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U.S. 90 primarily serves local traffic throughout the majority of its course in Florida due to the close proximity to Interstate 10. The route overtook the Old Spanish Trail when it was designated, with portions of U.S. 90 today retaining the name or closely paralleling the old roadway.

Despite the shift of through traffic to Interstate 10, many sections of U.S. 90 carry four overall lanes in Florida, both as commuter routes or as the main highway between cities and towns. The stretch between north Pensacola and Milton carries four lanes and is heavily developed to serve bedroom communities for Pensacola and Whiting Field Naval Air Station. U.S. 90 leading east from Tallahassee along Mahan Drive is similar in design, serving growing suburban areas. Within Jacksonville, U.S. 90 gains importance as a through route along Beach Boulevard between Downtown and Jacksonville Beach.

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U.S. 90 Auxiliary Routes

U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) was expanded and improved with medians, between St. Johns Bluff Road and Florida Community College at Huffman Road in Jacksonville, as part of a $2.6 million project starting in Summer 1996.1 Further east, an overpass was added for Kernan Boulevard above U.S. 90. Construction ran simultaneously with the $28.6 million expansion of Kernan Boulevard south from SR 10 to Glen Kernan Parkway. Costing $43.1 million, the urban diamond interchange opened to traffic at the end of March 2009.2 Widening of Beach Boulevard east from Hodges Boulevard to San Pablo Boulevard followed through early 2012.3

Northwest Florida 1948

This 1948 map shows that a second U.S. 90 Alternate may have been signed along Scenic Highway between Pensacola and the Ferry Pass area as a temporary designation, with the U.S. 90 mainline taking Davis Highway (SR 291).

U.S. 90 State Roads

  • State Road 10
    SR 10 doubles as U.S. 90 throughout Florida, except through Pensacola and east of the U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) split with U.S. 90 Alternate (Atlantic Avenue) in Jacksonville. Including the signed portion in Duval County, SR 10 totals 393.48 miles.
  • State Road 10A
    SR 10A comprises 26.712 miles of U.S. 90 on the loop south of U.S. 90 Alternate in Escambia County.
  • State Road 212
    SR 212 carries the easternmost 14.826 miles of U.S. 90 through Duval County and Jacksonville.
U.S. 90 scenes
Rubys Fish Camp Road represented an old alignment of U.S. 90 along the north side of Mobile Highway at the Perdido River. The former concrete roadway spurred west to two home sites prior to construction to replace the U.S. 90 span across the Perdido River. 02/01/06
The old alignment of U.S. 90 along Rubys Fish Camp Road and the adjacent home sites were razed to make way for a new boat launch and parking area. 02/01/06
Marlane Drive (old CR 341) ties into U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) near Bellview. Cerry Road (unsigned CR 296A) leads east from SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) to merge with Marlane Drive ahead of Mobile Highway. The traffic signals pictured here were replaced by mast arm assemblies. 02/01/06
Blue U.S. 90 shield formerly posted on 17th Avenue north at Cervantes Street. This was the final colored U.S. marker in the city of Pensacola, having been removed sometime after April 2002. Initially replaced by a standard black and white U.S. 90 shield, the assembly was eventually swapped out with a regulatory turn lane sign. 08/27/99
Looking north at the U.S. 90 & SR 87 bridge across the Blackwater River in Milton from Riverwalk Park. 11/27/99
A CSX Railroad truss bridge spans the Blackwater River just south of the U.S. 90/SR 87 crossing. 11/27/99, 04/09/09

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