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U.S. 1 North
U.S. 1 intersects SSR 754 (Alpine Road) south just east of the parclo interchange with Interstate 85. Photo taken 06/01/12.
A portion of divided highway carries U.S. 1 travelers through the Exit 15 interchange of I-85. U.S. 1 reduces back into a two lane road with alternating passing lanes east of Burnt Store. Alberta is 13 miles ahead.

House Bill 530, passed in March 2010, designated all of U.S. 1 in Virginia as "Historic Route 1" as a way to promote the route for economic development and tourism.2 Photo taken 06/01/12.
Taylor Road (SSR 778) spurs south from U.S. 1 to SSR 621 at South Hill Country Club. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Burnt Store Road (SSR 638) ties into U.S. 1 from the west. The road was severed between Virginia 138 (Union Mill Road) and U.S. 1 during construction of Interstate 85. Photo taken 06/01/12.
SSR 761 spurs northeast along Oak Road from U.S. 1 next. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Country Club Road (SSR 621) travels north from U.S. 58 at La Crosse to U.S. 1. A northern branch of the road follows Dixie Bridge Road into Lunenburg County. Photo taken 06/01/12.
East of SSR 637 (Old Indian Road), U.S. 1 spans a tributary of the Meherrin River. The northbound side of the divided highway is the older of the two roadways and thus travels below the more modern southbound roadway. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Approaching the settlement of Meredithville on U.S. 1 north. Forthcoming SSR 644 joins the US highway with Interstate 85 to the north. Photo taken 06/01/12.
SSR 644 follows Brunswick Drive north from Meredithville to Virginia 46 and south along Grandy Road to Charlie Hope and U.S. 58. Photo taken 06/01/12.
U.S. 1 North U.S. 460 Business East
U.S. 1 & U.S. 460 Business (Boydton Plank Road) leave the intersection with Virginia 142 (Simpson Road) and immediately meet Interstate 85 & U.S. 460. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 1 & 460 Business enter a six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 85 & U.S. 460 (Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike). Interstate 85 travels just 4.6 miles east to its end at Interstate 95. U.S. 460 tags along for the ride to Interstate 95 south Exit 50. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 460 and Interstate 85 continue 1.8 miles west to their split at Exit 61 near Petersburg Dinwiddie Municipal Airport. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 1 north & U.S. 460 Business east contnue along Boydton Plank Road from Exit 63 into the city of Petersburg. The business loop follows Wythe Street east through the city to U.S. 301 (Crater Road) south. Interstate 85 south otherwise continues to South Hill and Durham, North Carolina. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 1 North
U.S. 1 & 17 split at the Interstate 95 northbound on-ramp at Exit 126. U.S. 17 bypasses Fredericksburg with Interstate 95 to Exit 133 while U.S. 1 continues along Jefferson Davis Highway to Fourmile Fork and Confederate Ridge in Frederick. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Interstate 95 travels north to Washington while U.S. 1 parallels through Frederick Stafford, Triangle, Dumfries, and Woodbridge. U.S. 17 stems northwest from the freeway to Opal and Warrenton. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Northbound reassurance shield and mileage sign posted at the U.S. 1 (Cambridge Street) intersection with SSR 627 (Forbes Street) south at Cranes Corner. Forbes Street meanders southward parallel to U.S. 1 through Spring Valley to Falmouth. Photo taken 08/31/09.
A short distance north of Forbes Street is the signalized intersection with Enon Road (SSR 753) west to SSR 628 north and Cranes Corner Road (SSR 676) east. A grade separated intersection lies ahead with SSR 8900 (Centreport Parkway) west to Interstate 95 (Exit 136) and Stafford Regional Airport. Photo taken 08/31/09.
SSR 628 crosses U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) near Stafford Regional Airport. Ramoth Church Road carries the route northwest to Ramoth and SSR 630 (Courthouse Road). SSR 628 follows Eskimo Hill Road east to SSR 608 south of Brooke. Photo taken 08/31/09.
Meeting U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Stafford is SSR 630 (Courthouse Road). Courthouse Road carries the route west to the Exit 140 diamond interchange with Interstate 95 and SSR 648 (Shelton Shop Road) near Moores Corner. Photo taken 10/10/09.
