Interstate 64 East - Hampton Roads - Norfolk to Suffolk

Interstate 64 & U.S. 60 east kink southward from the tunnel exit to the Willoughby Spit in Norfolk. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Next in line for eastbound motorists are the Exit 272 ramps onto adjacent Bayville Street at Willoughby Beach. Bayville Street lines Interstate 64 & U.S. 60 east along Willoughby Bay to 13th View Street to Ocean View Avenue (former Virginia 168). Photo taken 06/05/10.
Exit 272 departs Interstate 64 & U.S. 60 east for Bayville Street at an adjacent marina. Ocean Avenue Avenue connects with the westbound side of the freeway, lining Willoughby Spit east to Ocean View. The surface street doubles as an old alignment of U.S. 60. Photo taken 06/05/10.
U.S. 60 partitions with Interstate 64 east at the Exit 273 diamond interchange with 4th View Street. Photo taken 06/05/10.
The freeway exits Willoughby Spit along a pair of bridges over Willoughby Bay and curve southward at Naval Station Norfolk. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Interstate 64 turns southward at 4th View Street (Exit 273) as U.S. 60 continues east, hugging Chesapeake Bay east from Ocean View toward the Virginia Beach city line. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Heading south from Bay Avenue, Interstate 64 next meets Interstate 564 (Admiral Taussig Boulevard) and parallel U.S. 460 (Granby Street). Interstate 564 constitutes a 3.03-mile spur to Norfolk Naval Air Station and Virginia 337. Pictured here is the one mile approach to Exit 276 and the beginning of the reversible HOV-2 roadway. Interstate 64 east otherwise spans Bayview Boulevard and Masons Creek. Photo taken 06/05/10.
U.S. 460 begins from U.S. 60 at Ocean View and leads south along Granby Street to meet Interstates 64 and 564 at Wards Corner. The highway continues south through Talbot Park across the Lafayette River to Riverview and downtown Norfolk. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Use U.S. 460 (Granby Street) south for Virginia 165 (Little Creek Road) east to Denby Park and west to Sussex. Interstate 564 west meets Virginia 406 (Terminal Boulevard) at its first interchange. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Exit 276 carries all traffic bound for Interstate 564 (Admiral Taussig Boulevard) west and U.S. 460 (Granby Street) in unison.
Interstate 564 directly connects with Virginia 337's southbound beginning. U.S. 460 meets Interstate 64 again in Chesapeake. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Exit 276 partitions into ramps for Interstate 564's westbound beginning and directly onto U.S. 460 (Granby Street) west to junction Virginia 165 (Little Creek Road). Virginia 165 constitutes a 39-mile circuitous route from Virginia 337 (Hampton Boulevard) east to Virginia Beach and south to Chesapeake. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Interstate 64 sees a HOV reversible lane from the Interstate 564 terminal interchange to just south of Interstate 264 (Exit 284). The roadway lines the median of the Hampton Roads Beltway and is restriction to HOV-2 vehicles in the peak direction between 6-8 AM and 4-6 PM. Outside of those times, they are available to all traffic in the direction that they are open (generally base-bound in the morning and Sundays, Beach-bound in the evening and Saturdays). Heavy trucks appear to be restricted to the regular lanes, regardless of time.1
Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for Exits 277A/B, junction Virginia 168 (Tidewater Drive). Traffic to Tidewater Drive and other local exits between Interstates 564 and 264 must remain on the general purpose lanes. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Virginia 168 shields that were greened out on older signs were redisplayed on Clearview-based sign replacements for Exit 277 on Interstate 64 east. Photo taken 06/05/10.
One quarter mile north of the directional-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 277) with Tidewater Drive on Interstate 64 east. Virginia 168 provides an urban arterial between downtown Norfolk and U.S. 60 at the Chesapeake Bay waterfront. The facility includes expressway like elements between Norview Avenue and Ocean View. Photo taken 12/17/01. Second photo taken 06/05/10.
A collector/distributor roadway facilitates the movements to Virginia 168 (Tidewater Drive) from Interstate 64 east. Virginia 168 travels south to Willard Park, Huntersville, and Brambleton before crossing the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River to Campostella Heights in Norfolk. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Venturing north from Exit 277B, Virginia 168 (Tidewater Drive) enters an older retail area centered around the urban diamond interchange with Virginia 165 (Little Creek Road). Photo taken 06/05/10.
Upcoming exits sign of Interstate 64 eastbound for Exits 278, 279, and 281B. A folded cloverleaf interchange represents the Exit 279 junction with Virginia 194 (Chesapeake Boulevard). The ramps are orientated as such to provide access only to southbound Virginia 149 from Interstate 64 eastbound. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Turning east along Interstate 64 between Coronado and Washington Park on the one-quarter mile approach to Virginia 194 south (Exit 278). Photo taken 06/05/10.
Interstate 64 eastbound at Exit 278 (Virginia 194 south). Virginia 194 (Chesapeake Boulevard) meanders 2.50 miles south to Greenwood and Pennsytown before ending at Virginia 166 (Princess Anne Road). The 5.75-mile route began at U.S. 60 in Ocean View. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Norview Avenue (Virginia 247) represents the main entrance into Norfolk International Airport from Interstate 64 to the west. A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange handles the movements between the Hampton Roads Beltway and the state highway. There is no access from Interstate 64 east to Virginia 247 (Norview Avenue) westbound. For this movement, drivers should take Exit 278, to Virginia 194 (Chesapeake Boulevard) South.1 Photo taken 12/17/01.
