Interstate 465 South
Historical vantage of Interstate 465 southbound within the original cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 74 west and Crawfordsville Road (former U.S. 136 east). The new Crawfordsville Road interchange with the Beltway resulted in a truncation of 0.34 miles of U.S. 136, as U.S. 136 no longer needed to fish hook west to meet the freeway. 11/05/09
Interstate 465 South Interstate 74 East
South of Exit 16, Interstate 74 joins Interstate 465 as part of a 19-mile multiplex along the west and south sides of Indianapolis. Originally, the highway was slated on being taken through the city, but no construction ever took place and Interstate 74 was instead routed along Interstate 465. However, most locals will only call the interstate 465 and omit the 74. 12/06/12
Two southbound lanes from U.S. 136 west/Crawfordsville Road join I-465/74 at the one mile approach to Exit 14 for 10th Street. 12/06/12
Up ahead, 10th Street goes through the west side neighborhood of Haughville and Speedway to the east. To the west the road heads out through Chapel Hill and Westwood and provides a route into the Hendricks County suburb of Avon. 12/06/12
Exit 14 turns off of I-465/74 onto 10th Street. Exit 14 with 10th Street was redesigned into a conventional parclo interchange from an eight-ramp design during Accelerate 465 road work. Exit 13 with U.S. 36 West and Rockville Road is one mile away. 12/06/12
Rockville Road east from Exit 13 and I-74/465 travel by Lynhurst to merge with Washington Street at Eagle Creek, where U.S. 36/40 originally combined through the west side of the city. 12/17/11
U.S. 36 heads west from I-74/465 at a parclo (Exit 13) interchange west to Tremont, Avon and Danville. Originally a cloverleaf interchange joined Rockville Road with I-74/465.
Exit 12 for Washington Street and U.S. 40 West is one mile ahead. 12/17/11
Up ahead is Exit 12, where U.S. 40 West will join I-74/465. Previously a cloverleaf interchange, Exit 12 was reconfigured into a parclo. 12/17/11
Plainfield, a suburb in southeastern Hendricks County, is located several miles to the west along U.S. 40 West via Exit 12. 12/17/11
U.S. 40 leaves the Indianapolis Beltway for its original alignment along Washington Street west to Bridgeport and Plainfield. Roadwork reconfigured Exit 12 into a six-ramp parclo from a cloverleaf interchange. 12/17/11
Crossing over Washington Street/U.S. 40 West, Exit 11 for Sam Jones Expressway is one mile away with Exit 9 A-B for Interstate 70 at 2 1/4 miles. 12/17/11
A view of I-74/465 in between Exits 12 and 11. The interstate was widened to twelve lanes in this segment. The Indianapolis International Airport lies to the west of the freeway and was originally accessed from the interstate before the construction of the Midfield passenger Terminal. 12/17/11
The former directional cloverleaf interchange at Exit 11 was replaced with a diamond interchange as the role of Sam Jones Expressway was significantly reduced with the relocation of the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) passenger terminal from the west end of the freeway to a point north of Exit 68 on Interstate 70. 12/17/11
Now at Exit 11 for Sam Jones Expressway. Formerly the Airport Expressway, the east-west freeway was renamed in 2007 after Sam Jones, a local civic leader, as the road no longer connected with the airport terminal. The expressway provides a short cut for those heading into Downtown Indianapolis as it connects with Interstate 70 to the east. East of the interstate, the expressway becomes Raymond Street, a four lane arterial that stretches across the south side of Indianapolis. Exit 9 for Interstate 70 is one mile away. 12/17/11
Passing under Sam Jones Expressway at a since-removed pull-through panel for I-74 east / I-465 south. 11/05/09
South of Exit 11 (Sam Jones Expressway), the leftmost lane prepares to end as the two rightmost lanes will leave with Interstate 70 at Exit 9. As with the other interchanges, Exit 9 was reconstructed to have two flyover ramps from eastbound I-70 to northbound I-465 and from northbound I-465 to westbound I-70. 12/17/11
Similar to the Sam Jones Expressway interchange, the exchange with Interstate 70 consisted of a directional cloverleaf originally. Pictured here before Accelerate465 widening, three lanes of Interstates 74-465 southbound were within one half mile of Exit 9B. The departure of the I-70 westbound off-ramp is now one quarter mile sooner. 11/05/09
