Interstate 78 Pennsylvania East

Interstate 78 East
The eastbound beginning of Interstate 78 as the freeway departs Interstate 81 near Jonestown. Pictured here is the first eastbound reassurance shield posted ahead of the Pennsylvania 72 overpass. Photo taken 06/01/04.
U.S. 22, Interstate 78's counterpart, remains to the south as the freeway approaches the half diamond interchange (Exit 6) with Pennsylvania 343 (Legionaire Drive) east of Fredericksburg. Photo taken 06/01/04.
One-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 343 (Legionaire Drive) on Interstate 78 in eastern Lebanon County. Pennsylvania 343 begins here and travels south 0.4 miles to U.S. 22 (William Penn Highway). There the state route joins U.S. 22 for a 0.75-mile overlap to Fredericksburg and Pinegrove Road. Pennsylvania 343 continues south from there into the Lebanon County seat of Lebanon. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Eastbound at Exit 6 for Pennsylvania 343 (Legionaire Drive) south and S. Pine Grove Street northbound. Use Pine Grove Street / Pine Grove Road north to Pennsylvania 645 (Camp Swatara Road) as an alternate route for Pine Grove in lieu of Exit 10. Photo taken 06/01/04.
U.S. 22 (William Penn Highway) merges onto Interstate 78 eastbound two miles beyond the Exit 6 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 343. From there Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 overlap between Exits 8 and 51. Displayed here is the two-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 645 (Camp Swatara Road) and the Mt. Zion over crossing near the Berks County line. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 crosses from Lebanon County into Berks County just east of Mt. Zion Road. A wye interchange brings U.S. 22 eastbound onto the freeway ahead. A westbound side frontage road (Myer Drive) coincides with the freeway between here and Exit 10. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound at the Meckville Road over crossing one mile west of Pennsylvania 645 (Exit 10). The north-south state route joins the freeway with Frystown one mile to the south. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Eastbound Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 at the Exit 10 diamond interchange with Pennsylvania 645 (Camp Swatara Road). Pennsylvania 645 offers a direct path between Pine Grove and Myerstown west of the Pennsylvania 501 corridor through Frystown. The state route totals 14.1 miles on the hilly trek. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound reassurance shield assembly posted after the Exit 10 interchange with Pennsylvania 645. All of Interstate 78 between Interstate 81 and Pennsylvania 61 was reconstructed to include a new concrete roadway and jersey barrier median to replace the former metal guard rail separator. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Mileage sign on Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound for Allentown and New York City (the eastern terminus). Photo taken 06/01/04.
Pennsylvania 501 (Lancaster Avenue) intersects the freeway at the town of Bethel and Exit 13. Pennsylvania 501 constitutes a primary corridor between Lancaster, Brickerville, Myerstown, and Bethel (Interstate 78 & U.S. 22). Photo taken 06/01/04.
Many of the original button copy signs on Interstate 78 were replaced with new signs to coincide with reconstruction. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 501 (Exit 13). Note the Clearview font. Photo taken 06/01/04.
A frontage road system parallels Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 between Pennsylvania 645 and Pennsylvania 501 (Lancaster Avenue). Brown Road follows the westbound lanes and Old U.S. 22 on the eastbound side. Pennsylvania 501 continues north of Bethel another 7.5 miles to its end at junction Maryland 895 outside of Pine Grove. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Eastbound at the Exit 15 off-ramp to Grimes (Court Street / Frantz Road). Court Street links Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 with nearby Old U.S. 22. Grimes Airport lies to the northwest via Frantz Road. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Another in the series of diamond interchanges for Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 that serve northwest Berks County. Intersecting the freeway here is Midway Road. Midway Road constitutes a 2.2-mile drive between Strausstown and Schubert Roads. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound at Exit 16. Midway Road intersects Old U.S. 22 just south of the freeway at Midway itself. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Pennsylvania 419 (Four Point Road) interchanges with Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 at Schubert and Exit 17. The state route begins nearby at Pennsylvania 183 to the north. From there Pennsylvania 419 sinks southward 11 miles to U.S. 422 outside of Womelsdorf. Rehrersburg lies to the west of Four Point Road via Strausstown Road. Photo taken 06/01/04.
