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A heavily traveled trucking corridor, as it provides part of a bypass of Washington, Baltimore and New York between the southeastern U.S. and New England states, Interstate 81 runs northeast along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains throughout the state of Virginia. Replacing U.S. 11, I-81 connects smaller and regional cities in western Virginia. These include Bristol, Wytheville, Lexington, Staunton and Winchester. Long term planning to address increasing freight travel and congestion included tolling options and adding truck only lanes.

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Interstate 81 scenes
Northbound shield and mileage sign combo posted as Virginia 16 (Commerce Street) leaves a diamond interchange with Interstate 81 in Marion. The state highway joins Marion with Tazewell, 33 miles to the north. Hungry Mother State Park lies along that drive in four miles.
Virginia 217 spurs east from Commerce Street in the background to the Marion Correctional Center. Photo taken 10/02/10.
Major Grahams Road (Virginia Secondary 619) northbound at the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 81 & U.S. 11 near Grahams Forge. Old U.S. 11 (East Lee Highway) lies ahead, with Draper Mountain beyond the SSR 619 end. Photo taken 10/02/10.
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2 photos
Along Interstate 81, several interchanges feature a spur that connects the freeway with local U.S. 11, even when the two routes do not intersect. An example of this is shown in these pictures, which show the spur from U.S. 11 east to Interstate 81 at Exit 251, which is just north of Harrisonburg. Photos taken 06/06/04.

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    06/06/04 by AARoads. 10/02/10 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.

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