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U.S. 20 crosses Erie County in northwestern Pennsylvania between Conneaut, Ohio and Ripley, New York. Paralleling I-90 to the north and Multi State Route 5 to the south, U.S. 20 measures 46.3 miles in the Keystone State, mostly with four lanes.

U.S. 20 enters Pennsylvania through Springfield township, splitting with PA 5 ahead of West Springfield and the end of U.S. 6N. Continuing east, U.S. 20 heads to the borough of Girard, Fairview township, and into the west Erie suburbs at Asbury.

Following 26th Street, U.S. 20 meets Interstate 79 at a three level interchange along the west Erie city line. U.S. 20 passes south of Downtown where it intersects the north end of U.S. 19 at Peach Street. The route curves north at a grade separation with PA 290 (Bayfront Connector) on Broad Street to Buffalo Road.

Buffalo Road leads U.S. 20 through east Erie into the borough of Wesleyville. Paralleling a CSX Railroad line, U.S. 20 advances into Harbor Creek township to Harborcreek, where it shifts northward to PA 955 (Iroquois Avenue). East from Moorheadville, U.S. 20 runs across North East township to the borough of North East and State line.

U.S. 20 East
U.S. 20 (Ridge Road) shifts southward from PA 5 (Lake Road) to West Springfield and U.S. 6N. 06/14/10
U.S. 6N stems south to meet Interstate 90 at Exit 3 nearby and Cherry Hill in Conneaut township. 06/14/10
U.S. 6N is an intrastate route traveling 27.8 miles east to Albion, Edinboro and U.S. 6/19 outside Mill Village. 06/14/10
U.S. 20 (26th Street) proceeds one block east from U.S. 19 (Peach Street) to PA 505 south at State Street. 09/30/10
PA 505 constitutes a 2.9 mile route south to PA 97 in Millcreek township. 09/30/10
PA 8 begins south from U.S. 20 (26th Street) along Parade Street in Erie. 06/14/10
PA 8 splits with PA 97 (Old French Road) at Pine Street, two blocks to the south. PA 97 leads to Waterford while PA 8 heads east to Belle Valley. 06/14/10
PA 8 meanders east from Erie to Wattsburg and south to Union City and Titusville. The state route overall travels south to Pittsburgh. 06/14/10
U.S. 20 West
Parade Street south in Erie becomes a part of PA 8 at U.S. 20 (26th Street). 06/14/10
U.S. 20 (26th Street) ascends one block west from State Street in Erie to intersect the north end of U.S. 19 at Peach Street. 09/30/10
U.S. 19 joins Erie with Waterford to the southeast. PA 99 branches southwest from U.S. 19 outside the city limits to Edinboro. 09/30/10
U.S. 19 overall travels south from Erie to Meadville, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Georgia and Palmetto, Florida 09/30/10
Button copy overheads on U.S. 20 west at Interstate 79 originally referenced the connection with 12th Street (PA 5). I-79 was extended north from 26th Street to PA 5 in 1984. 10/07/01
U.S. 20 (26th Street) proceeds west across Interstate 79 to a U-turn ramp for U.S. 20 east to I-79 south. 10/07/01
Confirming marker posted west of U.S. 6N at West Springfield. 06/14/10

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