One-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 183 and Exit 19 at Strausstown. 14 miles separates Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 from U.S. 222 outside of Reading to the southeast via Pennsylvania 183. Pennsylvania 183 travels through Bernville and Mount Pleasant. Use Pennsylvania 183 also for Blue Marsh Lake. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound within one hale mile of the diamond interchange with Pennsylvania 183 (Exit 19). Pennsylvania 183 north of Interstate 78 continues to Summit Station and Lake Wynonah (pop. 2,003) in southern Schuylkill County. The state route ends at Pennsylvania 901 in Cressona. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Eastbound at the Exit 19 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 183. Pennsylvania 183 intersects Old U.S. 22 / Main Street 0.3 miles south of Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 at Strausstown (pop. 303). Photo taken 06/01/04.
The rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains guide Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound toward Shartlesville from Strausstown. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Two-mile guide sign for Shartlesville (Exit 23) on Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 east. Shartlesville lies just south of the freeway on Old U.S. 22. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Eastbound near the Northkill Road overpass on Interstate 78 one mile west of Exit 23. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Old U.S. 22 passes through Shartlesville just south of Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 and Exit 23. A pair of frontage roads (Motel & Roadside Drives) spur west of the interchange as Mountain Road and Forge Dam Road stem northward from the Exit 23 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 maintains itself as a narrow four-lane freeway on the approach to Pennsylvania 61 (Exits 29A/B) near the town of Hamburg. A full cloverleaf interchange connects the two corridors. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Pennsylvania 61 constitutes the former U.S. 122 routing between Reading and Sunbury in east-central Pennsylvania. The state route exists vastly as a four-lane divided highway between Reading, Pottsville and Frackville between U.S. 222 and Interstate 81. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Exit 29A gore point sign at the southbound off-ramp to Pennsylvania 61 (Pottsville Pike). Pennsylvania 61 travels 12 miles south to the U.S. 222 freeway at Tuckerton just north of Reading. The congested route travels through Shoemakersville and Leesport between Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 and U.S. 222. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Northbound Pennsylvania 61 (Pottsville Pike) traffic departs Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound via the Exit 29B cloverleaf ramp. Pottsville Pike continues Pennsylvania 61 north to its namesake in 17 miles. The city of Pottsville is well known for being the home to Yuengling Beer and its historic brewery at 5th & Mahantongo Streets. Otherwise Pennsylvania 61 intersects Interstate 81 at Frackville 24 miles to the north. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound depart the junction with Pennsylvania 61 (Pottsville Pike) and cross the Schuylkill River into the Hamburg vicinity. Exit 30 links the freeway with N. 4th Street and the town east of the water crossing. Photo taken 04/23/04.
One fourth of a mile west of the loop ramp onto N. 4th Street at Northmont and Ridge Avenues in Hamburg. Port Clinton Avenue passes over the freeway as it leaves the Schuylkill River bridge. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Ramps to and from N. 4th Street onto Interstate 78 pass overhead at the Exit 30 off-ramp onto it and Hamburg. N. 4th Street travels six blocks south to Old U.S. 22 / State Street in downtown Hamburg. The N. 5th Street overpass is visible in the distance. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Button copy guide sign for Pennsylvania 143 (Exit 35) and Lenhartsville on Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound. Pennsylvania 143 travels north from U.S. 222 at Moselem Springs to Lenhartsville (pop. 173) before interchanging with Interstate 78. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Use Pennsylvania 143 south to Virginville and Crystal Cave Road for the Crystal Cave natural attraction. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pressing eastbound to within one mile of the Exit 35 folded diamond interchange with Pennsylvania 143. Pennsylvania 143 ties into Old U.S. 22 0.2 miles south of Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 at Lenhartsville. Northward the state route travels 3.5 miles to the Albany and Kempton area. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The interchange for Pennsylvania 143 exists just west of the Maiden Creek crossing on Interstate 78 & U.S. 22. Pennsylvania 143 straddles the waterway between Virginville and its northern terminus at New Tripoli and Pennsylvania 309. Leaser Lake exists just north of Jacksonville (pop. 666) and Lynnport on Pennsylvania 143 in western Lehigh County. Photo taken 04/23/04.
