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U.S. 319 & SR 61 north
U.S. 319 merges with SR 61 within Apalachicola National Forest and expands into a four-lane divided highway to the junction with SR 263 (Capital Circle SW). U.S. 319 turns east onto Capital Circle along the south side of Tallahassee here while SR 61 remains northeast along Crawfordville Road toward the city center. Photo taken 01/15/11.
SR 263 encircles the west side of Tallahassee northward to U.S. 27 near Lake Jackson. Capital Circle varies with two rural lanes by Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH) to a six-lane commercial arterial between U.S. 90 and I-10 at Exit 196. Photo taken 01/15/11.
SR 61 north
Crawfordville Road extends northward from the split with U.S. 319 (Capital Circle SW) as a four-lane arterial by a number of low density subdivisions and a few strip malls. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Shelfer Road forms an arc east and south from SR 61 (Crawfordville Road) to U.S. 319 (Capital Circle SW) by a number of apartment buildings and Oak Ridge Elementary School. Photo taken 11/20/14.
State Road 61 travels across outlying sections of the capital city limits before fully entering Tallahassee north of Patty Lynn Drive. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Ridge Road arcs south and east from Springsax Road near CR 2203 (Springhill Road) to become Gaile Avenue east at SR 61 (Crawfordville Road). Gaile Avenue between SR 61 and adjacent SR 363 (Woodville Highway) constitutes the 0.103-mile long unsigned State Road 61A. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Bending westward, Crawfordville Road becomes Adams Street ahead of the SR 61 turn onto Paul Russell Road at SR 363. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 363 over takes Adams Street north from SR 61 for Florida A & M University and the west side of the State Capitol complex. SR 363 south combines with SR 61 north to make the connection to parallel Woodville Highway south. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Northbound reassurance marker posted for SR 61 along South Monroe Street after Orange Avenue (SR 373 west / CR 373 east). Photo taken 07/19/07.
South Monroe Street crests to an elevation of 150 feet above sea level as it enters the intersection with Magnolia Drive east and Palmetto Street west. Photo taken 07/19/07.
Magnolia Drive east to Country Club Park and Indianhead Acres and north to U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) near Governor's Square Mall was formerly a part of County Road 265. The two-lane roadway widens into a commercial arterial beyond U.S. 27 as part of State Road 265 north to Tallahassee Memorial Health Care Hospital. Photo taken 07/19/07.
SR 61 (South Monroe Street) climbs again beyond this CSX Railroad bridge to enter the Tallahassee central business district. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Gaines Street east three blocks to Meridian Street north at Cascade Park doubles as the 0.40-mile long County Road 1555. CR 1555 transitions there to CR 2195 (Lafayette Street) east parallel to U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway). Photo taken 11/20/14.
West from SR 61 (South Monroe Street), Gaines Street heads toward Doak Campbell Stadium on the FSU Campus as the former eastern leg of State Road 371. This section of SR 371 was turned over to the city and redesigned with pedestrian enhancements. New development along Gaines Street included the construction of several upscale apartment buildings and the addition of artwork within the new roundabout with Woodward Street. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Madison Street flows east to end at SR 61 (Monroe Street) at the next block north. Madison Street represents the former eastern extent of SR 366, which utilized a one-way couplet between FSU and SR 61 on St. Augustine / Madison Street east and Jefferson / Pensacola Street west. Photo taken 11/26/14.
The Florida State Capitol lines the west side of SR 61 from Madison Street north to Jefferson Street. U.S. 27 ties into Monroe Street on this stretch from Apalachee Parkway Photo taken 11/26/14.
U.S. 27 & SR 61 overlap 0.39 miles northward along Monroe Street. Photo taken 11/26/14.
Apalachee Parkway stems east from Monroe Street as a four lane boulevard and arterial to Governor's Square Mall and Lafayette to exit the Tallahassee area at Chaires Crossing. The US route doubles as unsigned State Road 20 to Gainesville. Photo taken 11/26/14.
SR 61 north
Betton Road extends Bradford Road east across SR 61 (Thomasville Road) to Winthrop Park, the Betton Hill community and Leon County Road 151 (Centerville Road). Bradford Road west links SR 61 with U.S. 27 at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Photo taken 12/03/10.
Armistead Road arcs east from SR 61 through the Betton Hills community by Guyte P. McCord Park to Woodgate Way. Photo taken 12/03/10.
Woodgate Way winds northward through the Woodgate subdivision to end at SR 61 (Thomasville Road) at the subsequent northbound signal. Photo taken 12/03/10.
Hermitage Boulevard constitutes a four-lane parkway east to U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE) opposite Eastgate Way. Photo taken 12/03/10.
SR 61 (Thomasville Road) north at Metropolitan Boulevard, a local road west to Metropolitan Corporate Center and east to Lonnbladh Road. Photo taken 12/03/10.
SR 61 expands to seven lanes as it approaches SR 162 (Raymond Diehl Road) east and the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 10. Photo taken 12/03/10.
SR 162 was designated during the 2006-08 construction to expand the interchange with Interstate 10 to include new ramps with U.S. 319. The eastbound on-ramp directly from SR 61 was relocated to tie into Raymond Diehl Road midway between Thomasville Road and U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE). Photo taken 12/03/10.
Northbound at Raymond Diehl Road (SR 162) east to I-10 east to Lake City and Jacksonville. SR 162 totals just 0.292 miles along Raymond Diehl Road. Photo taken 12/03/10.

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