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CR 581 leads south from Brooksville along a rural route across Chocochatti Prairie to Darby in central Pasco County. The Pasco County section along Bellamy Brothers Boulevard totals 8.00 miles while the Culbreath, Powell and Emerson Road alignment adds another 8.07 miles.

The signed route of CR 581 at Brooksville was relocated from Mitchell Road west to Main Street (CR 445) to follow all of Emerson Road into Brooksville.

Citrus County also has two branches of County Road 581. The Pleasant Grove Road segment extends 11.90 miles north from Pasco County 481 (Snow Memorial Highway) to State Road 44 in the city of Inverness. The northern route travels 7.12 miles along Tompkins Street, Ella Avenue and Turner Camp Road, from U.S. 41 in Inverness to a boat ramp on the Withlacoochee River.

Another branch of County Road 581 is located between Tampa and Wesley Chapel in northern Hillsborough and southern Pasco Counties. Well known locally as Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, this arterial route becomes SR 581 north of SR 56.

County Road 581 North
Pasco County Road 581 travels 8.00 miles north from SR 52 here to the Hernando County line. Photo taken 11/11/19.
Approaching the north end of Hernando County Road 581 along Emerson Road north at U.S. 98/SR 50A (Jefferson Street). This set of shields was replaced by 2011. Photo taken 07/31/07.
Since removed, this guide direct directed motorists from County Road 581 west onto U.S. 98/SR 50A north into Brooksville and east to their split at Ridge Manor. Photo taken 07/31/07.
Another set of replaced shields for U.S. 98/SR 50A posted on Emerson Road north. The two routes overlap for 2.4 miles through Brooksville. Photo taken 07/31/07.
County Road 581 South
The southbound beginning of Hernando County Road 581 as Emerson Road leaves U.S. 98 by Kennedy Park. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Just a half mile to the south, County Road 581 (Emerson Road) crosses paths with SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard), the south side bypass of Brooksville. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Continuing beyond SR 50, County Road 581 passes by a pair of schools preceding the rural stretch across Chocochatti Prairie. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Next along Hernando County Road 581 (Emerson Road) south is the merge with County Road 572 (Powell Road) west. Photo taken 02/17/14.
County Road 572 takes Powell Road east 4.83 miles to CR 541 at the settlement of Spring Lake. Photo taken 02/17/14.
County Road 581 South
Resuming a southward heading, Hernando County Road 581 follows Culbreath Road by both Gold and Sparkman Lakes over the next two miles. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Hernando County Road 576 crosses paths with Culbreath Road 1.25 miles north of the county line. CR 576 takes Hayman Road east along a stair stepped route to CR 541 near Mountain Lake. Photo taken 02/17/14.
West from CR 581 (Culbreath Road), Hernando County Road 576 follows Ayers Road almost due west to end at U.S. 41 (Broad Street) by Masaryktown. Photo taken 02/17/14.
The final reassurance marker for Hernando County Road 581 south. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Pasco County Road 581 continues Hernando County Road 581 south along Bellamy Brothers Boulevard. Photo taken 02/17/14.
County Road 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) traverses ranch land in this scene south of Johnston Road. Photo taken 02/17/14.
An S-curve shifts County Road 581 one quarter mile east between Bent Fork Road west and St. Joe Road east. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Facing east, Pasco County Road 581 approaches the west end of Pasco County Road 578 (St. Joe Road). Photo taken 02/17/14.
County Road 578 (St. Joe Road) ventures east 4.35 miles to County Road 577 at St. Joseph. Dade City is 9.67 miles away via CR 578 as well. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Pasco County Road 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) resumes a southward heading for the final 3.5 miles to SR 52. Photo taken 02/27/17.
Entering the settlement of Darby, County Road 581 south meets the west end of County Road 578A (Darby Road). Photo taken 02/27/17.
A 5.3-mile long route, CR 578A follows Darby Road east across Interstate 75 to CR 577 (Curley Road) outside San Antonio. Photo taken 02/27/17.
Continuing south along CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) from CR 578A east and Darby. Photo taken 02/27/17.
CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Boulevard) concludes at SR 52 two miles west of Interstate 75. The state road was widened to a four lanes by early 2020. Photo taken 02/27/17.
SR 52 travels wholly within Pasco County, stretching 33.40 miles east from Bayonet Point to Dade City. The state road is mostly rural until west of Suncoast Parkway and east toward San Antonio. Photo taken 02/27/17.

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07/31/07, 02/17/14, 02/27/17, 11/11/19 by AARoads

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