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Interstate 81 South
Interstate 81 conveges with PA 163 (Mason Dixon Road) at the Maryland state line adjacent to Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR). I-81 runs along the airport between Mason Dixon Road and Showater Road at Exit 10. 07/24/04
Exit 10 with Showater Road is a cloverleaf interchange. 06/01/04
Exit 10B leaves I-81 south for Showalter Road west to Main Street in Maugansville. 06/01/04
Exit 10A follows from I-81 south for Showalter Road east to Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) and U.S. 11. 07/24/04
The succeeding exit along southbound Interstate 81 is for Maugans Avenue in one half mile. 06/01/04
Southbound Interstate 81 at Exit 9, Maugans Avenue to U.S. 11. 06/01/04
Interchange sequence sign for Exit 8, Maugansville Road; Exits 7 B-A, MD 58 (Cearfoss Pike); and Exits 6 B-A, U.S. 40 (National Pike). 06/01/04
I-70 west from Exit 4 leads motorists to Interstate 68 for Cumberland and Garrett County, Maryland. 06/01/04
Exit 8 leaves Interstate 81 south for Maugansville Road. 06/01/04
A cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 81 with MD 58. The state route follows Cearfoss Pike north from Exit 7B. 06/01/04
MD 58 follows Salem Avenue south from Interstate 81 and Exit 7A. 06/01/04
A cloverleaf interchange (Exits 6B-A) joins Interstate 81 with U.S. 40 in a half mile. 06/01/04
Exit 6B departs Interstate 81 south for U.S. 40 west to Huyett. 06/01/04
Interstate 81 south reaches Exit 6A for U.S. 40 east to Hagerstown via West Franklin Street. 06/01/04
Exits 5B-A join Interstate 81 with Halfway Boulevard next. 06/01/04
The first guide sign for Interstate 70 stands 1.50 miles ahead of their exchange at Exit 4. 06/01/04
Serving the panhandle of Maryland, including Cumberland, Interstate 68 travels west from I-70 at Hancock. 06/01/04
Exit 5B leaves Interstate 81 south in a half mile for Halfway Boulevard west. 06/01/04
Southbound Interstate 81 at Exit 5B for Halfway Boulevard west. 06/01/04
Exit 5A departs I-81 south for Halfway Boulevard east to Hagerstown. 06/01/04
The on-ramp from Halfway Boulevard forms an auxiliary lane to the collector distributor roadway for Interstate 70. 06/01/04
The c/d roadway for I-70 parts ways with I-81, with two lanes continuing south toward Martinsburg, West Virginia. The control city is distant Roanoke, Virginia, but the freeway first passes through several population centers including Winchester, Harrisonburg and Staunton. 06/01/04
Interstate 70 travels west to Hancock and north to Breezewood, where it combines with I-76 along the Pennsylvania Turnpike toward Pittsburgh. East from Hagerstown, I-70 angles southward to Frederick, where it partitions with I-270 south to Washington while turning east to Baltimore. 06/01/04
Exit 4A loops away from the c/d roadway to I-70 east. Interstate 70 skims the south side of Hagerstown from Halfway to Funkstown. The freeway ends in 68 miles at the Baltimore city line. 12/30/08
U.S. 11 (Virginia Avenue) exits Hagerstown via Halfway to meet Interstate 81 outside Williamsport at Exit 2. 12/30/08
Exit 2 leaves Interstate 81 south for U.S. 11 (Potomac Street) south to Williamsport and Virginia Street north to Halfway. U.S. 11 continues west from Williamsport to Marlowe, West Virginia. 12/30/08
South of U.S. 11 at Exit 2, this state named shield for Interstate 81 was posted. It was replaced by 2008. 06/01/04, 12/30/08
MD 63/68 (Conocoheague Street north / Lappans Road south) meet Interstate 81 at a diamond interchange (Exit 1) outside of Williamsport. 12/30/08
MD 63 and MD 68 head northwest together to meet U.S. 11 in Williamsport; they split north of there, with MD 63 heading north through Huyett and Cearfoss into Pennsylvania and MD 68 angling northwest to end at U.S. 40 in Clear Spring. Southeast of here, MD 63 ends at MD 65 in Tilghmanton, while MD 68 heads east to meet U.S. 40 near Boonsboro. 12/30/08
Exit 5 departs Interstate 81 south for Conocoteague Street north into Downtown Williamsport and Lappans Road east to St. James and Lappans (MD 65). MD 63 splits nearby for Spielman Road south to Downsville and Fairplay. 12/30/08
Interstate 81 spans the Potomac River over a pair of bridges built in 1965 and reconstructed in 1974. 12/30/08


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