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U.S. 43 South
SR 215 shield, posted near the southbound end of the Black Warrior River Bridge on U.S. 43/SR 69 south. The intersection ahead is with the east-west University Boulevard. This surface arterial is not actually apart of SR 215, but carries traffic one block east to the state highway .SR 215 actually turns southward on 24th Avenue one block to the east. So University Boulevard acts as a connector to the route, as it turns from east-west through the University of Alabama campus southward . Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 43/SR 69 southbound at University Boulevard in Downtown Tuscaloosa. SR 215 travels west from the University of Alabama campus to 24th Street, one block to the east of U.S. 43/SR 69. From that intersection southward, the highway parallels I-359 and SR 69 to U.S. 11 and an ultimate conclusion at U.S. 82. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 43 overlaps with U.S. 11 southwest from Tuscaloosa for 33.3 miles to the Greene County seat of Eutaw. The concurrency concludes at SR 14 and Courthouse Square in Downtown. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Confirming markers for U.S. 43 south and SR 14 east after their merge in Eutaw. SR 14 combines with U.S. 43 after a one block overlap with U.S. 11. Photo taken 08/10/02.
SR 14 partitions with U.S. 43 south. The state route meanders southeastward to Wedgeworth, Sawyerville, and Greensboro. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Southbound U.S. 43 at the SR 69 interchange near the town of Jackson (pop. 5,419). Traffic between the two highways utilizes connector ramps on the south side of the SR 69 overpass. There is surprisingly no traffic light posted at the intersection. Photo taken 02/10/02.
The southern terminus of SR 177 as seen from U.S. 43 south. The sun glare created unnatural lighting in this photograph, but U.S. 43 can be seen as it sweeps to the southwest towards the Tombigbee River Bridges. Photo taken 02/10/02.
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2 photos
Southbound U.S. 43 approaching Washington County 6 at Wagarville. U.S. 43 is very rural with a 65 mph speed limit and only a scattering homes and industrial sites lining the highway on this stretch. Photo taken 05/09/09. Second photo taken 02/10/02.
Washington County 6 travels east from SR 56 (St. Stephens Avenue) nearby to Cortelyou before looping back west to U.S. 43 south of Wagarville. Photo taken 05/09/09.
One mile guide sign for ThyssenKrupp Drive, posted at Calvert along U.S. 43 south. The forthcoming interchange replaced a signalized intersection with Dow Badische Road to accommodate large volumes of truck and employee traffic expected to and from the 2007-10 constructed ThyssenKrupp operations. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Washington County 4 begins and initially follows an old alignment of U.S. 43 north to Abb Road. The county highway turns west along Abb Road to Fairford and Sims Chapel. U.S. 43 meanwhile enters Mobile County. Photo taken 01/02/11.
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2 photos
Southbound U.S. 43 at the 2009-built trumpet interchange with ThyssenKrupp Drive. ThyssenKrupp Drive spurs east to the new ThyssenKrupp carbon steel processing facility. Photos taken 01/02/11.
Continuing south from ThyssenKrupp Drive on U.S. 43 toward the city of Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 enters the town of Mt. Vernon and splits with its original route to the west. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 96 (Coy Smith Highway) leads west from U.S. 43 and Military Road to Citronelle and the U.S. 45 corridor in northern Mobile County. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 stays west of the Mt. Vernon business district and intersects Mobile County 96 (Coy Smith Highway) opposite Military Road. Military Road leads east to Old Fort Stoddard and State Landing Road to the Mobile River. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 continues south from Mobile County 96 and retains a 55 mph speed limit through Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 01/02/11.
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2 photos
Heading south from Cedar Creek, U.S. 43 passes through Movico, Chastang and Bucks, unincorporated settlements in north Mobile County. Photos taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 84 stems west from U.S. 43 at Salco to Mobile County 43 (Celeste Road) near Turnerville. A traffic light at the east end of Salco Road was added in 2010. Photo taken 01/02/11.
U.S. 43 leaves the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 65 (Exit 19) and enters the city of Satsuma. Austin Road and Old Citronelle Highway (Old U.S. 43) tie into the four-lane divided highway via connector roads at the next traffic light. Photo taken 07/15/05.
A five-way intersection comprises the joint termini of SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road) and Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) with U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard). SR 213 travels southwest to SR 158 and Interstate 65 and the city of Prichard. Mobile County 41 travels west to Interstate 65 and the northwestern suburbs of Saraland. Ferry Avenue ties in from Bayou Sara to the east. Photo taken 0000.
Once in Saraland, U.S. 43 loses its grassy median and gains a continuous center turn lane. Several signals line the arterial including this set of lights at the east end of McKeough Avenue. McKeough Avenue stems west to Cleveland Road through the heart of the city. Photo taken 0000.
