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Connecting the Quad Cities with Chicago, Interstate 88 stretches 140.6 miles across northern Illinois. I-88 east from Exit 44 and Rock Falls in Whiteside County is the Ronald Reagan East-West Tollway. The toll road is rural east past Rochelle and Deklab.

Turning southeast, I-88 enters the western Chicago suburbs at the village of Sugar Grove. The tollway gains traffic east across Aurora, Warrenville, Naperville and Lisle. I-355 (North South Tollway) converges with I-88 at the village of Downers Grove. Although never formally overlapped, the roadways of I-88 run directly alongside I-355 for 1.30 miles.

Diverging east from I-355, I-88 (East West Tollway) parallels IL 56 to the village of Oak Grove before shifting north to Elmhurst and Hillside. I-88 connects with I-294 (Tri-State Tollway) at the interchange locally known as the Hillside Strangler. I-88 concludes east of there at I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway), 6.7 miles from the Chicago city line.

Illinois Route 110, the Chicago Kansas City Expressway (CKC), was established along the entire length of I-88 in 2010 as part of a multi state highway created to provide an alternate to I-55 and I-70 between Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago.

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Interstate 88 was designated in July 1987 over Illinois Route 5 along the East-West Tollway. The change was made so that the speed limit on the mostly rural expressway could be increased to 65 miles per hour. Legislation at that time only permitted 65 MPH speeds on Interstate highways.

Interstate 88 scenes
Old IL 2 (Moline Road) extends north from 207th Street N into a diamond interchange (Exit 2) with I-88/IL 110 (CKC) in East Moline. 06/23/22
Old IL 2 leads north from I-88 at Exit 2 to 38th Avenue beyond the adjacent Falcon Farms mobile home park. The westbound entrance ramp references the continuation of IL 92 beyond I-80 to Moline. 05/29/11
Moline Road (Old IL 2) branches south from 38th Avenue N to the Falcon Farms mobile home community and I-88/IL 110 (CKC) in East Moline. 06/21/22
I-88/IL 92-110 (CKC) overlap 5.69 miles east from I-80 to 38th Avenue N outside East Moline. 06/21/22
The entrance ramp for I-88 west joins a collector distributor roadway ahead of Exit 1 B for I-80 west. IL 5/92 extend west from the nearby cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 80 along an expressway into East Moline. 06/21/22

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