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U.S. U.S. 221 Virginia Route 116 North
U.S. 220 Business, U.S. 221, and SR 116 reassurance shield assembly posted on Williamson Road northbound at Church Avenue west. 07/24/04
A closer look at the shields at Williamson and Church at downtown Roanoke. The city of Roanoke utilizes this style of shield on all U.S. and State route shield assemblies. 07/24/04
U.S. 220 Business-221 & SR 116 (Williamson Road) merge with U.S. 11 north between Campbell Avenue and U.S. 460 (Orange Avenue). U.S. 11 south follows Campbell Avenue west from central Roanoke to 13th Street and Memorial Avenue. 07/24/04
U.S. 11 U.S. U.S. 221 Virginia Route 116 North
U.S. 11-220 Business-221 & SR 16 travel a viaduct over Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks between Salem and Shenandoah Avenues. A loop ramp follows from Williamson Road northbound onto Interstate 581 & U.S. 220 north to Interstate 81 after Kimball Avenue. 07/24/04
The first set of shields posted along Williamson Road for the four-way multiplex exists at Rutherford Avenue. Rutherford Avenue travels east from Roanoke Civic Center directly to Kimball Aveneu ahead of its turn to U.S. 460 (Orange Avenue). 07/24/04
Williamson Road northbound at the entrance to Roanoke Civic center. 07/24/04
Approaching the split of U.S. 11-220 Business-221 and SR 16 north at U.S. 460 (Orange Avenue). U.S. 11 continues north along Williamson Road toward Roanoke Regional Airport. U.S. 221 joins U.S. 460 east along Orange Avenue to Bonsack and ultimately Bedford. U.S. 11 Alternate begins and travels west with SR 116 north along U.S. 460 west to Interstate 581 & U.S. 220 at Exit 4 (where U.S. 220 Business ends). 07/24/04
U.S. 11 (Williamson Road) north at U.S. 460 (Orange Avenue). U.S. 221 & 460 travel east from Roanoke to Bonsack near the Botetourt County line. U.S. 220 Alternate begins there and travels north to Exit 150 of Interstate 81. U.S. 11 Alternate meanwhile follows U.S. 460 west to SR 419 (Electric Road) south in Salem. SR 116 departs Orange Avenue via Lafayette Boulevard north to SR 101 (Hershberger Road). 07/24/04
U.S. 460 West U.S. 11 Alternate South Virginia Route 116 North
U.S. 460 west, U.S. 11 Alternate south, and U.S. 220 Business north leave the intersection with Williamson Road (U.S. 11 north, U.S. 221 south) and travel directly to meet Interstate 581 & U.S. 220 at a cloverleaf interchange. 07/24/04
U.S. 220 Business concludes at the northbound on-ramp to I-581/U.S. 220. The freeway angles northwest from Orange Avenue to Roanoke Regional Airport and Interstate 81 near Brushy Mountain. 07/24/04
U.S. 460 west & U.S. 11 Alternate south pass under Interstate 581 & U.S. 220 ahead of the southbound loop ramp to downtown. Interstate 581 ends a short distance to the south at SR 24 (Elm Avenue). Gainsboro Road otherwise intersects Orange Avenue ahead, providing access to Roanoke Civic Center via Madison Avenue east. 07/24/04
U.S. U.S. 221 Virginia Route 116 South
U.S. 220 Business, U.S. 221, and SR 116 turn westward from Williamson Road south onto Franklin Road in downtown Roanoke. SR 116 splits from the U.S. Route pair for Jefferson Street south nearby. U.S. 220 Business & 221 continue to their partition at Frankin Road south at Elm Avenue west. 07/24/04

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