Florida's Turnpike North
Florida's Turnpike branches northeast from U.S. 1 (NE 1st Avenue) at a wye interchange. The Homestead Extension (HEFT) provides an alternate route to metropolitan Miami from the Overseas Highway, avoiding much of the congestion along U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway). 03/25/06
Completed in 1974, the Homestead Extension initially features a wide grassy medians. The 47 mile toll road has a service plaza at Snapper Creek (milepost 19). The turnpike mainline, including the HEFT, was designated the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, in honor of the 40th U.S. President, in 1988. 12/28/03
Suburban development spreads east across previously rural areas from the Homestead Extension toward SW 137th Avenue and Homestead-Miami Speedway. Exit 2 joins the toll road with northern reaches of Homestead in one mile. 05/07/06
Passing over SW 162nd Avenue, the HEFT approaches Exit 2 with Campbell Drive / SW 312th Street. The east-west arterial connects with SW 137th Avenue near Homestead Air Reserve Base. 12/28/03
Entering the folded diamond interchange (Exit 2) with Campbell Drive / SW 312th Street west to U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) and SR 997 (Krome Avenue). 05/07/06
Turning more toward the north, the HEFT advances one mile to a parclo interchange (Exit 5) with Biscayne Drive / SW 288th Street. 03/25/06
SW 288th Street (Biscayne Drive) travels west from forthcoming Exit 5 to Leisure City and U.S. 1. 288th Street also travels east toward Homestead Air Reserve Base. 05/07/06
East from the Turnpike and Exit 5, SW 288th Street leads to Bougainville Boulevard and Homestead Air Reserve Base. When it was still Homestead Air Force Base, the facility suffered major damage during Hurricane Andrew. The category 5 storm made landfall in South Florida on August 24, 1992. 05/07/06
The Turnpike bends eastward from Princeton Canal to next meet SR 989 (SW 112th Avenue) in one mile. 12/28/03
SR 989 lines SW 112th Avenue north 3.03 miles from Exit 9 to U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) by Southland Mall. 12/28/03
SW 112th Avenue continues south from the parclo interchange (Exit 9) with the HEFT to Moody Drive. Coconut Palm Drive stems east from just north of Exit 9 to Black Point Park on Biscayne Bay. 12/28/03
Spanning Coconut Palm Drive, Florida's Turnpike separates densely packed subdivisions to the west from rural areas to the east. The first mainline toll plaza was located a mile north of here. It was demolished and replaced with an all electronic toll (AET) gantry by 2011. 05/07/06
Leading away from the first toll collection point, the Homestead Turnpike proceeds 0.75 miles to SW 216th Street (Hainlin Mill Drive). 03/25/06
Frontage roads accompany both sides of the Turnpike north from the half diamond interchange (Exit 11) with SW 216th Street. The arterial heads east to the Isles at Bayshore community and SW 87th Avenue and west to Goulds, Monkey Jungle and SR 997 (Krome Avenue). 12/28/03
Continuing north, the HEFT quickly approaches a diamond interchange (Exit 12) with SW 211th Street / Cutler Ridge Boulevard and Caribbean Boulevard. Both arterials link the toll road with U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) by Southland Mall (formerly Cutler Ridge Mall). 05/07/06
Florida's Turnpike north crosses Black Creek Canal at Exit 12 for Cutler Ridge and Caribbean Boulevards. Caribbean Boulevard winds northeast through residential areas of Cutler Bay to SW 184th Street. 12/28/03
A loop ramp joins U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) north with the HEFT northbound ahead of this confirming marker. 03/21/20
The succeeding exit joins the HEFT with SR 994 (Quail Roost Road) and SW 184th Street (Eureka Drive). 03/21/20
The Homestead Extension Express Lanes separate northbound just beyond Exit 13. 03/21/20
Exit 13 constitutes a split diamond interchange with SW 186th and 184th Streets at South Miami Heights. Both arterials heads east to an business park area ahead of U.S. 1. 03/21/20
SR 994 lines SW 186th Street and Quail Roost Road west 8.06 miles from U.S. 1 to SR 997 (Krome Avenue). 03/21/20
Leading away from South Miami Heights, the succeeding exit is with SR 992 (SW 152nd Street) and SW 117th Avenue. 09/30/17
SR 874 (Don Shula Expressway) branches northeast toward Miami from a wye interchange (Exit 17) beyond SR 992 (SW 152nd Street). 09/30/17
SR 992 lines SW 152nd Street east from the HEFT between Richmond Heights and Palmetto Estates 2.46 miles to U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway). SW 152nd Street continues east from U.S. 1 to Cutler and the Charles Deering Estate Historic Site and west as an unsigned CR 992 to Deerwood and Country Walk. 09/30/17
