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Interstate 380 Iowa 27 South
Interstate 380/Iowa 27 drop 50 feet in elevation on the one mile approach to County Road W36 (Lewis Access Road) by Center Point. Lewis Access Road curves northward from Exit 35 to overtake Franklin Street (former Iowa 150) through the city. 05/08/10
Lewis Access Road was extended northward in conjunction with building of the diamond interchange (Exit 35) with Interstate 380. Linn County W36 spans the Cedar River southwest en route to Pleasant Creek State Park and the city of Palo. 05/08/10
A pair of reassurance shields stand alongside I-380/Iowa 27 south ahead of Nelson Creek. 05/08/10
Downtown Cedar Rapids is now just a 15-mile drive away. 05/08/10
Interstate 380 parallels North Center Point Road to the west between Center Point and the city of Robins. The adjacent roadway was historically a part of Iowa 150, which originated at the Centennial Bridge in Downtown Davenport as an extension of U.S. 150.
Pictured here is the crossing over West Otter Creek. 05/08/10
Interstate 380 spans East Otter Creek near Midway on the one mile approach to Linn County E34 (County Home Road). CR E34 forms an L-shaped route west from Exit 28 to Toddville and south to CR E36 (Blairs Ferry Road). 05/08/10
County Road E34 (County Home Road) travels a rural route east from the diamond interchange (Exit 28) with I-380 across the north side of Robins to Whittier and Viola in eastern Linn County. 05/08/10
Continuing south, I-380/Iowa 27 run along the western city limits of Robins southward to the city of Hiawatha. 05/08/10
Eight miles remain before southbound drivers reach Downtown Cedar Rapids on I-380. 05/08/10
The freeway curves southeast at the Tower Terrace Road overpass to meet the diamond interchange (Exit 25) with Boyson Road. 05/08/10
Boyson Road leads west through a business park area to subdivisions in northwest Cedar Rapids and east to an adjacent industrial park in Hiawatha. 05/08/10
The diamond interchange at Exit 24 connects I-380 both with Blairs Ferry Road and frontage roads roads leading south to Iowa 100 (Collins Road) and 42nd Street. 05/08/10
All traffic bound for Iowa 100 departs Interstate 380/Iowa 27 south at the Emmons Street overpass. Blairs Ferry Road follows as an commercial arterial across north Cedar Rapids. 03/30/16
The I-380 mainline passes below a series of overpasses to 42nd Street and next meets a split diamond interchange with Glass Road west / 32nd Street east and Coldstream Road west / 29th Street east. 03/30/16
The adjacent service road advances south from Blairs Ferry Road to a slip ramp for I-380/Iowa 27 south. Two lanes continue to the ramps with Iowa 100 (Collins Road) and 42nd Street NE. 05/26/18
Approaching the three-level interchange with Iowa 100 (Collins Road) on Interstate 380 south. 03/30/16
Iowa 100 forms a 16-mile route southwest to U.S. 30/218 via Covington and east to U.S. 151/Iowa 13 in Marion. The expressway was completed around the west side of Cedar Rapids on December 12, 2018. 03/30/16
Iowa 100 (Collins Road) constitutes a commercial arterial to the east to Lindale Mall and U.S. 151 Business. Shifting southward from there, Iowa 100 bypasses Marion along a controlled access roadway. 05/26/18
Exit 22 to Glass Road / 32nd Street and Coldstream Road / 29th Street departs one mile south of Iowa 100. Glass and Coldstream Roads extend their numbered street counterparts from I-380 to leafy residential areas to the west. 05/26/18
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3 photos
The c/d roadway system from Iowa 100 (Collins Road) separates with an on-ramp for I-380 ahead of 42nd Street NE. 05/26/18
An on-ramp from 42nd Street joins I-380 south to add a fourth lane to Exit 22. 29th Street NE east connects the freeway with Mt. Mercy University and the Brucemore Historic Site off U.S. 151 Business (1st Avenue NE). 05/26/18
32nd and 29th Streets run east from adjacent Center Point Road to U.S. 151 Business (Iowa 922) by the Noelridge and Kenwood Park neighborhoods. The I-380 mainline progresses another mile south to a diamond interchange (Exit 21) with H Avenue. 05/26/18
Forthcoming Exit 21 connects I-380 with H Avenue by an industrial area on the north side of Cedar Lake. The freeway encircles the lake southward to 7th Street NE ahead of Downtown Cedar Rapids. 05/26/18
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2 photos
