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Interstate 275 is an urban route in Knoxville joining I-75/640 north of Sharps Ridge with I-40 and U.S. 441 (Broadway / Henley Street) outside Downtown. The 2.98 mile long freeway also serves the Mechanicsville neighborhood, North Knoxville and the Happy Holler Historic District.

All three of the mainline interchanges along Interstate 275 were reconstructed between December 1, 2006 and January 26, 2008. This work preceded the "Smartfix" Interstate 40 project.1 The $20 million project replaced the compact cloverleaves at Baxter, Oldham and Heiskell Avenues into diamond interchanges. This eliminated weaving traffic patterns and accommodated a widening of a 2.1 mile section of I-275 from four to six lanes. Exits 1A/B became Exit 1A, Exits 1C/D became Exit 1B, and Exits 2A/B became Exit 2. The project also expanded one mile of Interstate 640.2

Interstate 275 was constructed in 1958 and signed as a part of I-75 through Knoxville. I-75 was subsequently relocated in 1980, when it shifted onto an overlap with I-640, the Knoxville bypass completed in time for the World's Fair.1 Coinciding with the change was 1981/82 construction rebuilding the exchange joining I-275 with I-40 and Oak Avenue. The cloverleaf interchange at I-40 was replaced with a high speed systems interchange and the freeway end at Oak Avenue was replaced with ramps feeding into U.S. 441 (Henley Street). The parclo interchange at W 5th Avenue was also removed.

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