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Interstate 795 was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) during the September 28, 2007 meeting. Goldsboro and Wilson area officials sought the designation along the 2006-completed U.S. 117 freeway to promote economic development and allow the trucks exceeding 48 feet in length use of the freeway. Originally denied during the May 4, 2007 AASHTO meeting, officials successfully lobbied for its signing in Fall 2007. Shields went up along the route in November 2007.

With the signing of Interstate 795 along the U.S. 117 freeway between U.S. 70 at Goldsboro and U.S. 264 at Wilson, U.S. 117 was rerouted from the freeway back onto its own alignment (U.S. 117 Alternate). Most signs were updated to reflect Interstate 795 by spring 2008.

Interstate 795 North
Interstate 795 begins along the U.S. 117 freeway north of its interchange with U.S. 70 in west Goldsboro. U.S. 117 bypasses Goldsboro to the west. Pictured here is the first northbound reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Nearing the Little River crossing of Interstate 795 northbound near Goldsboro. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Exit 94 joins Interstate 795 with Pikeville Princeton Road west of Pikeville. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Interstate 795 northbound at the Exit 94 ramp departure to Pikeville Princeton Road. Pikeville Princeton Road meets U.S. 117 at Pikeville to the east and North Carolina 581 at Pike Crossroads to the west. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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2 photos
Continuing north along Interstate 795, a second reassurance marker is posted after the Exit 94 on-ramp. All U.S. 117 mainline shields were replaced with Interstate 795 in November of 2007. U.S. 117 returned to its original routing along what was U.S. 117 Alternate. Photos taken 12/16/07.
Next in line for northbound motorists is the diamond interchange (Exit 98) with North Carolina 222. North Carolina 222 serves the nearby town of Fremont and interest to the Governor Charles B. Aycock Birthplace along U.S. 117 south. Photo taken 12/16/07.
North Carolina 222 continues west from Interstate 795 four miles to North Carolina 581 and nine miles to I-95 and U.S. 301 at Kenly. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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3 photos
3 photos
Leaving the Fremont vicinity along Interstate 795 northbound, travelers cross into Wilson County midway between Exits 98 and 103. Photos taken 12/16/07.
Gourd Branch Road spans Interstate 795 one mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 103) with Alton Road. Alton Road joins the freeway with U.S. 117 near Black Creek. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Exit 103 departs Interstate 795 northbound for Alton Road. Alton Road continues west from the freeway to Little Rock Church Road south of Lucama. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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2 photos
Northbound Interstate 795 near the Blalock Road overpass north of Exit 107. Photos taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 301 travels northeast from Kenly and the Interstate 95 corridor to Lucama and Wilson, meeting Interstate 795 at Exit 107. Interests to Smithfield via Interstate 95 south are advised to take U.S. 301 to Exit 107 of the freeway. Photo taken 12/16/07.
One half mile south of Exit 107 to U.S. 301 on I-795. U.S. 301 continues north from Interstate 795 to U.S. 264 and the city of Wilson. The four-lane divided highway represents the historic routing of Business Loop I-95 through both Wilson and Rocky Mount. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Interstate 795 northbound at Exit 107 to U.S. 301. U.S. 301 south reaches Kenly in nine miles. Interests to U.S. 264 east for Greenville, Washington, and the Outer Banks should use U.S. 301 north for its eastbound on-ramp to U.S. 264. U.S. 264 continues along a freeway from Wilson 32 miles to Greenville. Photo taken 12/16/07.
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2 photos
Northbound Interstate 795 drivers otherwise default onto U.S. 264 west via a wye interchange beyond U.S. 301. Photos taken 12/16/07.
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2 photos
Interstate 795 northbound merges onto U.S. 264 west ahead of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 42) with Downing Street near west Wilson. Drivers must merge at least one lane to the left to continue west for Interstate 95 and Raleigh. Photos taken 12/16/07.
Now along the U.S. 264 westbound freeway, Interstate 795 continues to within one-quarter mile of Exit 42 (Downing Street). Downing Street stems west 2.5 miles from U.S. 264 Alternate (Ward Boulevard) to meet the freeway. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Drivers bound for Downing Street depart Interstate 795 north & U.S. 264 west. Downing Street ends within one mile at Quaker Road, a north-south road between Wiggins Mill Road and North Carolina 42. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Interstate 795 north & U.S. 264 westbound reassurance markers posted between Exits 42 and 40. Interstate 795 replaced U.S. 117 along the U.S. 264 overlap with U.S. 117 returning to its original end at U.S. 301. Photo taken 12/16/07.
