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Originating in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Route 34 travels 64.7 miles north to U.S. 11/15 at Buffalo township along the Susquehanna River. PA 34 extends north from U.S. 15 Business (Carlisle Street) to Biglerville and Bendersville in northern Adams County. Continuing into Cumberland County, the state route meets the north end of PA 94 at Mount Holly Springs and overlaps briefly with U.S. 11 through Downtown Carlisle. Northernmost reaches of PA 34 traverse areas of Perry County with overlaps alongside PA 850 between Shermans Dale and Dromgold and PA 274 between Mecks Corner and the borough of New Bloomfield. PA 34 also combines with PA 849 into the County seat of Newport.

Pennsylvania Route 34 North
Lincoln Avenue (SR 3017) intersects the south end of PA 34 and U.S. 15 Business at Carlisle Street in north Gettysburg. 06/04/05
PA 34 begins in Gettysburg along Carlisle Street north of U.S. 15 Business, where it turns east onto Lincoln Avenue. 06/04/05
The second reassurance marker for PA 34 north stands beyond the intersection with Broadway in Gettysburg. 06/04/05
Pennsylvania Route 34 South
An end shield for PA 34 precedes U.S. 15 Business (Lincoln Avenue) along Carlisle Street south in Gettysburg at Broadway. 06/04/05
U.S. 15 Business enters Gettysburg along Harrisburg Street from Straban township to the northeast. The route turns west onto Lincoln Avenue to overtake Carlisle Street south from PA 34. 06/04/05
U.S. 15 Business (Carlisle Street) leads south from PA 34 and Gettysburg College into Downtown Gettysburg. 06/04/05

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Interstate 81
U.S. 15
U.S. 22
U.S. 322
U.S. 15 Business - Gettysburg

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