15.
All traffic to I-94 & U.S. 52 departs I-29 & U.S. 81 south in unison at a cloverstack interchange. Interstate 94 travels south of Downtown Fargo between West Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota on its long distance route to Bismark and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Another interchange sequence sign precedes the ramps for Interstate 94 & U.S. 52. Exits 62 and 60 represent the last interchanges within the city of Fargo. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 63 partitions from I-29 south with two lanes. Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 west form a commuter route west six miles to West Fargo. The pair reach Bismark in 188 miles. Motorists taking the freeway east cross the Red River into Moorhead in three miles. I-94 enters the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities in 217 miles. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Exits 63A/B separate for Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east and west. U.S. 52 pairs with I-94 west 91 miles to Jamestown. The route east to Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota is unsigned beyond the state line. Photo taken 06/17/15.
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2 photos
A high flyover was built in the mid-2000s as part of the Interstate 29 Fargo expansion project. It replaced a loop ramp for Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east. Photos taken 06/17/15.
I-29 & U.S. 81 south advances one mile from I-94 to 32nd Avenue South at the Anderson Park and Bluemont Lakes neighborhoods. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Another in a series of arrow-per-lane (APL) overheads posted along Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 through Fargo outlines the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 62) for 32nd Avenue South. 32nd Avenue South heads west to CR 17 in the city of West Fargo and east to U.S. 81 Business (University Drive) at the Brunsdale neighborhood. Photo taken 06/17/15.
The last Fargo interchange sequence sign lists the distances to Exit 62 (Pointe West neighborhood) and Exit 60 (Woodhaven neighborhood). Photo taken 06/17/15.
Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south reach the off-ramp (Exit 62) to 32nd Avenue South. 32nd Avenue South forms a commercial arterial east to Stonebridge and U.S. 81 Business and west to Brandt Crossing and Urban Plains. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 62 expands to three lanes and ends at 32nd Avenue South. West Fargo lies three miles to the west. Photo taken 04/22/07.
The southbound freeway reduces from three to two lanes beyond the parclo interchange at Exit 62. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Frontage roads (38th Street South / 36th Street SW) parallel I-29 & U.S. 81 the four-lane highway to 52nd Avenue South. The four lane freeway passes by Prairie Rose along this stretch. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Forthcoming 52nd Avenue South heads west from Exit 60 through growing suburban areas of Deer Creek and Osgood ahead of West Fargo. Eastward the arterial takes U.S. 81 Business from I-29 and Frontier to University Drive. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Southbound at the off-ramp (Exit 60) to U.S. 81 Business north and 52nd Avenue South on I-29 & U.S. 81 south. 52nd Avenue east to University Drive south (old U.S. 81) takes drivers to the Bennett and Davies neighborhoods of south Fargo. Photo taken 06/17/15.
The diamond interchange (Exit 60) with 52nd Avenue South was rebuilt as an expanded parclo interchange in 2008. Work also widened 52nd Avenue Street to coincide with new loop ramps onto the freeway. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Confirming markers posted along the southbound freeway at Frontier. Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 leave the last of the Fargo suburbs (Maple Valley) for open farm land beyond 64th Avenue South. Photo taken 06/17/15.


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