Interstate 605

Interstate 605 is the San Gabriel River Freeway, following the San Gabriel River between Interstate 405 and California 22 in Seal Beach and Interstate 210 and U.S. 66 in Duarte. These endpoint cities are not featured on the overhead signs as control or destination cities; instead, the pull-through signs point simply display "Thru Traffic."

Interstate 605 California Highway Guides

Key Opening Dates of Interstate 605:

  • 195th Street to 183rd Street - July 27th, 1966
  • 183rd Street to Cecilia Street - June 15th, 1966
  • Cecilia Street to Former California 72 - July 29th, 1965
  • Former California 72 to Peck Road - May 29th, 1964
  • Peck Road to Interstate 10 - November 4th, 1964
  • Interstate 10 to Arrow Highway - May 4th, 1971
  • Arrow Highway to Interstate 210 - January 22nd, 1971

Many thanks to C.J. Moon for his assistance in providing this historical chronology.

Interstate 605 scenes
In the vicinity of Los Alamitos, westbound Katella Avenue approaches the ramp to Interstate 605 south. This ramp is a loop ramp that leads onto southbound. Note the lack of an Interstate 605 shield in the overhead sign. Photo taken 05/02/10.
Westbound Katella Avenue meets the on-ramp to Interstate 605 south. A freeway entrance shield assembly and green guide sign both provide markers leading to the on-ramp. Photo taken 05/02/10.
In the city of Santa Fe Springs, westbound Telegraph Road approaches Interstate 605, the San Gabriel River Freeway. The interchange consists of two right turns from Telegraph Road to Interstate 605 north and Interstate 605 south. Photo taken 09/29/07.
After the Orr and Day Road intersection, westbound Telegraph Road meets Interstate 605 (San Gabriel River Freeway) north to Duarte. Photo taken 09/29/07.
A freeway entrance shield assembly for Interstate 605 is posted along with the trailblazer guide sign from Telegraph Road west. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Eastbound Huntington Drive (Historic U.S. 66) approaches the junction with Interstate 605 south along the San Gabriel River corridor to Seal Beach. Photo taken 01/14/07.
Decorative street lights (with hoods shaped like mission bells) adorn the traffic signal between eastbound Huntington Drive (Historic U.S. 66) and Interstate 605 south. Turn left to follow Mount Olive Drive north into more residential neighborhoods of Duarte. Turn right to connect to Interstate 210 (Foothill Freeway). Photo taken 01/14/07.

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