The Cedar Rapids skyline comes into view as speed limits reduce to 55 miles per hour. Speed cameras are in use along the ensuing stretch of freeway winding by Downtown. 05/26/18, 03/30/16
Exit 21 leaves I-380/Iowa 27 south for H Avenue. H Avenue ends at adjacent Shaver Road to the west. A few blocks to the east, H Avenue connects the freeway with the Mound View neighborhood. 05/26/18
Exit 20B joins Interstate 380/Iowa 27 with 7th Street NE to Downtown Cedar Rapids and the U.S. Cellular Center, a concert and basketball arena opened in 1979. Exit 20A follows with 1st Street NE and the Downtown Riverfront area. 05/26/18
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2 photos
Looking southwest at Cedar Lake, CN and Iowa Northern Railroad Company lines, and the Quaker Oaks plant. 03/30/16
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2 photos
Interstate 380 elevates onto a viaduct on the western turn by UnityPoint Health Hospital. 05/26/18, 03/30/16
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Entering the parclo interchange (Exit 20B) with 7th and 8th Street NE on I-380/Iowa 27 south. 7th Street angles southeast to link the freeway with parallel U.S. 151 Business (1st Avenue NE) east of the central business district and the U.S. Cellular Center. 03/30/16, 05/26/18
Exit 20A departs from the I-380 viaduct above 4th Street SE by the Quaker Oaks plant to 1st Street NE. 1st Street NE runs along the Cedar River southeast to 7th Avenue SE.
U.S. 151 Business (1st Avenue) parallels one block to the south. 05/26/18
U.S. Cellular Center rises along the south side of the I-380 viaduct along A Avenue NE. 03/30/16
U.S. 151 Business represents the lone signed route through central Cedar Rapids. The multi-lane boulevard doubles as unsigned Iowa 922 as it leads southwest from Iowa 100 (Collins Road) to Wellington Heights, Downtown, Northwest Area and the U.S. 30-151-218 freeway in southwest Cedar Rapids. 05/26/18
Interstate 380/Iowa 27 span the Cedar River ahead of Exit 19B with 1st Avenue SW (U.S. 151 Business). Heavy rains in Spring 2008 resulted in major flooding both in Northwest Area and Downtown Cedar Rapids. 05/26/18
The freeway swings southeast from the Cedar River as Exit 19B lowers to end at 1st and L Streets SW. U.S. 151 Business south leads motorists from I-380 toward the Cleveland neighborhood where Veterans Memorial Stadium, Kingston Stadium and Cedar Rapids Ice Arena (USHL) are located. 05/26/18
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The I-380 viaduct ends south of 3rd Avenue SW. 05/26/18, 03/30/16
A diamond interchange joins Interstate 380 & Iowa 27 with Wilson Avenue SW in the Southwest Area of Cedar Rapids. Interests to the Czech and Slovak Museum are directed back north to the Taylor neighborhood to reach the attraction off 12th Avenue SW. 03/30/16
I-380 & Iowa 27 shields posted at the 27th Avenue SW overpass. 03/30/16
Forthcoming 33th Avenue SW joins I-380 with Hawkeye Downs Speedway to the west and Richard C. Jones Memorial Park and golf course to the east. 03/30/16
Southbound at the off-ramp (Exit 17) to 33rd Avenue SW. I-380 advances another mile to combine with U.S. 218 south at the U.S. 30/151 freeway (Exit 16). 05/26/18
Spanning a Union Pacific Railroad line, a lane drop occurs along Interstate 380 south at Exit 16 for U.S. 30 west-151 south & 218 north. U.S. 218 and 30 combine 19 miles west to Benton County, with U.S. 30 reaching Tama in 48 miles. 05/26/18
U.S. 30 forms a freeway bypass across south Cedar Rapids. U.S. 151 overlaps with the freeway west to Fairfax before it drops southward to Amana and its southern terminus at Interstate 80. The Lincoln Freeway across Cedar Rapids opened in stages between 1975 and 1981.1 05/26/18
All traffic to U.S. 30/151 departs in unison from I-380/Iowa 27 at Exit 16. U.S. 30/151 downgrade to an expressway east of C Street SW. The pair split south of Betram while U.S. 30 maintains an eastern heading to Mount Vernan and Clinton. 05/26/18
A wye takes motorists from I-380 south onto U.S. 30 east and U.S. 151 north ahead of Bowling Street north and Kirkwood Boulevard south. A cloverleaf interchange links the rest of the movements between the two freeways. Kirkwood Boulevard extends Bowling Street south to the Lincolnway neighborhood. 05/26/18
Interstate 380 U.S. 218 Iowa 27 South
U.S. 218 combines with Interstate 380 for the remainder of the drive south to I-80 at Coralville. 04/12/13
