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Nevada State Route 427 intertwines with Interstate 80 from Exit 43 through Wadsworth to U.S. 50 Alternate/95 Alternate in Downtown Fernley. The route also doubles as the western half of Business Loop I-80 along Main Street through Fernley. East through Fernley along old U.S. 40, Business Loop I-80 overlaps with U.S. 50 Alternate/95 Alternate to a roundabout with SR 828 (Farm District Road). There U.S. 95 Alternate and the business route turn north and span a Union Pacific Railroad to a commercialized diamond interchange (Exit 50) with Interstate 80 at Truck Inn Way.

Business Loop I-80 / State Route 427 Guides

SR 427 travels 2.546 miles in eastern Washoe County and 2.131 miles in Lyons County. The state route connects I-80 with SR 447 (Gerlach Road) north to Pyramid Lake. Business Loop I-80 measures 2.3 miles along U.S. 95 Alternate.

    Connect with:
    Interstate 80
    U.S. 50 Alternate
    U.S. 95 Alternate
    State Route 447
    State Route 828 - Farm District Road

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