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Interstate 640 provides a bypass around Downtown Knoxville for travelers along I-40. The urban loop overlaps with Interstate 75 for 3.60 miles between I-40 at Marble City and I-275 at Inskip. The freeway generally runs along the north side of Sharp Hill. It crosses the hill by the former Knoxville Center mall at Washington Pike.

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Prior to 1980, Interstate 75 followed I-275 south to I-40 directly by Downtown Knoxville. The route was realigned alongside I-640 to shift through traffic away from the city center.

I-640/U.S. 25W shields
Interstate 640 scenes
SR 62 (Western Avenue) connects with I-75/640 at the West Haven neighborhood in Knoxville. 01/16/19
Passing north of Richmond Hill, SR 62 (Western Avenue) west enters a six-ramp parclo interchange with I-75/640 beyond Sanderson Road. 01/16/19
I-75/640 arc northeast to U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) and their split at I-275. The two continue south from SR 62 (Western Avenue) to I-40 by Marble City in Knoxville. 01/16/19
Old Broadway (former SR 331) north meets U.S. 441 (N Broadway) at a half diamond interchange adjacent to I-640/U.S. 25W at Fountain City in Knoxville. 01/16/19
Old Broadway crosses First Creek ahead of the entrance ramp for U.S. 441 (N Broadway) south and I-640 west. 01/16/19
The exchange joining U.S. 441 (N Broadway) with I-640 adjacent to Old Broadway was redesigned in 2018/19. 01/16/19

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