East of the Maiden Creek crossing on Interstate 78 & U.S. 22. The pavement switches from new concrete to an asphalt overlay. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 737 (Krumsville Road) ties into Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 at Exit 40 in Krumsville. Krumsville Road snakes its way 4.6 miles southward to U.S. 222 outside of Kutztown (pop. 5,067). Photo taken 08/10/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 and Pennsylvania 737 (Krumsville Road) meet at a parclo interchange between Old U.S. 22 and Zettlemoyer Road in Krumsville. Photo taken 04/23/04.
A steel bridge carries Pennsylvania 737 over Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 ahead of the Exit 40 loop ramp onto Krumsville Road. Pennsylvania 737 ends 5.5 miles to the northwest at Pennsylvania 143 at the village of Kempton. Use Krumsville Road north for the communities of Stoney Run and Albany as well. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Another Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound reassurance shield assembly. The narrow freeway maintains its concrete median through to the split with U.S. 22 (Lehigh Valley Thruway) near Allentown. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Next in line for Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound motorists is the first Lehigh County interchange of Exit 45. Intersecting the freeway here is Pennsylvania 863 (Golden Key Road). Pennsylvania 863 becomes Independent Road south of nearby Old U.S. 22. Photo taken 04/23/04.
One-half mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 863 (Exit 45) on eastbound. Pennsylvania 863 serves New Smithville and Maxatawny to the south and Lynnville and Lynnport to the north. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Drivers leave Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound for Pennsylvania 863 (Golden Key Road) at the Exit 45 diamond interchange. Use Pennsylvania 863 south to Old U.S. 22 west for the community of Weisenberg. Independent Road carries the state route to its southern terminus in 3.4 miles at U.S. 222 (Hamilton Boulevard). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound shields posted after Pennsylvania 863 and before the State Route 4003 over crossing. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 100 intersects the freeway at the next eastbound exit at Fogelsville. The last interchange of the Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 overlap represents the first of many for Interstate 78 within the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Metropolitan area. Photo taken 04/23/04.
A reflective button copy sign remains in use for the one-mile guide sign of the Exit 49 full cloverleaf interchange with Pennsylvania 100. The north-south route skims the western reaches of metro Allentown through the communities of Macungie (pop. 3,039), Trexlertown, Fogelsville, and Claussville. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Exit 49A departs Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound for Pennsylvania 100 south to Trexlertown. At Trexlertown, the state route intersects U.S. 222 (Hamilton Boulevard) east of the community of Breinigsville. Beyond there Pennsylvania 100 continues southward to Bally (pop. 1,062) and Pottstown (pop. 21,771). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Eastbound at the northbound loop ramp for Pennsylvania 100 to Fogelsville and Claussville. Old U.S. 22 intersects Pennsylvania 100 just north of the interchange. Pennsylvania 100 otherwise continues northwest to its terminus with Pennsylvania 309 at Pleasant Corners. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Exit 51 represents the end of the Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 overlap between Fredericksburg and Allentown. U.S. 22 and the original Lehigh Valley Thruway continue straight into Allentown and Bethlehem as Interstate 78 bypasses the two cities to the south. The early 1990s created Interstate 78 does not have access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension (Interstate 476). Instead Interstate 78 travelers must utilize the original Lehigh Valley Interchange with U.S. 22 to access Interstate 476. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Auxiliary guide sign for the Allentown area colleges of DeSales University and Lehigh University for Interstate 78 eastbound. Remain on U.S. 22 east for Muhlenberg College and others throughout the Lehigh Valley. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 joins the original Pennsylvania 309 bypass of Allentown between Exits 53 and 60. A wye interchange join the two freeways east of the Interstate 476 under crossing. Thus for interests to Pennsylvania 309 and Whitehall (pop. 14,444), Walbert, and Guthsville, traffic should remain on U.S. 22 east to its interchange with the state route. Photo taken 04/23/04.
