Disappearing from Georgia roads are the signs with the narrow width Highway Gothic series D font and the exit numbers posted above a horizontal rule. These age old standards are going by the wayside as signs with larger Highway Gothic Series EM and external exit tabs are added. Some freeways appear to be resigned whole sale, while other projects focus on a particular interchange, or series of signs.

A telltale sign of an interchange upgrade or addition is the use of the newer sign standards. Take for instance Exit 55 on Interstate 75 at Eldorado.

Interstate 75 north at Exit 55.

This rural diamond interchange was reconstructed in 2013 to encompass a much larger footprint. Many 1960s-based interchanges along I-75 throughout Georgia are slated for redesigns to modern standards. AARoads Forum member afguy posted several renderings of projects planned or underway throughout the state in the Georgia thread.

Construction to replace the concrete roadway of I-75 throughout Dooly County resulted in some sign replacements as well. Note the blank space for the Rest Area sign posted ahead of Exit 109. This is a result of the GDOT policy of sign height matching.

Work to build the I-75 South Metro Express Lanes from McDonough north to Stockbridge includes the installation of new signs throughout the 12-mile stretch.

All signs, with the exception of centerline interchange sequence signs, along the Downtown Connector through Atlanta were replaced as well. Included was the installation of new Arrow-Per-Lane signs at Interstate 20 (Capitol Hill Interchange).

Signs at the split of Interstates 75 & 85 north were replaced by 2012. GDOT saw the need to replace them again with APL’s, despite that they are the wrong application in this instance due to a lack of optional lanes.

Other projects previously replaced all guide signs along I-85 from Georgia 20 (Exit 115) to the South Carolina line and throughout Interstate 985.