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U.S. 441 traverses the Great Smoky Mountains 14.82 miles north from the North Carolina state line at Newfound Gap to the Gatlinburg town line. The highway is the main route into Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Combining with U.S. 321 in Gatlinburg, U.S. 421 runs north with separate roadways on both sides of the Little Pigeon River. The two routes travel between Cove Mountain and Big Ridge, with the northbound roadway passing through a tunnel near Huskey Grove Branch. Entering the town of Pigeon Force, U.S. 321/441 transition onto a six lane commercial arterial.

Continuing to the Sevier County seat of Sevierville, U.S. 441 turns west alongside U.S. 411 for 12.46 miles to Newell Station. U.S. 411 branches southwest to Maryville while U.S. 441 remains northwest across Bay Mountains from Seymour into the Knoxville metropolitan area.

U.S. 441 crosses Brown Mountain into the Colonial Village neighborhood in Knoxville. The four lane boulevard proceeds north past Wise Hill onto a commercial strip through South Knoxville. The Henley Street Bridge takes U.S. 441 across the Tennessee River into western reaches of Downtown Knoxville.

Following North Broadway, U.S. 441 heads north to Old North Knoxville, Lincoln Park and Fountain City in Knoxville. Leaving the city of Knoxville, U.S. 441 travels northwest along SR 71 from Halls Crossroads to Norris, Norris Dam State Park and Rocky Top. The highway concludes at U.S. 25W just west of Interstate 75 (Exit 128).

U.S. 441 North
SR 33 (Martin Mill Pike) converges with U.S. 441 (Chapman Highway) north from Rockford. 08/23/03
SR 33 combines with U.S. 441 north from Martin Mill Pike at South Knoxville 10.31 miles to Halls Crossroads. 08/23/03
U.S. 441/SR 33 cross a Knoxville and Holston River Railroad line ahead of Blount Avenue and the Henley Street Bridge to Downtown Knoxville. 08/23/03
Located in World's Fair Park west of U.S. 441 (Henley Street) at Church Avenue, the Knoxville Sunsphere rises between the Knoxville Convention Center and the Tennessee Amphitheater. Both the tower and amphitheater were built in 1982.1 08/23/03
U.S. 441 ends 0.38 miles west of Interstate 75 at U.S. 25W/SR 116 in the city of Rocky Top. 11/08/09
U.S. 25W/SR 116 (N Main Street) combine north from Rocky Top 6.8 miles to the town of Caryville. 11/08/09
U.S. 441 South
The first confirming marker for U.S. 441 southbound appears just beyond U.S. 25W/SR 116 in Rocky Top. 11/08/09

  1. "Knoxville World's Fair case problem." Knoxville Public Building Authority, web site.

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    08/23/03 by AARoads and Justin Cozart. 11/08/09 by AARoads.

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