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Interstate 83 is an older freeway, built between 1950 and 1971 and signed solely as U.S. 111 until 1960 and exclusively as I-83 in 1963.1 As such, the age of the road has necessitated improvements over the years. One project undertaken was the elimination of "Dead Man's Curve", where Interstate 83 split with Business Loop I-83 south of York and north of Leader Heights. Work was undertaken between mid May 2003 and December 6, 2006. The $57.9-million project affected two miles of I-83 and realigned the freeway at the split with Business 83 by removing a wye interchange with left-hand movements and replacing it with a tri-level stack interchange.2 The new interchange grants access to South George Street from I-83 south while providing access to I-83 north from Business 83 south.

An $11.3-million project replaces the North Street Bridge at the Loganville interchange and lengthened the on and off-ramps. Work was underway in 2012 and continues through November 2013. The new overpass at Exit 10 will be 17 feet 2 inches, well over the current federal design standard and above the 14 feet 4 inch height of its predecessor.3 This project follows bridge replacements in Shrewsbury Township for Windy Hill, Stewartstown and Plank Roads. Those spans, built in 1958, were replaced by November 2011.4

The York Split, the partition of Interstate 83 and Pennsylvania 581 (Harrisburg Expressway) at Lemoyne, is undergoing a major upgrade to eliminate a bottleneck for northbound traffic. Work between May 4, 2012 and May 2013 replaced the 1952-built Lowther Street overpass, which precluded widening of I-83 below. The new span accommodates four mainline lanes and three ramps.5 Work to go out for bid on June 20, 2013 expands I-83 northbound by one lane from the New Cumberland exit northward to the York split and redesigns the interchange with both PA 581 and Lowther Street. The on-ramp from Brandt Avenue to I-83 north closed on March 25, 2009 and ramps on the west side of I-83 from Lowther Street will also be redesigned. A loop ramp from Lowther Street west onto I-83 south was removed by 1999 as well. A new ramp will sweep eastward from Interstate 83 north to Lowther Street at Maple Street, replacing the Highland Park ramps from the Harrisburg Expressway. Exit 42 will also be removed to accommodate a redesign of Lowther Street east of 3rd Street. Work was expected through 2015. More details available on the I-83 Capital Beltway web site.

A $91.9-million project set to commence in 2015 will redesign the interchange with Pennsylvania 124 (Mt. Rose Avenue) and expand Mt. Rose Avenue to five overall lanes. The work included the acquisition of 40 to 50 acres of land for the redesign.6 Upon completion of the project, a new six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange will join the two roadways. These include new bridges over Mill Creek, adding to the price tag of the overall project.

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Interstate 83 scenes
Pennsylvania 74 (South Queen Street) meets Interstate 83 at a six-ramp parclo interchange in York Township. I-83 encircles York to the east with six interchanges serving the city of York. Pictured here is the northbound on-ramp to East York and Harrisburg. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Pennsylvania 74 expands into a four-lane divided highway from Interstate 83 northward through the commercialized stretch to Springwood Road. Photo taken 06/27/10.
2 photos
2 photos
A left turn takes drivers from South Queen Street north onto Interstate 83 south for Shrewsbury and Baltimore, Maryland. Photos taken 06/27/10.
Pennsylvania 181 (North George Street) northbound at the eastern terminus of Pennsylvania 238 (Church Road) in Emigsville. Church Road climbs westward 0.8 miles to meet Interstate 83 at Exit 24. Photo taken 10/13/04.
A state-named shield that was posted for the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 83 from Pennsylvania 238 (Church Road) west at Exit 24. Pennsylvania 238 continues one quarter mile to Susquehanna Trail (old U.S. 111) near Roundtown.
This shield was replaced by 2008. Photo taken 10/13/04.


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