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Interstate 295 North
I-295 separates from I-95 at the north end of John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway at the cloverleaf interchange with SR 141. Two lanes advance northward between the I-95 mainline and a c/d roadway (Exit 5B) for the Newport Freeway. 12/24/18
Exit 5 B loops onto SR 141 north for Newport from the adjacent c/d roadway. I-295 continues a half mile north to partition with the left exit for U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) north to Wilmington. 08/19/21
A distance sign appears alongside I-295 listing New York City (via the George Washington Bridge) and Atlantic City (via U.S. 40 east). The Delaware Memorial Bridge lies 3.3 miles ahead. 08/19/21
A reassurance marker for Interstate 295 north was installed by Nonesuch Creek by 2010. It was missing by 2014. 06/02/12
Changes at the directional interchange with U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway) were made along Interstate 295 north by 2010. A concrete barrier was added between the mainline and the left side c/d roadway for U.S. 13 north. 08/19/21
The ramps from I-95 and I-495 south to I-295 north combine with the c/d roadway for U.S. 13 north ahead. 12/22/20
The exit for U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway) to New Castle Airport (ILG) and Hares Corner departs I-295 north in one half mile. With eight overall lanes, U.S. 13/40 overlap 3.56 miles southwest from Farnhurst to State Road. 08/19/21
Traffic splits with two lanes continuing east along I-295 north toward New Castle and the Delaware Memorial Bridge and a single lane for U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) north to Minquadale and Wilmington. 08/19/21
The c/d roadway reduces to a single lane ahead of the left exit for U.S. 13 north and the slip ramp for I-295 and the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 12/22/20
The exit ramp for U.S. 13 south / U.S. 40 (Dupont Highway) west departs I-295. U.S. 13 follows Dupont Highway southward to Odessa, Smyrna, Dover, Laurel and the Maryland state line north of Salisbury. 08/19/21
U.S. 13/40 pass by New Castle County Airport (ILG) between SR 141 (Basin Road) and Hares Corner. U.S. 40 turns west a short distance further along a congested suburban arterial through Bear and Glasgow. 08/19/21
The northbound off-ramp for U.S. 13 ties into Dupont Highway ahead of a U-turn ramp for southbound. The U-turn ramp was added to serve traffic from I-95 and I-495 south. 12/22/20
The lone confirming marker for Interstate 295 north appears within the exchange at U.S. 13/40. 12/22/20
Interstate 295 North U.S. 40 East
The lone sign for Landers Lane stands at the gore point from I-295 north. The exit was built for local traffic to neighborhoods between SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) and Boulden Boulevard. Trucks bound for Southgate Industrial Park on Boulden Boulevard or Moores Lane are prohibited from using the ramp. 12/22/20
I-295/U.S. 40 constitute an eight lane freeway between Farnhurst and New Jersey Route 49 (Broadway). Meeting the freeway next is SR 9 (New Castle Avenue). 12/22/20
The historic city of New Castle lies 2.5 miles south of Interstate 295 via SR 9 (New Castle Avenue / Wilmington Road). 12/22/20
I-295 expands with a collector distributor roadway through the cloverleaf interchange with SR 9 (New Castle Avenue). Housing a E-ZPass customer service center, the DRBA Administrative Building lies within the freeway median east of SR 9. 08/19/21
The c/d roadway branches away from the I-295/U.S. 40 northbound mainline for SR 9. 12/22/20
SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) constitutes a four lane boulevard between south Wilmington and New Castle. The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan (WILMAPCO) outlines road dieting the arterial. 12/23/18
The off-ramp to SR 9 ties into New Castle Avenue at Cherry lane. Listing the 15,000 Delaware and New Jersey service men and women who died during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Operation Desert Storm, Veterans Memorial Park is located just across SR 9 along Cherry Lane. 05/19/07
I-295/U.S. 40 east advance with four lanes toward the Delaware Memorial Bridge beyond the loop ramp for SR 9 north to the DRBA Administration Building and Wilmington. 08/19/21
SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) leads northward into the South Bridge neighborhood of Wilmington in two miles. The state route concludes a 58.18 mile long course from Dover at SR 2 (Union Street) in Wilmington. 12/22/20
Lane control signals and variable speed limits are used throughout the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 12/27/18, 08/19/21
A service ramp drops down and circles back to I-295 south / U.S. 40 west as the Memorial Bridge ascends across the Delaware River. 12/17/17
The northbound bridge for I-295/U.S. 40 opened to traffic on August 15, 1951. 08/19/21
The original Delaware Memorial Bridge carried two-way traffic until September 1968, when the new southbound span opened to traffic. A 15 month refurbishment project ensued on the 1951 bridge while all traffic shifted onto the 1968 bridge.1 08/19/21, 12/27/18
The twin spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge commenced full traffic operations starting on December 29, 1969. The bridges crest at 188 feet above the Delaware River main channel.1 08/19/21
440 foot high towers support the 3,650 foot long bridge decks. The Delaware Memorial Bridge constitutes the longest suspension bridge pair in the world. 1 08/19/21, 12/27/18
Passing below the east tower of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Interstate 295 north / U.S. 40 east descend toward Deepwater, New Jersey and their split at the New Jersey Turnpike. 12/17/17

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