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Traveling 143.02 miles through the southwestern quadrant of Arkansas, Interstate 30 serves to link Texarkana with Hope, Arkadelphia, Benton and Little Rock. I-30 is a part of High Priority Corridor (HPC) 55, which connects Dallas, Texas with Memphis, Tennessee.

Interstate 30 Arkansas Guides

Entering the Natural State at Texarkana, Interstate 30 initially proceeds east across northern reaches of the city to an exchange with I-49 before turning northeast towards Hope. I-30 traverses rural areas through Miller and Hempstead counties, crossing the Red River at Fulton. Passing the county seat of Hope to the north, I-30 advances northeast into rural sections of Nevada and Clark counties. I-30 lines western portions of Arkadelphia, seat of Clark County, ahead of Caddo Valley. Entering Hot Springs County near De Gray Lake, I-30 continues on a northeastly course to Malvern and Rockport, staying south of the Ouachita Mountains. Traveling east from Hot Springs, U.S. 270 briefly overlaps with I-30 in northern reaches of Malvern before departing for Pine Bluff.

Both U.S. 67 and U.S. 70 join I-30 ahead of the Saline County seat of Benton, the westernmost suburb of the Little Rock metro area. I-30/U.S. 67-70 combine northeast along an urban six lane freeway to the first of three branch routes (I-430) to serve the capital city. U.S. 70 departs with I-430 while the southern leg of the Little Rock beltway system (I-30/U.S. 67) advances east into southern neighborhoods of Little Rock ahead of I-440/530. Meeting I-440-530/U.S. 65-167 at a systems exchange west of Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT), I-30/U.S. 67 turn north alongside U.S. 65-167 toward Downtown. I-440 runs along the eastern segment of the beltway while I-530/U.S. 65-167 extend south toward Pine Bluff.

As I-30/U.S. 65-67-167 near Downtown, I-630 branches along the Wilbur D. Mills Freeway to western neighborhoods of the capital city. Bypassing the central business district and capital grounds to the east, I-30 crosses the Arkansas River into North Little Rock. U.S. 65-67-167 remain along I-30 as the freeway lines Cypress and Locust Streets near Downtown North Little Rock en route to an exchange with I-40. While U.S. 65 continues northward to Conway along I-40 and U.S. 67-167 angle northeast along a freeway to Jacksonville and Bald Knob, I-30 concludes its run through Arkansas at the directional interchange.

Started in Winter 2020, the 30 Crossing project improves a 5.22 mile section of I-30 in Little Rock and North Little Rock between I-440/530 and I-40. Improvements include additional lanes, interchange modifications, and a replacement of the Arkansas River crossing. Costing $540 million, the project is anticipated to be completed by early 2025.

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