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Interstate 215 East
Traffic passes below mainline Interstate 15 as I-215 begins a 12 mile course along the Bruce Woodbury Beltway through Paradise and Henderson. The next three interchanges all serve the unincorporated area of Paradise. 07/21/18
A ramp from southbound Interstate 15 to Interstate 215 east includes a access to both Las Vegas Boulevard and the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center on Gilespie Street.
Interstate 215 otherwise provides the primary freeway connection to McCarran International Airport (LAS) via the Airport Connector (SR 171). 07/22/17
Las Vegas Boulevard stems north from I-215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) east into the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Traveling south, Las Vegas Boulevard parallels nearby I-15 to Sloan.
Motorists bound for the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center should continue along George Crockett Road to Gilespie Street. 07/21/14
A unique I-215 shield acts as the first mainline confirming marker along the Las Vegas/Bruce Woodbury Beltway. Speeds are regulated at 65 mph along the remaining 11 mile stretch of freeway. 07/21/14
The Las Vegas Beltway was renamed to the Bruce Woodbury Beltway by 2004 to honor the local attorney and politician who worked diligently on the area's transportation needs. 07/21/14
Exit 10 leads to the McCarran Airport Connector (SR 171) in one quarter mile. Unsigned SR 171 provides direct access to LAS from the south. 07/22/17
Gilespie Street spans the 10 lane I-215 freeway one half mile out from Warm Springs Road (Exit 9). I-215 generally alternates between six and eight overall lanes to its end at I-11/515.
Warm Springs Road is a main arterial that travels east-west through the entire Valley region, connecting Spring Valley with Henderson. 07/22/17
Traffic departs for Exit 10 to McCarran International Airport (LAS). SR 171 officially stems 0.64 miles north along the McCarran Airport Connector, with grade separated ramps to Sunset Road. The connector otherwise transitions to Paradise Road opposite the airport terminals. 07/22/17
A single lane ramp leaves for Exit 9 to Warm Springs Road as the Bruce Woodbury Beltway curves south toward Windmill Lane (Exit 8) and Eastern Avenue (Exit 7).
Construction completed by August 2017 modified connections between I-215, the McCarran Airport Connector, and Warm Springs Road (Exit 9), which included moving the departure point to Warm Springs Road.1 07/22/17
Eastbound reassurance marker for Interstate 215 posted beyond the returning ramps from the Airport Connector and Warm Springs Road exchanges. 07/21/14
I-215 (Las Vegas/Bruce Woodbury Beltway) briefly swells to six travel lanes on the approach to Windmill Lane (Exit 8). Pecos Road (Exit 6) ends opposite SR 146 (St. Rose Parkway) in 3.25 miles. 07/22/17
Windmill Lane (Exit 8) extends west from Interstate 215 to meet Interstate 15 opposite SR 160 (Blue Diamond Road). 07/22/17
Two lanes depart for the single point urban interchange (SPUI) for Exit 9 to Windmill Lane. Windmill Lane continues east from the Bruce Woodbury Beltway into eastern reaches of Paradise before entering Henderson. 07/22/17, 07/21/14
This confirming marker stands beyond the Wigwam Avenue overpass. 07/21/14
Interstate 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) begins its eastern turn as it spans Pebble Road. The exchange with I-11/515 can be reached in under 10 minutes from this point. 07/22/17
Eastern Avenue (Exit 7) represents the final interchange within unincorporated Paradise in 0.75 miles. 07/22/17
Motorist prepare to depart for Exit 7 (Eastern Avenue) along I-215 east. Eastern Avenue travels 11.5 miles north from the Las Vegas Beltway to both Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, with a tie into Civic Center Drive. Otherwise, Eastern Avenue continues south to SR 146 (St. Rose Parkway) and MacDonald Ranch. 07/21/14
SR 146 (St. Rose Parkway) and Pecos Road meet Interstate 215 at a diamond interchange (Exit 6) in one quarter mile. SR 146 spokes southwest to the Silverado and Seven Hills neighborhoods of Henderson.
