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Interstate 110 North
Ramps from Chase Street east and Gregory Street (U.S. 98 Business) west combine above Wright Street within a stack interchange near Pensacola Civic Center. This view looks at the approaching merge from the Chase Street on-ramp. Photo taken 12/21/03.
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2 photos
Continuing northward along the Interstate 110 viaduct to the half diamond interchange with U.S. 90 & 98 (Cerventes Street). An on-ramp joins the freeway from Hayne Street. Photo taken 12/06/03. Second photo taken 11/22/08.
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Descending from the northbound viaduct at the Exit 3 half-interchange with Maxwell & Jordan Streets. Interstate 110 expands from four to six lanes at this point, the results of multi-year construction completed in 2009. Photo taken 12/06/03. Second photo taken 08/23/09.
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2 photos
The first reassurance shield of Interstate 110 northbound follows at the Cross Street underpass. Photo taken 12/06/03. Second photo taken 05/27/13.
SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) meets Interstate 110 at the first northbound off-ramp (Exit 4). A 10.04-mile route, SR 295 leads north from the Main Gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station to SR 289 (Ninth Avenue). Photo taken 05/27/13.
The original four-lane Interstate 110 saw a standard diamond interchange with Fairfield Drive (Exit 4). Photo taken 12/20/03.
Northbound drivers bound for SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) leave Interstate 110 beyond the SR 752 (Texar Drive) under crossing. Photo taken 05/27/13.
Interstate 110 expansion redesigned the Exit 4 diamond into a parclo interchange, shifting the movements from Fairfield Drive directly to parallel SR 291 (Davis Highway). This change improves traffic movements along SR 295 under Interstate 110. Photo taken 05/27/13.
A historical look at the original Exit 4 off-ramp to SR 295 (Fairfield Drive). This ramp was removed. The return ramp from Fairfield Drive serves westbound traffic only now. Photo taken 12/20/03.
Interstate 110 next meets SR 296 (Brent Lane) at Exit 5 near the community of Brent. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Original guide signs omitted SR 296 for Exit 5. Brent Lane becomes Bayou Boulevard east at SR 289 (Ninth Avenue) by Cordova Mall. Ninth or 12th Avenues connect with Airport Boulevard to Pensacola Regional Airport (PNS). Photo taken 12/20/03.
The second northbound shield of Interstate 110 resides at the rebuilt Hyatt Street overpass. Photo taken 08/23/09.
Exit 5 consists of a full-diamond interchange. A two-lane ramp better serves the busy SR 296 corridor leading west to Saufley Field and east to Bayou Texar. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Historical look at the original Exit 5 off-ramp to Brent Lane. Note the rural look of the interchange as compared to it today. Photo taken 12/06/03.
Road work in 2009 expanded Exit 5 to encompass a second diamond interchange with Airport Boulevard to better provide access to Pensacola Regional Airport (PNS) from Interstate 110. Airport Boulevard leads directly to the terminal, doubling as an arterial route west to U.S. 29 and Escambia County Road 453 (W Street). Photo taken 10/10/11.
Taking the Exit 5 off-ramp, motorists reach SR 296 (Brent Lane) east to Bayou Boulevard and west to Beverly Parkway. Accessing Airport Boulevard requires passage through the forthcoming signalized intersection. Photo taken 08/23/09.
SR 296 shield assembly posted at Exit 5. The diamond interchange was expanded outwards. This eliminated some area business on the eastern side of Interstate 110. The removal of their driveways aids in east-west traffic movement. SR 296 totals 9.601 miles from U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) at Escambia County Road 296 to the west and U.S. 90 at Bayou Texar to the south. Photo taken 08/23/09.
The first sign for the northern terminus of Interstate 110 (Exit 6) resides ahead of the SR 296 underpass. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Pictured here was the previously used 2.25-mile guide sign for the Interstate 10 trumpet interchange. A 2005 sign replacement revised the mileage to Interstate 110 from 2.25 to 2.50 miles. Photo taken 12/06/03.
A collector distributor roadway travels alongside Interstate 110 north from SR 296 (Brent Lane) to the Airport Boulevard off-ramp. Photo taken 08/23/09.
The c/d roadway partitions into separate two-lane ramps for return access to Interstate 110 north and Airport Boulevard. Airport Boulevard was expanded to four lanes in the late 1990s and doubles as a busy commercial route between SR 291 (Davis Highway) and 12th Avenue. Photo taken 08/23/09.
The northernmost approach to Interstate 10 was expanded during the I-10-110 interchange reconstruction project. Widening expanded the northbound roadway from two to four lanes. Note the greenout on the Exit 6 overhead, revising the approach mileage from 1 mile to 0.75 miles. Photo taken 04/11/12.
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2 photos
The original overheads and sign bridge for Interstate 10 along Interstate 110 north. These were replaced in 1996 as part of an overall resigning of the freeway spur. Photo taken 04/25/95. Second photo taken 11/26/99.
Interstate 110 spans Carpenter Creek at the final northbound reassurance marker. Photo taken 04/11/12.
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Interstate 110 north expands again to five lanes: the left two lanes default onto Interstate 10 west to Mobile, Alabama, the right lanes (Exit 6) carry three lanes to both Interstate 10 east and SR 291. Note the sign changes between 2009 and 2010. Photo taken 08/23/09. Second photo taken 04/11/12.
SR 291 (Davis Highway) is a heavily traveled commuter route leading north from Pensacola to West Florida Regional Medical Center, the University of West Florida, and U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road). Interstate 10 meets Davis Highway at the adjacent parclo interchange (Exit 13). Photo taken 05/14/10.
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The split of northbound traffic occurs beyond the SR 742 (Creighton Road) overpass. SR 742 shifted from Burgess Road to Creighton to accommodate an expanded Interstate 110. Again note the sign changes between 2009 and 2010 that better tout the connection to SR 291 (Davis Highway). Photo taken 08/23/09. Second photo taken 04/11/12.
Originally two lanes loops onto Interstate 10 westbound and one to Interstate 10 east ahead of the Exit 13 ramp to Davis Highway. Photo taken 11/26/99.
Movements onto Interstate 10 eastbound and the nearby Exit 13 interchange with SR 291 (Davis Highway) were the cause of traffic havoc because of the close proximity of the original ramps. Road work added a flyover ramp directly onto Interstate 10 east from Interstate 110 north and a collector distributor roadway for SR 291 from both I-10 east and I-110 north. Photo taken 10/19/10.
Looking at the flyover ramp from Interstate 10 west to Interstate 110 south from Interstate 110 north to Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 04/11/12.
Interstate 110 ends at the partition to Interstate 10 east to Tallahassee and SR 291 (Exit 13). Photo taken 10/19/10.

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