U.S. 60 East
Distance sign to Mill Avenue, Rural Road and McClintock Drive. 07/22/07
The major mileposts along U.S. 60 are Loop 101 (5 miles), Mesa (8 miles) and Apache Junction (22 miles). 07/22/07
The next exit is Mill Avenue. Use Mill Avenue to travel north into Downtown Tempe and ASU. 07/22/07
Mill Avenue departs here, as exit 173. 07/22/07
This pedestrian footbridge is uniquely designed, replicating the original arched pedestrian footbridge built when the freeway was completed in 1975. The arched bridge was unique for the lack of stairs, but did not meet ADA codes and was replaced in 2000 when the freeway was rebuilt. 02/10/08
2 photos
2 photos
Rural Road departs here, as exit 174. Notice how the auxiliary lane does not exit, but merges back into the freeway after the exit. 07/22/07, 02/10/08
Advance signage for McClintock Drive, exit 175, and Loop 101, exits 176A-B. 07/22/07
Distance sign to McClintock Drive, Loop 101 Southbound, and Loop 101 northbound. 07/22/07
McClintock Drive departs here, as exit 175. Notice how the auxiliary lane does not exit, unlike most exits along the Superstition Freeway. 07/22/07
Exit 176A departs for Loop 101 southbound. The ramp passes under the on-ramp from McClintock Drive, then turns south to meet Loop 101. 07/22/07
This pedestrian footbridge was planned as part of the 2000 reconstruction, but not completed until 2005. 05/26/07
Exit 176B departs here for Loop 101 northbound. The U.S. 60/Loop 101 interchange is a three-level interchange, with some tight curves on the ramps from U.S. 60 to Loop 101. 05/26/07
Use exit 177 for Mesa Community College and Banner Desert Medical Center. 02/10/08
Under the shadows of the Loop 101 interchange, exit 177 departs for Dobson Road. 02/10/08
Advance signage for exit 178, Alma School Road. We are now in the city of Mesa. 05/26/07
Exit 178 departs here for Alma School Road. Use Exit 178 to reach Fiesta Mall. 05/26/07
Distance sign to Country Club Drive, Mesa Drive, and Stapley Drive. 05/26/07
Country Club Drive exits here, as exit 179. Use Country Club Drive to reach Golfland, an amusement park, as well as downtown Mesa. The road is still noted as SR 87, but the section through Mesa was decommissioned. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 180, Mesa Drive. 05/26/07
Mesa Drive departs here, as exit 180. Use Mesa Drive to reach downtown Mesa. 05/26/07
Distance sign to Stapley Drive, Gilbert Road and Val Vista Drive. 05/26/07
Exit 181 serves Stapley Drive. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 182, Gilbert Road. 05/26/07
Exit 182 serves Gilbert Road. Use Gilbert Road to reach the town of Gilbert, south of U.S. 60. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 184, Val Vista Drive. 05/26/07
Val Vista Drive exits here, at exit 184. This marks the end of the 2000 US 60 reconstruction. 05/26/07
In 2007, U.S. 60 was widened from Val Vista Drive to Ellsworth Road. These photographs were taken as the project was completed. The next exit is Greenfield Road, followed by Higley Road, Superstition Springs Blvd and Power Road. 05/26/07
Greenfield Road departs here, as exit 185. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 186, Higley Road. 05/26/07
Distance sign to Higley Road, Superstition Springs Blvd and Power Road. 05/26/07
Higley Road departs here, as exit 186. 05/26/07
The next three exits are Superstition Springs Blvd, Power Road and Sossaman Road. 05/26/07
Exit 187 serves Superstition Springs Blvd. Use exit 187 to reach Superstition Springs Mall. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 188, Power Road. 05/26/07
Power Road departs here, as exit 188. Use Power Road to reach Williams Gateway Airport and the ASU East (Polytechnic) campus. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 189, Sossaman Road. 05/26/07
Sossaman Road departs here. The next exits serve Loop 202. 05/26/07
At the time of this photo, Loop 202 northbound was not yet open. Exit 190A is now open and serves Loop 202 northbound. 05/26/07
Exit 190B serves Loop 202 southbound. This interchange is called the SuperRedTan interchange, after the names of the three freeways (Superstition, Red Mountain, and Santan) that meet here. 05/26/07
Under the shadows of the SuperRedTan interchange, we find exit 191, Ellsworth Road. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 192, Crismon Road. We are now in East Mesa, in an area urbanized during the 1990s. 05/26/07
Crismon Road departs here. This section of freeway was built in 1989, and is being widened in these photos. 05/26/07
Advance signage for exit 193, Signal Butte Road. 05/26/07
2 photos
2 photos
Signal Butte Road is named after Signal Butte, which was so named because it was reportedly used by Pima Indians to watch for Apache invaders. 02/10/08
Advance signage for Exit 195, Ironwood Drive in Apache Junction. The bridge ahead serves Meridian Drive. 02/10/08
Meridian Drive marks the eastern limit of Maricopa County and Mesa, and the beginning of Pinal County and Apache Junction. Use the next four exits to reach Apache Junction, a rapidly growing city at the base of the Superstition Mountains. 02/10/08
Distance sign to Ironwood Drive, Idaho Road (SR 88) and Tomahawk Road. 02/10/08
Ironwood Drive departs here, at exit 195. 02/10/08
Eastbound U.S. 60 approaching SR 88, Idaho Road. This marks the western terminus of SR 88. SR 88 is famous as the Apache Trail, which leads northeast into the Tortilla Flats area. One of the few unpaved state routes in Arizona, SR 88 is unpaved for approximately 20 miles near Castle Dome approaching Tonto National Monument and its junction with SR 188 at Roosevelt. 02/10/08
Distance sign to Idaho Road (SR 88), Tomahawk Road and Goldfield Road. 02/10/08
SR 88 departs here, as Idaho Road. Use SR 88 to reach the Salt River tubing areas, and the chain of lakes along the Salt River. 02/10/08
Advance signage for exit 197, Tomahawk Road. 02/10/08
Distance sign to Tomahawk Road, Goldfield Road and Mountain View Road. 02/10/08
Tomahawk Road exits here, as exit 197. 02/10/08
Advance signage for Goldfield Road, exit 198. 02/10/08
Just past Goldfield Road, the US 60 freeway ends and becomes an expressway. This set of signs warns of the upcoming freeway end. This last section of freeway was built in 1991. 02/10/08
Distance sign to Goldfield Road and Mountain View Road. 02/10/08
Goldfield Road exits here, as exit 198. This is the last exit on US 60 eastbound. 02/10/08
Eastbound U.S. 60 approaching Mountain View Road in Apache Junction. US 60 is now a four lane divided highway with at-grade intersections from this point east toward Florence Junction. 02/10/08
Advance signage for Mountain View Road. 02/10/08
Mountain View Road is a left turn from the expressway, just east of this sign. 02/10/08
Distance sign to Florence Junction, Superior and Globe. 11/11/06
This road leads north to the Peralta Trailhead. The Peralta Trailhead is one of the most popular entries to the Superstition Wilderness, located in the Superstition Mountains just north of here. 11/11/06
Advance signage for exit 212, SR 79 to Florence and Tucson. 11/11/06
Exit 212 is also known as El Camino Viejo. 11/11/06
The old T-junction between SR 79 (former US 80-89) and US 60 was replaced with a grade separated interchange in 2004, as part of upgrades to US 60 to reduce accidents. 11/11/06
SR 79 departs here, as exit 212. 11/11/06


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