This guide sign partitions Interstate 78 & U.S. 22 eastbound with the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton moniker above. Both highways continue as freeways all the way to the Delaware River and New Jersey state line. However early on Interstate 78 itself remains on U.S. 22 (Lehigh Valley Thruway) through to Easton. It was decided back in the 1970s that continuing the freeway through Easton to Phillipsburg, New Jersey and maintaining the Lehigh Valley Thruway was not feasible and that a new route south of the area should be built for Interstate 78. Thus you have the orphaned Pennsylvania 378 (former Interstate 378) from its parent in Bethlehem. Photo taken 04/23/04.
All through traffic interests to the state of New Jersey, Newark, and New York City should remain on Interstate 78 south of both Allentown and Bethlehem. Local traffic interests and motorists bound for Interstate 476 or the Lehigh Valley International Airport should use the Exit 51 ramp for U.S. 22 east. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Like the merge of Interstate 78 with Pennsylvania 100, the split of U.S. 22 east from Interstate 78 east consists of a wye interchange with no access from westbound Interstate 78 to eastbound U.S. 22. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Although for the most part Interstate 78 does stay outside of the limits of Allentown, the freeway does serve the city with three eastbound interchanges. An upcoming exits sign is posted for the Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 bypass exits with U.S. 222, Pennsylvania 29, and Lehigh Street. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 309 merges in near the 53 milepost and from there joins Interstate 78 for the Exit 54 parclo interchange with the northern terminus of U.S. 222 (Hamilton Boulevard). Photo taken 04/23/04.
The upgrading of Pennsylvania 309 to Interstate standards to accommodate Interstate 78 brought sound walls and wider shoulders to the 1950s era freeway. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for U.S. 222 (Hamilton Boulevard) just west of the Pennsylvania 309 merge. U.S. 222 ends ahead after a drive northward from Reading to Kutztown and Trexlertown. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The roller coasters of Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom soar skyward to the northeast of the Exit 54 junction with U.S. 222. Where U.S. 222 ends Pennsylvania 222 begins and continues east along Hamilton Boulevard into Dorneyville and downtown Allentown (pop. 106,632). Photo taken 04/23/04.
An upcoming exits sign takes the place of the one-half mile guide sign for Exit 54 on Interstate 78 eastbound. Pennsylvania 309 southbound finally merges onto the freeway ahead of the U.S. 222 off-ramp. Hamilton Boulevard represents a busy surface arterial from Dorneyville westward to Wescosville and Trexlertown. U.S. 222 remains a busy route all the way to Reading and from there southwest to Lancaster. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The addition of Pennsylvania 309 southbound expands Interstate 78 eastbound to four overall lanes. A Diagrammatic overhead for Exit 54 partitions the freeway into three through lanes and one exit-only lane for U.S. 222 south & Pennsylvania 222 north. Originally U.S. 222 continued northeast from here into downtown Allentown to meet its parent. In 1960 the route was relocated to an overlap with Pennsylvania 309 north to end at U.S. 22 and the Lehigh Valley Thruway. Soon thereafter however U.S. 222 was truncated to here and its remained this way ever since. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Exit 54 departs Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 south for U.S. 222 south and Pennsylvania 222 north. Pennsylvania 222 continues east to Dorneyville and the entrance to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom before entering Allentown as Hamilton Street en route to Pennsylvania 145 (S. 7th Street). First photo taken 04/23/04; second photo taken 07/27/00.