2 photos
2 photos
A full cloverleaf interchange lies along Interstate 95 with SSR 610 (Garrisonville Road) and the parallel U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) at Aquia Harbor. The close proximity of the two routes allows for a direct northbound on-ramp from U.S. 1 to Interstate 95. Photos taken 10/10/09.
A pair of Interstate 95 Virginia trailblazers direct motorists from U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) northbound onto SSR 619 (Joplin Road) west for its parclo interchange with the freeway (Exit 150) nearby. Photo taken 08/31/09.
U.S. 1 splits into a one-way street couplet between Triangle and Dumfries. Northbound motorists follow Fraley Boulevard while southbound drivers utilize Main Street. Photo taken 08/31/09.
Descending along U.S. 1 (Fraley Boulevard) north to the intersection with Graham Park Road east and Curtis Drive west in Dumfries. Graham Park Road spurs east to residential areas south of Quantico Creek. Curtis Drive provides the entrance to a subdivision west of U.S. 1 south and east of Interstate 95. Photo taken 08/31/09.
U.S. 1 undulates several times on its trek through northern Virginia. This northbound scene looks at the approach to SSR 610 (Cardinal Drive west / Neabsco Road east) at Garfield Estates. Bridge replacement was underway at the time of this photograph on the U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) crossing of the Neabsco Creek. Photo taken 08/31/09.
U.S. 1 constitutes a busy commercial arterial through the Dale City and Woodbridge area. Pictured here is the northbound beginning of Virginia 294 (Prince William Parkway) and Longview Drive. Prince William Parkway (old SSR 3000) comprises a busy route west through Dale City to Virginia 234 at Manassas. Longview Drive stems south to Marumsco Acres. Photo taken 08/31/09.
Occoquan Road (SSR 906) intersects U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) opposite Dawson Beach Road (Virginia secondary 687) south to Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. SSR 906 represents a historic routing (until 1998) of Virginia 253 leading north to Occoquan.1 Photo taken 08/31/09.
Spanning the Occoquan River along U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) north into Fairfax County. A CSX Railroad truss bridge parallels close by. Photo taken 08/31/09.
Continuing north from the intersection with SSR 611 (Furnace Road), U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) splits with a wye interchange ramp onto adjacent Interstate 95 north (Exit 161). Photo taken 10/10/09.
A two-lane ramp departs U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) north for both the Interstate 95 mainline and HOV-3 roadway for Alexandria and Washington, DC. U.S. 1 turns eastward at Lorton and Pohick to Fort Belvoir. Photo taken 10/10/09.
Nearing the merge with SSR 633 (South Kings Highway) on U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) north at Fair Haven and Penn Daw. SSR 633 enters the scene from Virginia Hills and Telegraph Road (SSR 611) to the southwest. Photo taken 10/10/09.
Virginia 241 carries North Kings Highway away from U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) and SSR 633 through Jefferson Manor to SSR 611 (Telegraph Road). Virginia 241 travels just 1.88 miles between Richmond Highway and Virginia 236 (Duke Street) in the city of Alexandria. Photo taken 10/10/09.
U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) leaves the intersection with SSR 629 (Fort Hunt Road) south near Belle Haven and nears the Capital Beltway. An advisory sign hangs above the northbound lanes to advise motorists of openings on the adjacent Woodrow Wilson draw Bridge. Photo taken 10/10/09.
Directional ramps shuttle drivers from U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) onto Interstates 95 & 495 east to Oxon Hill (Interstate 295), glen Arden, and College Park, Maryland and onto Interstates 95 & 495 west to their split at Springfield. This interchange was upgraded during the Woodrow Wilson Replacement Project by 2009. Photo taken 10/10/09.
Motorists span Hunting Creek and enter the independent city of Alexandria before partitioning into ramps for Interstate 95 south to Richmond and north to Baltimore. Photo taken 10/10/09.
A high flyover carries traffic onto the Capital Beltway west from U.S. 1 north. Vehicles split again for separate ramps onto the Thru roadway for the Springfield Interchange or the Local roadway for exit to Virginia 241 (Telegraph Road). Photo taken 10/10/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Additional scenes of the revamped interchange between Interstates 95 & 495 and U.S. 1 (Exit 177) taken from the U.S. 1 northbound ramp onto the Thru lanes of the Capital Beltway west. Photos taken 10/10/09.

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