Pecos Road connects from the north, stemming from SR 592 (Flamingo Road). 07/22/17
Sound walls line I-215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) as the freeway travels south of the Pebble Canyon subdivision en route to SR 146 (Exit 6). 07/22/17
Motorists reach the departure ramp for Exit 6 to SR 146 west. SR 146 overlays St. Rose Parkway on a 6.4 mile drive to I-15 and Southern Highlands Parkway in southern reaches of the Las Vegas metro area. Until 2003, SR 146 extended east along Lake Mead Drive into central Henderson but was truncated when the Las Vegas/Bruce Woodbury Beltway overlaid the state route. 07/22/17
The next three exits along Interstate 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) east all serve the city of Henderson. 07/22/17
I-215 kinks northeasterly on the final approach to Green Valley Parkway (Exit 5). 2.25 miles separate drivers from Stephanie Street (Exit 3A). 07/22/17
Green Valley Parkway extends north and south from I-215 into the Green Valley Ranch and Green Valley South neighborhoods of Henderson. 07/22/17
Eastbound motorists along the Bruce Woodbury Beltway reach Exit 5 (Green Valley Parkway). The District at Green Valley Ranch shopping complex occupies the southern half of the single point urban interchange (SPUI). 07/22/17
Interstate 215 advances east to Valle Verde Drive (Exit 3B) and Stephanie Street (Exit 3A). 07/22/17
A second travel time advisory sign lines Interstate 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) between the Green Valley Parkway and Valle Verde Drive interchanges. 07/22/17
Interchange sequence assembly posted ahead of Valle Verde Drive (Exit 3B), indicating the remaining access points along I-215 east before its end at the exchange with I-11 & 515. 07/21/14
Like Green Valley Parkway, the Las Vegas/Bruce Woodbury Beltway meets Valle Verde Drive at a single point urban interchange. 07/22/17
An auxiliary lane leaves for Exit 3 to Valle Verde Drive along Interstate 215 east. Commercial centers line either side of the interchange as Valle Verde Drive stems north to Wigwam Parkway and south to Horizon Ridge Parkway. 07/22/17
Eastbound I-215 travels under Arroyo Grande Boulevard 1.75 miles out from I-11/515 and U.S. 93-95. SR 564 continues along Lake Mead Parkway from I-215 into central Henderson. 07/22/17
High mast transmission lines span the Bruce Woodbury Beltway on the approach to Exit 3A (Stephanie Street). Stephanie Street links Interstate 215 with Gibson Springs to the north and Horizon Ridge Parkway to the south. 07/22/17
Motorists depart at the egress point for the diamond interchange (Exit 3A) with Stephanie Street. Stephanie Street travels north along a commercial and residential corridor to the Galleria at Sunset mall. 07/21/14
Gibson Road (Exit 2) represents the penultimate interchange along Interstate 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) east in one half mile. 07/22/17
The River Mountains rise in the distance on the final approach to Exit 2 (Gibson Road). 07/22/17
A two lane ramp joins I-215 east with Gibson Road (Exit 2). Gibson Road stems south 0.70 miles through residential neighborhoods to Horizon Ridge Parkway. Traveling north, Gibson Road passes through industrial and residential areas to Galleria Drive near I-515. 07/22/17
Interstate 215 rises over Gibson Road on the half mile drive to Interstate 11-515 and U.S. 93-95. Interstate 515 runs northerly along the Oran K. Gragson Freeway toward Downtown Las Vegas while Interstate 11 flows south with the U.S. highways to Railroad Pass and the Boulder City bypass. 07/22/17
Motorists pass by one final confirming marker for I-215 east prior to the ramp for I-11 south/I-515 north. I-11 was commissioned in August 2017 along the portion of the Oran K. Gragson Freeway south of the upcoming exchange. 03/09/19
Lanes partition for both I-11/515 and for SR 564 (Lake Mead Parkway) ahead of Exit 1. Lake Mead Parkway continues from the end of the freeway through Henderson to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. 03/09/19
Rising high over a Union Pacific rail line, traffic leaves for I-515 and U.S. 93-95 north to Downtown 13 miles away. Continuing ahead takes drivers to I-11 and U.S. 93-95 south to Railroad Pass and Boulder City. I-11 travels south with U.S. 93 along the Boulder City Bypass to the Arizona border. 03/09/19
Eastbound motorists dip below the tri-level exchange as the I-215 freeway prepares to end ahead. 07/06/18
Interstate 215 (Las Vegas/Bruce Woodbury Beltway) east officially concludes at this mile post as SR 564 (Lake Mead Parkway) continues eastward as an at-grade arterial into Henderson. SR 564 reaches SR 582 (Boulder Highway) in 1.7 miles. 07/21/17

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