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Interstate 795 North Carolina Map - Created by Justin Cozart

Interstate 795 is a 25.43 mile long freeway south from I-95 in Wilson County to U.S. 70 and NC 581 in the city of Goldsboro. I-795 initially runs east alongside U.S. 264 and I-587 around Wilson. Paralleling U.S. 117, I-795 turns south near Wiggins Mill Reservoir to Fremont, Pikeville and U.S. 70 Bypass / Future I-42 outside Goldsboro.

Interstate 795 was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) during the September 28, 2007 meeting. Goldsboro and Wilson area officials sought the designation along the 2006-completed U.S. 117 freeway to promote economic development and allow the trucks exceeding 48 feet in length use of the freeway. Originally denied during the May 4, 2007 AASHTO meeting, officials successfully lobbied for its signing in Fall 2007. Shields went up along the route in November 2007.

With the signing of Interstate 795 along the U.S. 117 freeway between U.S. 70 at Goldsboro and U.S. 264 at Wilson, U.S. 117 was rerouted from the freeway back onto its own alignment (U.S. 117 Alternate). Most signs were updated to reflect Interstate 795 by Spring 2008.

Future work will upgrade around 24 miles of the U.S. 117 corridor south from I-795 in Wayne County to Interstate 40 in Sampson County. U.S. 117 is a Strategic Transportation Corridor serving regional, commuter and freight traffic between I-40 and I-795. The last of several feasibility studies for extending I-795 south to I-40 was completed in July 2015. Funding for construction between Country Club Road and NC 581 (W Ashe Street) was identified in the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) 2018-27 State Transportation Improvement Program. Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, construction was anticipated to start on this section in 2027.

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