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U.S. 70 travels across the state of North Carolina from Hot Springs in the Appalachian Mountains to Atlantic along Core Sound. U.S. 70 enters the Tar Heel State alongside U.S. 25 at the Bald Mountains. The two combine southeast to the Walnut Mountains, Marshall and I-26 at Weaverville. U.S. 70 accompanies the I-40 corridor from Asheville east to Stateville, and again between the Piedmont Triad region and Raleigh. U.S. 70 runs along I-85 or Business Loop I-85 from Salisbury northeast to Lexington and High Point. Southeast from I-40 at Clayton, U.S. 70 is part of the Future I-42 corridor, with several sections of freeway or expressway to Goldsboro, Kinston, New Bern and Havelock.

U.S. 70 North Carolina Guides


U.S. 70 Business Routes

U.S. 25-70 Business loop west 5.49 miles into the Madison County town of Marshall. A 3.71 mile route, U.S. 70 Business across the Burke County seat of Morganton follows Union Street and Meeting Street. U.S. 70 Business through Hillsborough runs 4.67 miles south from U.S. 70, partially alongside NC 86 on Revere Road, Corbin Street and Churton Street.

U.S. 70 Business through Durham follows the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 70 along Hillsborough Road southeast to Downtown. The 10.32 mile route converges with U.S. 70 at the East End Connector (I-885) via S Miami Boulevard. South of Raleigh, a 19.76 mile long branch of U.S. 70 separates from U.S. 70 at I-40 in Garner. Heading southeast through Clayton, U.S. 70 Business crosses U.S. 70/Future I-42 to Smithfield before returning to U.S. 70 near Pine Level.

Within the city of Goldsboro, U.S. 70 Business 5.59 follows a combination of W Grantham Street, N George Street and Ash Streets through Downtown while U.S. 70 bypasses the city center along an older expressway to the north. A 4.78 mile long branch of U.S. 70 Business overlaps with U.S. 258 Business from an arterial bypass east along Vernon Avenue and south on Queen Street.

U.S. 70 East
Reassurance marker posted after the exchange with Lumley Road (SR 1645) west and Westgate Road (SR 1837) east near RDU Airport. 02/15/19
U.S. 70 east at Triangle Drive to Umstead Industrial Park in Raleigh. 02/15/19
U.S. 70 West
U.S. 70 enters Wayne County just after the separation with U.S. 70 Bypass/Future I-42 at Exit 369. 08/28/21
Piney Grove Church Road curves east from U.S. 70 to become Washington Street (old U.S. 70) across the town of La Grange. 08/28/21
U.S. 70 intersects Elizabeth Street just ahead of the parclo interchange with Interstate 795 north and NC 581 Connector south in Goldsboro. 12/14/17
Interstate 795 travels 25 miles north from U.S. 70 in Goldsboro to U.S. 264/Future I-587 south of Wilson and I-95 west of Wilson. 12/14/17
Northbound Interstate 795 begins at U.S. 70. Future construction will extend the freeway south along U.S. 117 to I-40 near Faison. 12/14/17
U.S. 70 (Glenwood Avenue) progresses northwest from William B. Umstead State Park to a cloverstack interchange with I-540 (Northern Wake Expressway). 02/15/19
Triangle Drive intersects U.S. 70 west after the entrance to William B. Umstead State Park. 02/15/19
Exit 293 for Interstate 540 departs U.S. 70 (Glenwood Avenue) west ahead of Lumley Road west and Westgate Road. 02/15/19
Lumley Road (SR 1645) connects with air cargo areas of Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU) en route to the Briar Creek community. Wesgate Road (SR 1837) extends east to a number of industrial parks and a quarry. 02/15/19
Exit 293 separates for I-540 west to I-40 near Research Triangle Park (RTP) and east to U.S. 1 for Wake Forest beyond a signalized intersection with Lumley and Westgate Road. 02/15/19
U.S. 70/321 Business overlap 7.68 miles west from the city of Conover to U.S. 321 in Hickory. These confirming markers stand west beyond Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard (SR 1007). 10/23/15
10th Avenue Drive SE (SR 1462) south and 6th Street SE (SR 1171) north come together at the succeeding traffic light on U.S. 70/321 Business west in Hickory. 10/23/15
U.S. 70 scenes
Lenoir Rhyne Road (SR 1007) meets U.S. 70/321 Business at a commercialized intersection across from 8th Street Dr (SR 1146) in south Hickory. 10/23/15
University Drive (SR 1226) north at U.S. 70 (S Church Street) in west Burlington. 08/18/21
University Drive (SR 1311) forms an arterial beltway encircling the town of Elon from U.S. 70 to NC 100 north of Elon University. 08/18/21
U.S. 70 (S Church Street) heads east from University Drive to the Burlington city center and west to the town of Whitsett. 08/18/21
NC 42 east meets U.S. 70 and Future I-42 at a diamond interchange just west of the Clayton town limits. 12/15/16
U.S. 70 combines with Interstate 40 en route to Garner, 3.62 miles to the west of NC 42. 12/15/16
Future I-42 overlays U.S. 70 (Clayton Bypass) west from NC 42 to I-40 just beyond the Wake County line. 12/15/16
Mallard Road links the off-ramp (Exit 95) from I-95 north with U.S. 70 Business outside of Smithfield. The rural road meanders northward from Brogden Road to U.S. 70 Business. 12/16/07
Mallard Road northbound at U.S. 70 Business within the diamond interchange at Interstate 95. U.S. 70 Business west enters Downtown Smithfield beyond the freeway; eastbound continues four miles to U.S. 70 ahead of Princeton. 12/16/07
Piney Grove Church Road (SR 1731) connects the old alignment of U.S. 70 along Washington Street west from La Grange with U.S. 70 just inside Wayne County. 08/28/21
U.S. 70 Business East - Goldsboro
Advancing east toward Downtown Goldsboro, U.S. 70 Business (W Grantham Street) spans a Norfolk Southern Railroad line from the six-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 13-70-117. 12/14/17
U.S. 70 Business turns south onto George Street from Grantham Street at this traffic light. 12/14/17
U.S. 70 Business West - Goldsboro
Spanning a CSX Railroad line, U.S. 70 Business (Grantham Street) leaves the Goldsboro street grid and approaches U.S. 13, U.S. 70 east and U.S. 117. 12/14/17
U.S. 70 bypasses Goldsboro along a freeway east toward Kinston. U.S. 117 parallels I-795 north to Wilson. 12/14/17
U.S. 70 east combines with U.S. 13 north just ahead of the split with U.S. 117. 12/14/17
U.S. 13/117 overlap 5.5 miles south from the six ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 70 and U.S. 70 Business (W Grantham Street). 12/14/17
Beyond Goldsboro, U.S. 13 turns west to Newton Grove and Fayetteville while U.S. 117 remains on a southerly course to Mt. Olive and Wilmington. 12/14/17
U.S. 70 overtakes W Grantham Street from U.S. 70 Business ahead of I-795. The expressway bypass for Goldsboro extends 1.11 miles south along U.S. 13/117 to NC 581. 12/14/17

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