Florida's Turnpike crosses over SW 117th Avenue and parallels the arterial north to the separation with SR 874. SR 874 provides a direct route to SR 878 (Snapper Creek Expressway) east through Kendall to U.S. 1 and the Palmetto Expressway north to Hialeah. 03/25/06
Construction underway through late 2018 added two Express Lanes along the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike from Eureka Drive north to SR 874 (Don Shula Expressway). 04/04/15
Started in March 2014, the $145.3 million Turnpike Widening project from SW 184th Street toward SW 104th Street included redesigning the separation with SR 874 (Don Shula Expressway) north. Work relocated Exit 17 to depart from the right side, added Express Lane ramps to the left, and built a distributor roadway north from SW 117th Avenue.1 09/30/17
A left exit ramp joins the Homestead Extension Express Lanes with SR 874 north. Formerly the South Dade Expressway, SR 874 was renamed to honor the long time Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula. 04/04/15
SR 874 travels 7.03 miles northeast along the tolled Don Shula Expressway to SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) at Glenvar Heights. 09/30/17
Florida's Turnpike North
Left Exit 19 departs to SW 120th Street after the bridge across Cutler Drain Canal. SW 120th Street stems west from SW 117th Avenue to SR 825 (SW 137th Avenue) and Miami Executive Airport (TMB). 03/25/06
The Snapper Creek Service Area is the first along the turnpike mainline northbound. The facility lies between the north and south roadways beyond SW 120th Street. 03/25/06
A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 20) joins the HEFT with SR 94 (SW 88th Street / Kendall Drive). SR 94 travels east to Kendall and SR 836 (Palmetto Expressway). 03/25/06
Exit 20 departs Florida's Turnpike northbound for SR 94 (SW 88th Street). SR 94 west continues to Kendale Lakes, The Hammocks and SR 997 (Krome Avenue) at the Everglades. 03/25/06
The second toll collection point along the Turnpike northbound is north of the SW 56th Street (Miller Road) underpass at Westwood Lakes. Exit 23 follows for Bird Road (SW 40th Street). 03/25/06
A parclo interchange (Exit 23) joins the Homestead Extension with SR 976 (SW 42nd Street) east to Westwood Lakes and Olympia Heights.
The main line plaza previously located here was demolished and replaced with an AET gantry by 2011. 03/25/06
Continuing from the toll collection point toward Exit 23. SR 976 begins at the HEFT and travels 8.47 miles east to South Miami and Coral Gables, ending at U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway). 03/25/06
Exit 23 crosses parallel Snapper Creek Canal to join SW 117th Avenue north ahead of its intersection with SW 40th Street / Bird Road. Bird Road west shifts southward along SW 42nd Street to north Kendale Lakes and south Tamiami. 03/25/06
Florida's Turnpike north passes just west of Tamiami Park and Florida International University (FIU) from the Coral Way over crossing to Exit 24 with U.S. 41 (SW 8th Street / Tamiami Trail). 03/25/06
U.S. 41 travels west from the parclo interchange at Exit 25 to Everglades National Park and Naples in Collier County. Eastward U.S. 41 comprises an arterial street to the cities of Sweetwater, West Miami, Coral Gables and the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami. 03/25/06
SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) ties into Florida's Turnpike north of Sweetwater at Exit 26. The Dolphin Expressway provides the main route to Miami International Airport (MIA), Downtown Miami and Miami Beach from the western suburbs. 03/25/06
A folded diamond interchange just north of SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) links the Turnpike with NW 12th Street. NW 12th Street parallels the north side of Dolphin Expressway by Dolphin and Miami International Malls. 03/25/06
A three-lane off-ramp turns east from the Homestead Extension at a wye interchange (Exit 26). Prior to 2007, when the three mile Dolphin Expressway extension opened west to SR 825 (NW and SW 137th Avenue), SR 836 ended here. There is no access to the extension from the Turnpike northbound. 03/25/06

  1. Turnpike Widening, Express Lanes and Interchange Improvements - Eureka Drive to Killian Parkway. http://floridasturnpike.com/content/downloads/Future Projects/Fact Sheet_Widening Eureka to Killian_Eng.pdf Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, fact sheet.

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