The northern terminus of the southern segment of Pennsylvania 29 ties into the Exit 55 folded cloverleaf interchange at Cedar Crest Boulevard. Pennsylvania 29 travels south of Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309 to Emmaus (pop. 11,242) and Pennsylvania 100. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 southbound reassurance shield assembly posted between the Hillview Road overpass and Cedar Crest Boulevard interchange (Exit 55). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Drawing to within 0.75 miles of Exit 55 and Pennsylvania 29 south on Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 south. Cedar Crest Boulevard continues north of Exit 55 to Pennsylvania 222 at Dorneyville, the campus of Cedar Crest College, and western reaches of Allentown. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309 upcoming exits sign for Exits 55, 57, and 59. The pair cross Little Lehigh Park east of Pennsylvania 29 and skim the southern reaches of the Allentown city limits at Lehigh Street from there. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Eastbound at the Exit 55 off-ramp onto Pennsylvania 29 (Cedar Crest Boulevard). Pennsylvania 29 is unusual in that it exists in two segments (much like U.S. 422) in the state. The southern segment travels between Allentown and Malvern in the west Philadelphia suburbs. The northern branch begins as a freeway spur of Interstate 81 at Ashley south of Wilkes-Barre and ends at the New York state line near Brookville. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The second set of Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 southbound reassurance markers include a rare state-name shield for Interstate 78. Photo taken 04/23/04.
1.50 miles west of the Lehigh Street off-ramp at Exit 57 near the Queen City Airport. Lehigh Street travels southwest from central Allentown to the Waldheim Park section of the city and from there into the borough of Emmaus. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Mileage sign posted at the Oxford Drive undercrossing of Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 south. Quakertown is the southbound control city of Pennsylvania 309 after it departs Interstate 78 at Exit 60. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Overhead for the final two Allentown area interchanges (Exits 57 and 59). The Summit Lawn exit occurs south of the city limits with Pennsylvania 145 (S. 4th Street). Photo taken 08/10/04.
Traffic to Lehigh Street leaves Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 southbound at Exit 57. Lehigh Street migrates 2.4 miles northward to becomes Pennsylvania 145 south of downtown. The surface boulevard serves the Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport just north of the freeway. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 southbound depart the Allentown city limits one mile ahead of the directional interchange with Rock Road and Pennsylvania 145 (S. 4th Street) at Summit Lawn. Photo taken 04/23/04.
A half-diamond interchange provides the connection between Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309 east and Rock Road. Rock Road stems west of Pennsylvania 145 (S. 4th Street) in the community of Summit Lawn. Pennsylvania 145 itself ends at the transition to Pennsylvania 309 at Exit 60. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Attached to the Rock Road overpass high above Interstate 78 east & Pennsylvania 309 south is the one-mile overhead for Exit 60. Pennsylvania 309 departs the freeway ahead for Coopersburg (pop. 2,582), Quakertown (pop. 8,931), Sellersville (pop. 4,595), Montgomeryville (pop. 11,958), and Ambler (pop. 6,426). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 reduces from a six-lane to a four-lane freeway east of the split with Pennsylvania 309 at Exit 60. Pennsylvania 309 acts as an alternate route to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension (Interstate 476) between the Philadelphia north suburbs and Allentown-Bethlehem area. The former U.S. highway varies between a surface arterial and expressway on the 30 mile drive between Interstate 78 and Fort Washington (pop. 3,598). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 309 departs Interstate 78 east for Coopersburg in south Lehigh County before crossing into Bucks County. The state route ends in the city of Philadelphia at Pennsylvania 611 (former U.S. 611) in 26 miles. Freeway segments along the route include a bypass of Sellersville and the Fort Washington Expressway. Passing Interstate 78 above is the Pennsylvania 309 transition ramp into Pennsylvania 145 (S. 4th Street). Photo taken 04/23/04.
A lone Interstate 78 eastbound reassurance marker posted between Exit 60 (Pennsylvania 145 & 309) and the Oakhurst Drive over crossing at Summit Lawn. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Seven miles separate the split with Pennsylvania 309 and the junction with Pennsylvania 412 (Hellertown Road) in the city of Bethlehem. The four-lane freeway passes over Pennsylvania 378 (Wyandotte Street) with no access before descending into a broad and scenic valley across the Northampton County line. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Use Pennsylvania 412 (Hellertown Road) north for the campus of Lehigh University and Historic downtown Bethlehem. Pennsylvania 412 also links Interstate 78 with nearby Freemansburg and Steel City along the Lehigh River itself. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Bruised and battered reflective button copy sign one mile west of the Pennsylvania 412 folded diamond interchange (Exit 67). Pennsylvania 412 travels Main Street south of Exit 67 into Hellertown (pop. 5,615) itself. From there the state route follows Leithsville Road 3.7 miles southeast to its ends at Pennsylvania 212 in northern Bucks County. Photo taken 04/23/04.
