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U.S. 322 Business is a 3.3 mile long route through the borough of West Chester in Chester County. U.S. 322 bypasses the Chester County seat along a four lane expressway with U.S. 202 to the east and a two lane expressway to the north.

U.S. 322 Business branches north from U.S. 202/322 along High Street to West Chester University of Pennsylvania and Downtown. Through the West Chester business district, U.S. 322 Business partitions into a one way couplet westbound along Chestnut Street from High Street to Hannum Avenue and eastbound from Hannum Avenue to New Street south and Market Street east. U.S. 322 follows Hannum Avenue (SR 3072) northwest to U.S. 322 in East Bradford township.

Approved on June 27, 1957, the Pennsylvania Department of Highways applied to the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) for both the relocation of U.S. 322 to bypass West Chester and the establishment of U.S. 322 Business in Chester County:

The Pennsylvania Department of Highways proposes the relocation of a portion of U.S. 322 - to provide for a better overall Route and eliminate two severe 90 degree right angle turns as well as the congested business and residential section of West Chester.
U.S. 322 Business East
High Street (SR 3100 / former PA 100) south at Chestnut Street. Westbound U.S. 322 Business follows Chestnut Street four blocks to Hannum Avenue. 08/15/04
U.S. 322 Business eastbound joins High Street (SR 3100) south at the beginning of PA 3 along Market Street in Downtown West Chester. 08/15/04
U.S. 322 Business heads south along New Street from the end of Hannum Avenue to Market Street east into Downtown West Chester. 08/15/04
Market Street leads U.S. 322 Business three blocks east to High Street and PA Route 3. 08/15/04
U.S. 322 Business (High Street) continues one block from PA 3 (Market Street) east to PA 842 (Miner Street) west. 08/15/04
PA 842 follows the couplet of Miner and Market Streets from U.S. 322 Business to Brandywine Street in West Chester. The state route heads west from the borough to Wawaset, Unionville and PA 841 in West Marlborough township. 08/15/04
PA 52 stems west from U.S. 322 Business (High Street) along Price Street to Bradford Avenue. The multi state route runs south to Lenape, Hamorton and Wilmington, Delaware. 08/15/04
U.S. 322 Business expands to a five lane boulevard south from West Chester to the trumpet interchange with U.S. 202/322 (West Chester Bypass). An end shield appears at Yorktown Avenue. 07/17/00
Former button copy signs at the loop ramp for U.S. 202 north to Paoli and U.S. 322 west to Downingtown. U.S. 202/322 overtake High Street south along Wilmington Pike to U.S. 1 at Painters Crossroads. 07/17/00
U.S. 322 Business West
U.S 322 Business concludes along Downingtown Pike at U.S. 322 (West Chester Bypass) in East Bradford township. U.S. 322 travels northwest to Downingtown via Alton. 07/17/00

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