Approaching the terminus of SR 158 along U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) south. SR 158 constitutes an east-west route between Saraland and Schillinger Road north of Semmes. The highway follows Industrial Parkway west to Interstate 65 and U.S. 45 and a Joe Malone Parkway west along the January-2008 opened extension to Mobile County 31. Photo taken 07/17/07.
SR 158 begins as a two lane roadway but expands to eight lanes wide ahead of the merge with SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road). The four-lane highway leading west toward Semmes will eventually become a part of a relocated U.S. 98. Industrial Parkway Extension meanwhile spurs east from the SR 158 end into northern reaches of Mobile.
The intersection of U.S. 43 & SR 158 saw reconstruction during September of 2003. The project entailed repaving of Saraland Boulevard with concrete in the vicinity of Industrial Parkway to mitigate damage caused by heavy trucks. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Spanning Chickasaw Creek on the R.B. Smallwood, Sr. Memorial Bridge just south of the city limits of Saraland and Chickasaw along U.S. 43 south. The stretch of Saraland Boulevard leading south to Chickasaw doubles as Perloff Boulevard as well. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Viaduct Road leads east from U.S. 43 (Craft Highway) in Chickasaw to the Mobile/Chickasaw Port Facility across the Norfolk-Southern Railroad. U.S. 43 prepares to split with the Craft Highway for Telegraph Road at the next signal. Photo taken 02/11/09.
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2 photos
U.S. 43 veers southeast from the Craft Highway onto Telegraph Road in southeast Chickasaw. The four-lane roadway carries the highway southward to its terminus while Craft Highway bends southwest to Wilson Avenue and downtown Prichard.
Historically U.S. 43 remained along the Craft Highway to a merge with U.S. 45 south into Mobile. The Craft Highway was later bypassed as Wilson Avenue, which carried the designation of SR 193 and U.S. 43 Alternate after U.S. 43 shifted to the Telegraph Road alignment. Presently Wilson Avenue and Craft Highway (partly renamed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive) carry no numbered designation. Photo taken 07/16/07. Second photo taken 02/11/09.
U.S. 43 travels south along Telegraph Road from Short Street through a western notch of the Mobile city limits before entering Prichard at the Summerville community. Mileposts throughout this stretch reflect the 2003 terminus at Bay Bridge Road (U.S. 90 & Truck U.S. 98) at Plateau. Many of the mile markers however appear to be fairly old, so either ALDOT had the truncation planned well in advance, or U.S. 43 mileage south of Bay Bridge Road utilized another numbering system. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Woodland Avenue travels east from U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road) to Paper Mill Road south at this traffic light. Diaz Street ties in from Turner Road and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (old U.S. 43) from the west. Paper Mill Road provides an industrialized through route to U.S. 90 & 98 Truck at the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge at Magazine. Photo taken 02/11/09.
The final reassurance shield for U.S. 43 lies along Telegraph Road after Diaz Street. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Birmingham Street travels east from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive to meet U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road) opposite Edwards Street west from the Plateau community of Mobile. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Meaher Avenue ends at U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road) just north of the grade separated intersection with Bay Bridge Road. Meaher Avenue represents the historic alignment of SR 194 leading west to Wilson Avenue. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Nearing the southern terminus of U.S. 43 on Telegraph Road south at Cawthon Street. A multi-lane connector joins U.S. 43 with U.S. 90 & 98 Truck (Bay Bridge Road) at the next traffic light. Neighborhood areas within the vicinity of Telegraph and Bay Bridge Roads are flanked by paper mills and other industrial facilities along the Mobile River to the east. The stench in the air can be quite nauseating at times, therefore deteriorating the overall quality of life here. In 2000, International Paper closed a major facility nearby. Photo taken 07/17/07.
The connector to Bay Bridge Road leaves U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road) west for U.S. 90 & 98 Truck west of their merge with Interstate 165. Telegraph Road continues ahead to the Alabama State Docks and Dekle Drive.
Bay Bridge Road saw reconstruction and a new alignment to coincide with the October 28, 1994 opening of Interstate 165. The result of this project was the replacement of the Telegraph Road intersection with the overpass visible in the background.
U.S. 90 & U.S. 98 Truck shields once accompanied this Interstate 165 trailblazer. Photo taken 07/17/07.
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2 photos
The end shield for U.S. 43 stands below the Bay Bridge Road overpass along Telegraph Road. Telegraph Road continues southward as a locally maintained roadway to Bay Bridge Road Cutoff and Three Mile Creek before entering the State Docks area. Photos taken 11/22/06.

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