The two rightmost lanes exit onto Interstate 70 at Exit 9. Interstate 70, widened in its own right between the Beltway and Ronald Reagan Parkway in the mid-2000s, joins Indianapolis with the airport and Terre Haute. The freeway eventually leads to Effingham (Interstate 57) and St. Louis, Missouri as part of a 2,153-mile journey. 12/17/11
Single lane ramps originally facilitated the movements between Interstates 74-465 and Interstate 70 at Exits 9B/A. 11/05/09
A look at the button copy signage at the former Exit 9A loop ramp onto Interstate 70 east leading into downtown Indianapolis. 11/05/09
Interstate 74 Interstate 465 East
Now passing the footprint of the new Exit 9, the leftmost lane collapses as Interstate 465 is now one mile away from Exit 8, serving Kentucky Avenue and SR 67 South. 12/17/11
Interstate 465 starts to turn toward the southeast as the entrance ramp from Interstate 70 east becomes the auxiliary ramp that will feed into Exit 8. Originally, the Accelerate 465 project was going to tie in Exit 9 with Exit 8, but in the end the approaches to Exit 8 were untouched. 12/17/11
Southbound at the Exit 8 off-ramp to SR 67 (Kentucky Avenue). SR 67 constitutes a 199.3-mile route from Vincennes to Ohio 29. Kentucky Avenue carries SR 67 from Exit 8 through the southwest suburbs to Valley Mills and Mooresville. Kentucky Avenue east represents former State Road 67 east through Mars Hill and Maywood to Harding Street. The sprawling AmeriPlex office complex can be reached along SR 67 to the south. 12/17/11
Reassurance shields for both Interstates 465 and 74 east of Exit 8 (Kentucky Avenue). East of Exit 8, the interstate goes back to six lanes for its trek across the south side. 12/17/11
I-74/465 pass the Mann Road overpass. Mann Road has access to the interstate from the east via a half diamond interchange that is Exit 7. 12/17/11
A message board sign directs motorists along Interstate 465 east of Exit 7 (Mann Road). This picture comes from the time of the Sherman Minton Bridge closing in the Louisville area from 2011-2012 and directed traffic to Lexington and Atlanta to use another route, likely Interstates 74 and 75. 12/17/11
Continuing east, motorists span the White River. 12/17/11
I-74/465 travel alongside a rock quarry to the north and the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood to the south on the one mile approach to Exit 4 (SR 37 South/Harding Street). 12/17/11
The diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Harding Street is not planned to be upgraded for Interstate 69. Instead a new alignment will take the route to a point or mile or so west along the Beltway, around this location. SR 37 exists in two portions: the south segment leads from Marion to Tell City, the north segment travels between Fort Wayne and Ohio 2. 12/17/11
SR 37 provides a multi-lane highway southwest from Indianapolis to Waverly, Martinsville and Bloomington. The state road doubles as the northern leg of the future Interstate 69 corridor between the capital city and Evansville. Construction is underway along a significant portion of that route during 2009-2012. 12/17/11
Now at the Exit 4 diamond interchange with Harding Street and SR 37 south. Harding Street north was slated to become the Harding Freeway in the 1968 Indianapolis Transportation Plan. The unbuilt route followed the existing surface road north to Oliver Avenue (north of Interstate 70) and a planned alignment northwest to Interstate 65 and Kessler Boulevard. Exit 4 hosts several truck stops as well as motorist services for commuters to the south; because of this the interchange was rebuilt in 2011 to better handle the traffic. 12/17/11
East of Exit 4 (Harding Street/SR 37), are reassurance shields for Interstate 465 and 74, as well as SR 37. This is a rare occurrence another highway shield is present other than the interstate shields. In this case, it's a holdover from the time when SR 37 was routed along I-465/74 from Exit 4 to Exit 2, where it followed East Street and the old U.S. 31 north to Downtown Indianapolis. 12/17/11
Angling east northeast along I-74/465 near the Bluff Road underpass. Bluff Road represents the former alignment of SR 37 north to West Street and Downtown and south to Glenns Valley. Up ahead is Exit 2 A-B, serving East Street and U.S. 31 South. U.S. 31 joins the Indianapolis Beltway and returns to its original alignment at Exit 31 (Meridian Street) 12/17/11