The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) represents the next destination south of Cedar Rapids in four miles. Mt. Pleasant lies 68 miles south along the continuation of U.S. 218 and the Avenue of the Saints beyond I-80. 03/30/16
Meeting Interstate 380 in one mile is Wright Brothers Boulevard (County Road E70), an east-west road between U.S. 151 and Ely Road across south Cedar Rapids. 03/30/16
The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) lies 0.75 miles west of the diamond interchange (Exit 13) with Interstate 380 along Wright Brothers Boulevard. The city of Ely is a four mile drive to the east. Exit 13 also leads to the Amana Colonies National Historic Landmark via U.S. 151 south. 03/30/16
Interstate 380 south doubles as an emergency detour for I-80 west during periods of inclement weather. 04/12/13
The lone rest area for Interstate 380 lies south of Hoosier Creek within the southernmost reaches of the Cedar Rapids city limits. 03/30/16
Drivers pass by this set of reassurance markers for I-380, U.S. 218 and Iowa 27 ahead of the Walford Road overpass. Old U.S. 218 parallels to the west along 6th Street SW. 03/30/16
Southbound at the rest area off-ramp along I-380. Northbound drivers see a companion facility. 03/30/16
County Road F12 (120th Street) connects the cities of Swisher and Shueyville with Interstate 380 in one mile. 03/30/16
Interstate 380 crosses the Johnson County line one mile north of the CR F12 overpass. 03/30/16
Exit 10 departs I-380-U.S. 218-Iowa 27 south for CR F12 (120th Street). The county road extends east of Shueyville to CR W6E (Ely Road) to the north of Coralville Lake. 120th Street carries the highway west from Division Street through Swisher to Monroe township and Iowa County. 03/30/16
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Interstate 380 and U.S. 218/Iowa 27 parallel McAllister Creek southward over forested hills to the Coralville Lake area. 03/30/16
The city of North Liberty, a north suburb of Iowa City, lies eight miles ahead beyond the Coralville lake area. 03/30/16
I-380 spans the Iowa River across the Trooper Harold DeGear Memorial Bridge. Coralville Dam, east of North Liberty, forms the 5,280 acre Coralville Lake reservoir that the Iowa feeds. 04/01/13
County Road W60 (old U.S. 218 / Highway 965 NW) spans Coralville Lake just west of I-380. Highway 965 (former Iowa 965) switch sides with the freeway southeast into the city of North Liberty. 03/30/16
South of Coralville Lake, Interstate 380 approaches a diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Johnson County Road F29 (250th / Penn Street) at the city of North Liberty. 03/30/16
Exit 4 parts ways with Interstate 380-U.S. 218 & Iowa 27 south for County Road F29 (250th Street) west toward Oxford and Penn Street east to the North Liberty city center. 03/30/16
The final southbound reassurance shield for I-380 presently stands just south of Penn Street entrance ramp. Construction underway from 2017 to 2019 adds a diamond interchange with Forevergreen Road in 1.5 miles. The new exchange is being built as part of the I-80/380 Systems Interchange project. 03/30/16
Interstate 380 straddles the Tiffin and Coralville city line southward on the two miles leading to the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 0B/A) with Interstate 80. Construction for the I-80/380 systems interchange started in July 2017 and runs through 2024. 03/30/16
Interstate 80 east separates the cities of Coralville and Iowa City to the east. Two interchanges serve Coralville from the south. 04/12/13
I-80 comprises a busy trucking corridor between Des Moines and the Quad Cities. Iowa City is referenced for I-80 east, but the city is also accessible from U.S. 218/Iowa 27 (Avenue of the Saints) south. 03/30/16
Passing over U.S. 6 (Marengo Road / 2nd Street), Interstate 380 nears the westbound ramp (Exit 0B) to Des Moines. Interstate 80 travels a mostly rural route 101 miles to I-35 at the capital city. 03/30/16
While Interstate 380 ends, U.S. 218 & Iowa 27 (Avenue of the Saints) continue south as a freeway to Riverside in Washington County. The Avenue of the Saints varies as an expressway and freeway from there southward to Mt Pleasant and the Missouri state line west of Keokuk. 03/30/16
Travelers bound for the Quad Cities and Chicago loop away from Interstate 380 south at Exit 0A. Four subsequent interchanges line the freeway east across the north side of Iowa City. 03/30/16

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