U.S. 77 through Nebraska runs 190 miles north from Gage County to the Missouri River bridge into Sioux City, Iowa. The route joins the capital city of Lincoln with Beatrice to the south and Fremont to the north. The northernmost reaches of U.S. 77 overlap with U.S. 75 from Winnebago to I-129/U.S. 20 near Dakota City. U.S. 77 travels around South Sioux City to Interstate 29, U.S. 20 Business (Gordon Drive) and Wesley Parkway, just a third of mile beyond the state line at Downtown Sioux City.

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North from Beatrice, U.S. 77 expands into a four lane expressway to Pioneers Boulevard outside Lincoln. The US route upgrades to Homestead Expressway, a limited access highway bypassing Lincoln to the west between MSR 2 and I-80 near Lincoln Airport. Beyond an 8.5 mile overlap with Interstate 80, U.S. 77 resumes north along an expressway 22 miles to MSR 92 at Wahoo.

A third expressway section along U.S. 77 stems north alongside U.S. 275 from U.S. 30 at Fremont to Winslow. U.S. 275 branches northwest with four lanes to Hooper from there while U.S. 77 reduces to two lanes en route to Oakland, the Omaha Indian Reservation and the Winnebago Indian Reservation.

The realignment of U.S. 77 around Dakota City and South Sioux City was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on October 28, 1978. Construction of the four lane roadway included the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 129. Subsequent action by AASHTO on October 3, 1981 eliminated all of U.S. 77 north from the Iowa/Nebraska state line at Sioux City to South Dakota.

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Removed after 2007, this sign bridge directed traffic onto U.S. 75/77 leaving former Atokad Park at South Sioux City. A horse racing track, Atokad Park closed in 2012. 04/20/07

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