Approaching East Street/U.S. 31 South (Exit 2), a new Travel Time Sign alerts motorists of the distance and estimated time to reach Interstates 74 and 70. As of late 2011, the signs were not yet operational. 12/17/11
One half mile west of the Exit 2 directional cloverleaf interchange with East Street at the Meridian Street (former SR 135) overpass. East Street carried U.S. 31 northward to Madison Avenue originally. Madison Avenue southeast to Homecroft, Southport and Greenwood was a part of the 1948 created State Road 431. 12/17/11
The University of Indianapolis can be reached by using Exit 2A and following East Street north to Hanna Avenue and east along Hanna. 12/17/11
Exit 2B leaves I-74/465 west for U.S. 31 (East Street) south to Greenwood. U.S. 31 mirrors the Interstate 65 corridor south to Franklin, Columbus and Louisville, Kentucky. Exit 53 (Interstate 65) is 2 miles away. Lick Creek flows in the median of I-74/465 through Exit 2 A-B. 12/17/11
Exit 2A loops up onto East Street, which heads north to Madison Avenue and then into Downtown Indianapolis. 12/17/11
Reassurance shields for Interstates 465 and 74 at the Madison Avenue (former SR 431 and U.S. 31) overpass. Lick Creek has since left the median and is now flowing on the south side of the interstate. 12/17/11
Heading east toward Interstate 65 (Exits 53A/B) on I-74/465 west. Interstate 65 travels 261.27 miles within Indiana, joining industrial Gary and the Chicagoland area with Lafayette, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Clarksville / Jeffersonville of the north Louisville metropolitan area. 12/17/11
Now within a half mile from Exits 53A/B. Interstate 65 travels 887 miles overall between Mobile, Alabama and Gary, Indiana. The route provides a major trucking corridor between Chicago and Louisville. Further south the freeway undulates over low rise mountains and hills to Nashville, Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama. 12/17/11
A directional cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 65 with I-74/465 near Beech Grove in southeast Indianapolis. Exit 53B directs drivers onto Interstate 65 south as the Indianapolis beltway reaches its zero mile marker. Parts of the interchange complex are expected to be replaced in the next few years to help the chronic traffic delays that currently exist here.
Emerson Avenue, accessed via Exit 52, is one mile away. 12/17/11
Exit 53A loops onto the northbound freeway toward downtown as a left side ramp adds drivers from Interstate 65 south. 10/16/04
I-74/465 enter the city of Beech Grove on the half mile approach to Exit 52 with Emerson Avenue. Emerson Avenue represents the main north-south arterial through Beech Grove, bisecting industrial interests to the east from residential areas to the west. 10/16/04
I-465/74 eastbound reassurance markers posted midway between Interstate 65 and Emerson Avenue (Exit 52). The two routes share 20.60 miles between Exits 16 and 49. 10/16/04
A single point urban interchange (SPUI) connects I-74/465 with Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove. Emerson Avenue leads north to Irvington and Sunnyview from central Beech Grove and south across Interstate 65 to Greenwood. 10/16/04
East of Emerson Avenue (Exit 52), a new Travel Time Sign alerts motorists of the distance and estimated time to reach Interstates 70 and 69. As of late 2011, the signs were not yet operational. 12/17/11
I-74/465 curve northeast toward their split at Five Points (Exit 49). Interstate 74 leaves the Indianapolis area for Shelbysville, Greensburg, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Interstate 74 east joins a freeway spur emanating from parallel Southeastern Avenue (old U.S. 421). 10/16/04
Southeastern Avenue (former U.S. 421) passes over I-74/465 north at their split (Exit 49). A collector distributor roadway carries drivers from the beltway onto Interstate 74 east toward Wanamaker and Acton and the unsigned freeway spur west to Southeastern Avenue and Sunnyview. The unsigned freeway spur may have been built in anticipation of an unconstructed routing of Interstate 74 within the beltway. 10/16/04


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