Southeasterly view from the Interstate 64 carpool lanes of Exits 281A (Robin Hood Road) and 281B (Virginia 165 south). Photo taken 06/05/10.
The Hampton Roads Beltway eastbound at Exit 281B (Virginia 165). Virginia 165 (Military Highway) loops through Hampton Roads from the city of Norfolk southeastward to Virginia Beach (pop. 425,257). Locally the highway travels the busy arterial Military Highway from U.S. 13 northward to Virginia 170 (Little Creek Road). Photo taken 12/17/01.
One-mile overhead for Exit 282 (U.S. 13) posted on Interstate 64 eastbound. U.S. 13 follows Northampton Boulevard between Virginia 165 (Military Highway) and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The busy arterial sees interchanges with Virginia 225 (Independence Boulevard) and U.S. 60 (Shore Drive) between the Hampton Roads Beltway and the bay bridge tunnel. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Motorists taking the reversible lanes of Interstate 64 meanwhile continue one mile south to the I-64 main line slip ramp for Interstate 264 west (Exit 284A) and Newtown Road (Exit 284B). Photo taken 06/05/10.
Interstate 64 draws to within one half mile of the Exit 282 directional cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 13 (Northampton Boulevard). There is no direct access to U.S. 13 southbound; motorists instead should follow Virginia 165 (Military Highway) south from Exit 281B. U.S. 13 and Virginia 165 otherwise share pavement between Military Highway and Kempsville Road nearby. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Exit 282 departs Interstate 64 eastbound. U.S. 13 carries between four and eight lanes through Virginia Beach to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. North from Chesapeake Beach, the US route follows the tolled Chesapeake Bay crossing. The 15 mile span includes a $12 toll for all passenger vehicles en route to Northampton County on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Traffic bound for Interstate 264 west to Norfolk and Portsmouth or east to Newtown Road (Exit 15) must utilize the main exit ramps of Interstate 64 east at Exit 284. Photo taken 06/05/10.
The reversible lanes continue south and split into ramps for Interstate 264 east to Virginia Beach (beyond Exits 15A/B) and Interstate 64 inner to Chesapeake and Suffolk. Photo taken 06/05/10.
A high flyover shuttles motorists from the carpool lanes of Interstate 64 east onto the left-hand side of Interstate 264 east. The HOV-2 lanes otherwise continue back to Interstate 64, forming concurrent HOV lanes. Photo taken 06/05/10.
A parting shot of the overhead signage for Exits 284A/B above the Interstate 64 eastbound main line. Photo taken 06/05/10.
Interstate 64 Inner
Interstate 64 south of the Interstate 264 (Exit 284A/B) stack interchange. A pull-through overhead reminds motorists that the Hampton Roads Beltway ties directly into Interstate 664 at the city of Suffolk. Between Exit 284 and 299, Interstate 64 is signed without cardinal direction banners. Instead Hampton Roads Beltway signs with Inner and Outer signs are placed concurrent with Interstate 64 shields. The orientation of the beltway alignment of Interstate 64 sees the final 15 miles of traffic traveling opposite than the traditional cardinal direction orientation of the highway. Thus one traveling Interstate 64 east between Interstate 464 and 664 is actually traveling west. Photo taken 03/17/01.
Situated within the city of Chesapeake (pop. 199,184) is the junction with Interstate 464 and Virginia 168 (Great Bridge Bypass and Chesapeake Expressway). Interstate 464 provides a direct route to downtown Norfolk from Chesapeake, Great Bridge, and northeastern North Carolina. The facility tallies 4.71 miles in length between the Hampton Roads Beltway and Interstate 264. Photo taken 01/06/01.
Interstate 64 Inner at the Exit 291B cloverleaf ramp to U.S. 17 and Virginia 168 southbound. Associated nearby with the cloverleaf interchange of Exit 291 is the north end of Dominion Boulevard (former Virginia 104). U.S. 17 saw relocation from the George Washington Highway onto Virginia 104 (Dominion Boulevard) during Winter 2002. The alignment provides a route southwestward to the Great Dismal Swamp southwestward to Grassfield. Ramps depart Virginia 168 southbound for U.S. 17 (Dominion Boulevard) just south of the Interstate 464 southern terminal interchange. The original U.S. 17 along the George Washington Highway at Exit 296 is now U.S. 17 Business.1 Photo taken 01/06/01.
Interstate 64 Inner draws to a close at the directional interchange with Interstates 264 and 664 in western reaches of the city of Chesapeake. Departing to the right is the eastbound beginning of Interstate 264 (Exit 299A) for the cities of Portsmouth (pop. 100,565) and Norfolk. To the left Interstate 64 Inner transitions into Interstate 664 north (Exit 299B). U.S. 13, 58, and 460 interact with the Hampton Roads Beltway via Interstate 664 Exit 13A/B from the Military Highway. Photo taken 03/17/01.
End Interstate 64 shield assembly on the Exit 299A ramp for Interstate 264 eastbound. A companion end shield assembly is also situated along the Exit 299B ramp for Interstate 664 north. Interstate 264 and664 sees similar end assemblies on their respective ramps. Photo taken 03/17/01.


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