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Interstate 110 North
Interstate 110 north commences from U.S. 98 Business (Gregory Street) westbound along a flyover adjacent to the Pensacola Bay Center. 11/24/14
The flyover linking Chase Street and Downtown Pensacola with Interstate 110 north from Chase Street converges with the ramp from Gregory Street (U.S. 98 Business) west above Wright Street (SR 291). 12/21/03, 11/19/15
A half diamond interchange (Exit 2) next joins U.S. 90/98 (Cerventes Street) with Interstate 110 northbound. 11/24/14
Interstate 110 parallels Hayne Street and a CSX Railroad line north to Blount Street and the Cecil T. Hunter Swimming Pool. 11/19/15, 11/24/14
The viaduct system along I-110 concludes north at the half diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Jordan and Maxwell Streets. The result of multi-year construction completed in 2009, I-110 expands to six lanes at this point. 11/24/14
The first confirming shield for Interstate 110 northbound stands at the Cross Street underpass. 11/24/14
SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) meets Interstate 110 at a parclo interchange (Exit 4) in a half mile. A 10.04 mile long route, SR 295 leads north from the Main Gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). 10/11/16
Exit 4 leaves Interstate 110 north beyond the SR 752 (Texar Drive) underpass for parallel SR 291 (Davis Highway) south of SR 295 (Fairfield Drive). 11/19/15
Interstate 110 expansion redesigned the diamond interchange with SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) into a parclo. SR 291 (Davis Highway) runs along the east side of I-110 northward from Pensacola to Ferry Pass. 05/27/13
Interstate 110 continues north from the Pensacola city limits to SR 296 (Brent Lane) near the community of Brent. 11/19/15
Brent Lane becomes Bayou Boulevard east at SR 289 (Ninth Avenue) by Cordova Mall. Ninth or 12th Avenues connect with Airport Boulevard to Pensacola Regional Airport (PNS). 11/19/15
The second northbound shield for Interstate 110 appears at the Hyatt Street overpass. 11/29/15
SR 296 (Brent Lane) forms a 9.60 mile arc west toward Belleview and Saufley Field and south along Bayou Texar in Pensacola. 11/19/15
Road work in 2009 expanded Exit 5 into a split diamond interchange with SR 750 (Airport Boulevard). SR 750 parallels SR 296 to the north between U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) and N 12th Avenue at Pensacola International Airport (PNS). 11/19/15, 08/23/09
West from U.S. 29 in Brent, SR 296 follows Beverly Parkway and Michigan Avenue to U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) at CR 296. SR 296 follows Bayou Boulevard south past Cordova Mall to Perry Avenue and U.S. 90 (Cerventes Street). 08/23/09
I-110 continues two miles from SR 296 to a trumpet interchange (Exit 6) with Interstate 10. 10/11/16
A distributor roadway extends north from Exit 5 and SR 296 (Brent Lane) to Airport Boulevard (SR 750). 08/23/09
A 3.27 mile long route, SR 750 was extended west along Airport Boulevard from SR 289 (9th Avenue) in 2011. The arterial was widened to four lanes in the late 1990s. 11/24/14
Underway from 2003 to 2008, the I-10-110 Interchange project expanded the northbound roadway for Interstate 110 to five lanes. The separation with Exit 6 was also moved a quarter mile further south. 10/11/16
Interstate 110 spans Carpenter Creek at the final northbound reassurance marker. 11/19/15
Traffic at the north end of Interstate 110 separates at Exit 6 just beyond the SR 742 (Creighton Road) overpass. SR 742 was realigned northward from Burgess Road to accommodate freeway expansion along I-110. 10/11/16
SR 291 (Davis Highway) continues north from an adjacent parclo interchange (Exit 13) with I-10 to University Parkway to the University of West Florida (UWF), West Florida Hospital and U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road). 11/19/15
Interstate 110 north defaults with two lanes onto I-10 west to Mobile, Alabama. Three lanes partition at Exit 6 for both I-10 east and SR 291 (Davis Highway). 10/11/16
The exit ramp for SR 291 (Davis Highway) joins a distributor roadway from I-10 east. A two lane flyover joins I-110 north with Interstate 10 eastbound toward Tallahassee directly. 11/19/15, 11/24/14
A high flyover was constructed from I-10 west to I-110 south. Continuing west, I-10 meets U.S. 29 (Pensacola Boulevard) at Ensley. 04/11/12

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