A loop ramp carries Interstate 78 eastbound motorists onto Pennsylvania 412 (Hellertown Road / Main Street) underneath the freeway at Exit 67. Pennsylvania 412 passes through south Bethlehem along E. 4th Street to Broadway on the 3.4-mile trek to its western terminus at Pennsylvania 378 (Wyandotte Street). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Auxiliary guide sign for the January 20, 2002 opened trumpet interchange with Pennsylvania 33 at Exit 71. Pennsylvania 33 provides a direct link to the Interstate 80 and 380 corridors for the Pocono Mountains area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Additionally Pennsylvania 33 north in conjunction with U.S. 22 west is advised for traffic bound for the Lehigh Valley International Airport. Photo taken 08/08/04.
Exit 71 guide sign for the northbound beginning of Pennsylvania 33 at the Applebutter Road over crossing. The Pennsylvania 33 freeway originally linked U.S. 22 with U.S. 209 at Hamilton Square and Interstate 80 at Bartonsville. Construction extended the freeway south from the Lehigh Valley Thruway to Interstate 78 in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Photo taken 08/08/04.
Pennsylvania 33 travels three miles north from Interstate 78 (Exit 71) to U.S. 22 between Easton and Bethlehem. The freeway extended south from a partially opened cloverleaf interchange at U.S. 22 to cross the Lehigh River at Hopeville. An interchange with Freemansburg Avenue exists midway between Interstate 78 and U.S. 22. Note the control city of Stroudsburg (pop. 5,756) for the U.S. 209 connection to Interstate 80 near Pennsylvania 33's northern end. Photo taken 08/08/04.
One exit remains on Interstate 78 eastbound before the highway crosses the Delaware River into the Garden State. 72 miles of Interstate 78 overall remain before the Holland Tunnel crossing into lower Manhattan. Photos taken 08/08/04.
Button copy guide sign one mile west of the Morgan Hill Road diamond interchange (Exit 75) on Interstate 78 eastbound. Morgan Hill Road provides access to the Pennsylvania 611 (Delaware Drive) corridor for Doylestown (pop. 8,226) and Philadelphia (pop. 1,517,550) to the south. Photo taken 08/08/04.
One half mile out from the Exit 75 off-ramp to Morgan Hill Road. Morgan Hill Road enters the city of Easton and ends at Philadelphia Road and Line Street within the street grid. Philadelphia Road in turn carries motorists northward to St. Johns Street and downtown Easton (pop. 26,263). Photo taken 08/08/04.
Overhead at the Exit 75 off-ramp to Morgan Hill Road and Pennsylvania 611 (Delaware Drive). Delaware 611 hugs the Delaware River between the 3rd Avenue bridge over the Lehigh River and Kintnersville in northern Bucks County. The state route (former U.S. 611) continues from there to Plumsteadville, Doylestown, Warminster, and Willow Grove (pop. 15,932) of the north Philadelphia suburbs. The highway offers a slow go through much of Bucks County en route to Philadelphia itself. Photo taken 08/08/04.
Interstate 78 Pennsylvania shield posted between Exit 75 and the Delaware River Bridge. The forthcoming span opened to traffic on November 21, 1989 and is 1,222 feet in length. The crossing comprises a twin, four girder, 7-span continuous structure. The 2003 vpd for the Delaware River bridges is 53,900.1 Photo taken 08/08/04.
The four-lane twin span across the Delaware River between Easton and Phillipsburg, New Jersey carries a 75 cent toll for all passenger vehicles in the westbound direction only. Depicted here is the seven-lane westbound toll plaza from the eastbound lanes of Interstate 78. Photo taken 08/08/04.

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1 - Interstate 78 Toll Bridge. Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.

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