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Delaware 6 west
The first reassurance marker for SR 6 appears just west of Delaware Avenue along Woodland Beach Road. The state route traverses marshland across Woodland Beach State Wildlife Area along a 2.1 mile causeway west to Serverson Neck. Photo taken 02/18/12.
Woodland Beach Road rises from five to 13 feet above sea level by the time Delaware 6 west intersects Delaware 9. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Delaware 9 (Hay Point Landing Road) traverses coastal areas of Kent County north to Flemings Landing and south to Leipsic and Little Creek. The 58.18-mile route travels south to Dover Air Force Base and north to Wilmington. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Delaware 6 (Woodland Beach Road) and 9 (Hay Point Landing Road) intersect at a four-way stop just north of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Photo taken 01/15/17.
West from SR 9, SR 6 remains rural to Carrolltown and Mill Creek outside the town of Smyrna. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Delaware 6 & 300 west
Delaware 6 & 300 (Glenwood Avenue) commence a 1.10-mile overlap west from U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) as a three lane boulevard by the Smyrna Mart retail center. Photo taken 06/17/12.
The ensuing intersection joins Delaware 6 & 300 (Glenwood Avenue) with Main Street south to Downtown Smyrna and north to Smyrna Municipal Park and Duck Creek Road. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Westbound SR 6 & 300 (Glenwood Avenue) at High Street. High Street heads north from the Smyrna street grid to a town home community. Photo taken 12/28/16.
SR 6 partitions with SR 300 to join Smyrna Clayton Boulevard west to Main Street through the Clayton town center. SR 300 turns southwest along Wheatleys Pond Road through suburban areas of south Clayton. Photo taken 12/28/16.
SR 6 travels another 7.87 miles west to become MD 291 ahead of Millington. MSR 300 continues another 10.73 miles through Kenton and Everetts Corner to cross the Maryland state line en route to Sudlersville. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Delaware 6 west
Confirming marker posted as SR 6 leads away from SR 300 and approaches Main Street. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Delaware 6 enters the town of Clayton just west of the Town & Country Farm subdivision. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Main Street kinks southwest across the Norfolk Southern Railroad at Bassett Street. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Clayton Avenue provides a cutoff to Delaware 15 (West Duck Creek Road) north from Delaware 6 (Main Street) west in Downtown Clayton. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Main Street and School Lane converge ahead of this mileage sign posted four miles from Blackiston and 11 miles from Millington, Maryland. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Delaware 6 leaves the town of Clayton beyond the forthcoming intersection with Delaware 15 (West Duck Creek Road) north. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Delaware 15 enters Clayton from Dexter Corners and Green Spring in southern New Castle County, Photo taken 12/28/16.
West Duck Creek Road angles SR 15 north through Clayton with a 25 mile per speed limit to Providence Creek and the county line. SR 15 follows a number of back roads northwest to Middletown. It ends in 22.08 miles at SR 71 & 896 by Summit Bridge. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Delaware 6 west & 15 south
SR 6 west & SR 15 south overlap for 1.25 miles from West Duck Creek Road by the Wing Song Farms large lot subdivision. Photo taken 12/28/16.
SR 15 turns to the southeast along Alley Corner Road toward SR 300 while Millington Road (SR 6) continues west toward Blackiston and Kent County, Maryland. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Delaware 6 west
Alley Mill Road ties into Delaware 6 (Millington Road) from Delaware 15 (Vandyke Greenspring Road) in New Castle County just west of Alley Corner Road south and before this confirming marker. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 6 (Millington Road) gains 22 feet in elevation on the drive west southwest to SR 42 at Blackiston. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Drivers along Delaware 6 west reach the settlement of Blackiston, where Longridge Road south and Delaware 42 west come together at a set of flashers. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Delaware 42 commences a 12.72-mile route southeast to Kenton, Cheswold and Leipsic from Delaware 6. Longridge Road angles northwest to become Maryland 330 west en route to Massey. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Millington Road leads SR 6 west another 3.15 miles from SR 42 (Blackiston Road) to the Maryland state line. Photo taken 12/28/16.
The town of Millington is located seven miles west of Blackiston at the crossroads of MD 291 and MD 313. Photo taken 12/28/16.
A number of homes line both sides of Delaware 6 (Millington Road) west from Daisey Road north. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Blackiston Church Road ventures north from Underwoods Church Road and a tract of Blackiston Wildlife Area to end at Delaware 6 just ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 04/13/04.
The last shield for Delaware 6 west stands beyond Holletts Corner Road at Blackiston State Wildlife Area. Photo taken 04/13/04.
SR 6 (Millington Road) west transitions into MD 291 (Cypress Road) west at the southeastern corner of Kent County. MD 291 advances west 4.5 miles to Millington and six miles to U.S. 301 (Blue Star Memorial Highway). Photo taken 04/13/04.

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