Sporadically signed, County Road 526 follows Old Winter Garden Road and portions of Washington Street and Lake Underhill Road across the city of Orlando and Orange County. The western segment extends from SR 526 at U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail) to Old Winter Garden Road through Orlo Vista and the Pine Hills area. Paralleling the East-West Expressway, the route ends at SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) in Ocoee.

The eastern branch of CR 526 continues Lake Underhill Road east from the south turn of SR 15 onto Conway Road. Running alongside SR 408, CR 526 heads through Union Park to SR 551 (Goldenrod Road). The adjacent toll road shifts north while Lake Underhill remains easterly to Alafaya Trail.

County Road 526 / Washington Street - East
Old Winter Garden Road enters the Orlando city limits at Texas Avenue and becomes Washington Street. The ensuing traffic light is with Tampa Avenue, an urban collector leading south to Camping World Stadium and a half diamond interchange with SR 408. 02/08/08
With the Downtown Orlando skyline coming into view, Washington Street shifts slightly southward to circumvent Rock Lake. 02/08/08
Washington Street proceeds four block east to intersect U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail). SR 526 begins here and lines Washington Street east into the Orlando central business district. 02/08/08
County Road 526 / Lake Underhill Road - East
Running just south of the East-West Expressway (SR 408), Lake Underhill Road continues with two lanes east from SR 15 (Conway Road). 09/07/16
Gaston Foster Road stems south from Lake Underhill Road into adjacent neighborhood areas. 09/07/16
Approaching Andes Avenue on Lake Underhill Road east. Andes Avenue leads north to a westbound on-ramp for SR 408 and the Park of the Americas. 09/07/16
The on-ramp from SR 408 east to SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) joins Lake Underhill Road eastbound ahead of Andes Avenue. Lake Underhill Road connects the toll road with the north-south route in a half mile. 09/07/16
Advancing east from Andes Avenue toward SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard), Lake Underhill Road travels alongside the Monterey neighborhood in east Orlando. 09/07/16
Mercado Avenue exits the Monterrey neighborhood north and passes under SR 408 into western areas of Azalea Park. 09/07/16
SR 408 trailblazers precede the Lake Underhill Road intersection with Semoran Boulevard. A loop ramp connects SR 436 north with the toll road west to Downtown Orlando directly from nearby. 09/07/16
SR 436 follows Semoran Boulevard south to SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) and Jeff Fuqua, the main entrance to Orlando International Airport (MCO). SR 436 north continues to Aloma and Casselberry in Seminole County. 09/07/16
Semoran Boulevard constitutes a heavily traveled commercial arterial south though east Orlando and Conway. 09/07/16
An eastbound on-ramp for SR 408 departs from Lake Underhill Road at Yucatan Drive. 09/07/16
Yucatan Drive is a residential street south into the Engelwood Park neighborhood in Orlando and north beyond SR 408 into unincorporated Azalea Park. 09/07/16
Oxalis Drive intersects Lake Underhill Road north from Engelwood Park and south from Azalea Park. 09/07/16
Leaving the Orlando city limits, Lake Underhill Road passes through Azalea Park and intersects SR 551 (Goldenrod Road) south of its diamond interchange with SR 408. 09/07/16
SR 551 (Goldenrod Road) is a north-south arterial traveling to SR 426 (Aloma Avenue) at Goldenrod and SR 15 (Hoffner Avenue) at southeast Orlando. 09/07/16
County Road 526 / Washington Street - West
Washington Street advances west from Orange Blossom Trail and SR 526 between Rock Lake and Lake Lorna Doone to meet Tampa Avenue. Tampa Avenue heads south to Camping World Stadium and SR 408 west and north to SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). 06/05/19
County Road 526 / Old Winter Garden Road - West
Washington Street transitions to Old Winter Garden Road and approaches SR 423 (John Young Parkway). SR 423 comprises an urban arterial south to the adjacent East-West Expressway and Clear Lake in Orlando and north to industrial park areas at Princeton. 04/05/08
Old Winter Garden Road straddles the Orlando city line by an industrial park area to Mercy Drive north and Ortman Drive south. 02/08/08
Old Winter Garden Road and the East-West Expressway switch sides west toward Orlo Vista. 02/08/08
Ivey Lane stems south from Old Winter Garden Road to the Richmond Heights neighborhood in Orlando. 02/08/08
Continuing southwest, the succeeding traffic light on Old Winter Garden Road is with Pine Hills Road (CR 431) north to Pine Hills and Lockhart. 02/08/08
Advancing west through Orlo Vista, Old Winter Garden Road approaches SR 435 (Kirkman Road) north to SR 408 and Pine Hills. 02/08/08
SR 435 travels along Kirkman Road south from Orlo Vista to Metrowest in Orlando, Universal Orlando and SR 482 (Sand Lake Road). 02/08/08
Powers Drive follows from Old Winter Garden Road northward to Orlo Vista Park and Pine Hills. 02/08/08
Hiawassee Road crosses paths with Old Winter Garden Road north from Metrowest in Orlando to SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) at Highland Lakes Center. CR 435 follows the arterial between SR 50 and SR 438 (Silver Star Road). 02/08/08
Old Winter Garden Road winds west from South Apopka-Vineland Road (SR 435) to Good Homes Road north. 04/26/15
Good Homes Road is an arterial route connecting the East-West Expressway south with Old Winter Garden Road and north to SR 50 (Colonial Drive) at eastern reaches of Ocoee. 04/26/15
Old Winter Garden Road concludes at Maguire Road just south of SR 50 at Ocoee. South into the town of Windermere, Maguire Road is part of CR 439. 05/22/20

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