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PA 272 travels 54.7 miles north from the Maryland state line at East Nottingham township to U.S. 222 and PA 568 in Brecknock township and Berks County. The state route initially heads west to U.S. 222 in Fulton township. U.S. 222/PA 272 combine for a half mile from Wakefield north to Penn Hill. U.S. 222 shifts eastward to Quarryville while PA 272 leads directly to Lancaster. The two recombine at Willow Street and continue north to Downtown Lancaster.

U.S. 222 and PA 272 split north at U.S. 30 in Manheim township outside the city of Lancaster. Paralleling the freeway along U.S. 222 to the west, PA 272 follows Oregon Pike northeast to the borough of Akron. PA 272 continues along the former alignment of U.S. 222 north to Ephrata and Adamstown. The state route concludes opposite PA 568 (Alleghenyville Road) at U.S. 222.

MD 272 extends 20.67 miles south from PA 272  to Zion, North East and Turkey Point in Cecil County, Maryland.

Pennsylvania Route 272 North
PA 272 (Christine Road) meets the Kennett Oxford Bypass (U.S. 1) at a parclo interchange near the community of Nottingham. 07/25/04
PA 272 (Christine Road) north at the loop ramp for U.S. 1 south to Rising Sun and Baltimore, Maryland. The freeway along U.S. 1 concludes just ahead of the Maryland state line at Ridge Road. U.S. 1 advances from there with two lanes to Conowingo and Bel Air. 07/25/04
PA 272 (Oregon Pike) intersects the east end of PA 722 (Oregon Road) at the community of Oregon. 08/01/04
PA 722 heads 8.3 miles west from PA 272 (Oregon Pike) to Neffsville south of Lancaster Airport (LNS) and PA 283 west of East Petersburg. 08/01/04
PA 272 (Adamstown Road) ends at a parclo interchange with U.S. 222 just east of Adamstown in Berks County. 12/21/20
PA 568 (Alleghenyville Road) commences east from PA 272 to the community of Knauers. U.S. 222 heads northeast along a freeway to Mohnton, Wyomissing and Reading. 12/21/20
Pennsylvania Route 272 South
A split diamond interchange connects U.S. 222 with PA 272 (Oregon Pike) and Butter Road in Manheim township. An access road links PA 272 and Butter Road, which both parallel the freeway along U.S. 222. 09/18/04
The entrance ramp for U.S. 222 south to Lancaster departs from PA 272 (Oregon Pike) directly. 09/18/04
PA 272 (Oregon Pike) continues south through Manheim township to a split diamond interchange with U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway). U.S. 30 bypasses the city of Lancaster along a six lane freeway to the north. 09/18/04
Service roads join PA 272 (Oregon Pike) with U.S. 30 west of PA 501 (Lititz Pike) and U.S. 30 east / U.S. 222 north directly. PA 283 branches northwest from U.S. 30 nearby to Harrisburg. 09/18/04
The freeway along U.S. 30 continues west from Lancaster to York. PA 501 stems north from U.S. 222/PA 272 (Oregon Pike) to Overlook and Lititz. 09/18/04
U.S. 222 dog legs east alongside U.S. 30 from Oregon Pike to the succeeding exit for the freeway north to Reading. U.S. 222 south combines with PA 272 (Oregon Pike) to Downtown Lancaster. 09/18/04

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U.S. 30
U.S. 222
U.S. 322

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