One mile southeast of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 40) with North Carolina 42. North Carolina 42 meanders west along Tarboro Street four miles from Wilson to Interstate 795 & U.S. 264. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Quaker Road passes over Interstate 795 north & U.S. 264 west, one half mile east of Exit 40 to North Carolina 42. North Carolina 42 heads four miles west to Rock Ridge beyond the exchange with Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Exit 40 leaves Interstate 795 north & U.S. 264 west for North Carolina 42. North Carolina 42 travels 27 miles west from Exit 40 to U.S. 70 Business outside of Clayton. The state route bypasses Wilson along Ward Boulevard, a four-lane circumferential arterial of the city. Photo taken 12/16/07.
In-795 north & U.S. 264 west continue one mile to Interstate 95 (Exits 38B/A). Interstate 95 stays west of both Wilson and Rocky Mount along a rural route. The freeway primarily serves through traffic interests between the Northeastern U.S. and Florida. However cities such as Smithfield and Lumberton lie directly along the route. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A full cloverleaf interchange connects Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 with Interstate 95 at Exit 38. Exit 38A carries drivers 24 miles southbound to Smithfield (U.S. 70) and Interstate 40. 19 miles separate Exit 38B from the U.S. 64 freeway at Rocky Mount along Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 12/16/07.
End Interstate 795 shield posted at the exchange with I-95. U.S. 264 continues as west along the Future I-587 corridor to Zebulon, Knightdale, and Raleigh. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Exit 38B departs U.S. 264 westbound for Interstate 95 north. Interstate 95 next meets U.S. 264 Alternate in two miles on the 136 mile drive to Richmond. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Benson, the town where Interstate 95 and 40 cross paths, lies 40 miles to the southwest via Exit 38A. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 795 South U.S. 264 East
Exit 38A leaves I-795 south & U.S. 264 east for Interstate 95 north to Rocky Mount and Petersburg, Virginia. A full cloverleaf interchange joins the two freeways just outside the Wilson city limits. Photo taken 07/28/13.
North Carolina 42 meanders east from U.S. 70 in Clayton to meet Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 at a diamond interchange (Exit 40) in one mile. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The first shield for I-795 south appears beyond the Old Raleigh Road (SR 1136) overpass. U.S. 264 around Wilson is designated the Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. Highway. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A 226-mile route between Interstates 73 & 74 at Asheboro and NC 45 at Colerain, North Carolina 42 leads east from Exit 40 toward Downtown Wilson along Tarboro Street. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 40 departs I-795 south & U.S. 264 east for North Carolina 42. NC 42 circumvents Downtown Wilson along Ward Boulevard, an arterial beltway doubling in portions as U.S. 264 Business and NC 58. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Drivers along Interstate 795 south & U.S. 264 east next span Contentnea Creek. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Forthcoming Downing Street (SR 1163) ventures east from Quaker Road (SR 1162) to Goldsboro Street and Downtown Wilson. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 42) connects Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 with Downing Street (SR 1163) in a half mile. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 42 loops away from I-795 south for Downing Street. SR 1163 is rural east to Forest Hills Road (SR 1165). Connections with local roads lead motorists west to Scotts and Lamms Crossroads along Wiggins Mill Road (SR 1103). Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 795 south & U.S. 264 part ways at a wye interchange (Exit 43C) in one mile. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 795 overtakes the former U.S. 117 freeway leading south to Goldsboro. Exit 5 nearby joins the freeway with U.S. 301 leading southwest to Kenly, while U.S. 264 meets the route directly at Exits 43B/A. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A secondary shield for Interstate 795 appears near the Wiggins Mill Road (SR 1103) overpass directing traffic on the previous route of U.S. 117. I-795 was established southward in 2007, with the route signed with shields only. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 264 continues east around the south side of Wilson en route to Greenville while I-795 turns southward parallel to U.S. 117 to Fremont, Pikeville and U.S. 70 at Goldsboro. Photo taken 07/28/13.

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