Northeast Extension / Mid-County Expressway

Interstate 476 South
Neutered reassurance shield posted just south of the Exit 44 (Quakertown Interchange) with Pennsylvania 663 (John Fries Highway). The entire Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike consists of four lanes with a concrete or guard rail median. Photo taken 04/24/04.
24 miles separate the Quakertown Interchange and the Northeast Extension south end at Interstate 276. A mileage sign resides south of Exit 44 for Exits 31 and 20 on Interstate 476 south. Photo taken 04/24/04.
13 miles south of the above scene is the one-mile guide sign for Exit 31 (Lansdale Interchange). Pennsylvania 63 (Sumneytown Pike) crosses paths with Interstate 476 here at the community of Kulpsville (pop. 8,064). The Northeast Extension crosses into Montgomery County from Bucks County midway between Quakertown and Lansdale. Photo taken 04/24/04.
A standard trumpet to trumpet interchange connection facilitates the movements between Interstate 476 and Pennsylvania 53 (Sumneytown Pike) at Exit 31. Pennsylvania 63 travels southeast from Harleysville (pop. 8,869) to Lansdale (pop. 16,071), North Whales (pop. 3,342), Maple Glen (pop. 7,144), and ultimately Philadelphia as Woodhaven Road. Photo taken 04/24/04.
The final exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension occurs at Interstate 276, the Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline. Pictured here is a mileage sign to Interstate 276 (Exit 20) on Interstate 476 south after Exit 31. Photo taken 04/24/04.
The two-mile guide sign for the junction with Interstate 276 features a multitude of control points. The mainline of the turnpike travels westward from New Jersey and the New Jersey Turnpike to the capital city of Harrisburg (pop. 49,100). Interstate 476 southbound continues as the Mid-County Expressway 20 miles to Chester (pop. 36,854). Philadelphia was added as an afterthought after the 1992 completion of the Interstate 476 gap between Interstate 276 and Germantown Pike. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Interstate 476's southbound continuation is considered Exit 20 for Pennsylvania Turnpike motorists as the route leaves the tolled highway. The Mid-County Expressway provides a popular through route between northeast Pennsylvania and the Interstate 95 corridor west of Philadelphia. The freeway also provides direct access to Interstate 76 (Schuylkill Expressway) into Philadelphia itself. Photo taken 04/24/04.
A pair of Interstate 276 & Pennsylvania Turnpike overheads point out the exit numbering scheme of the mainline turnpike. The tolled highway system utilizes a ticketed system with rates based upon miles traveled. Norristown (pop. 31,284) appears on the westbound panel for the adjacent interchange with Germantown Pike (old U.S. 422) at Exit 333. Photo taken 04/24/04.
The junction between Interstate 476 south and Interstate 276 constitutes the only stacked interchange along the entire Pennsylvania Turnpike system. Departing in this photograph is the Interstate 276 westbound off-ramp for Norristown, Reading, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh. Note that Philadelphia was again added to the Interstate 476 southbound. Photo taken 04/24/04.
The Mid-County Expressway is more popularly called the "Blue Route" by locals in relation to its planning. A loop ramp carries southbound drivers onto Interstate 276 eastbound for Willow Grove, Bristol, and the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Interstate 276 east gore point sign on Interstate 476 south. Traffic at the Interstate 276 and 476 junction is heavy during the evening peak hours and often results in congestion for Interstate 476 northbound. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Interstate 476 southbound transitions to the Mid-County Expressway at the exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike system. The large toll plaza at Plymouth Meeting (pop. 5,511) is often congested during the evening peak hours and summer driving season. Photos taken 04/24/04.
Plymouth Road skims underneath Interstate 476 between the Turnpike toll plaza and Germantown Pike interchange. Germantown Pike (old U.S. 422) intersects both Interstate 476 and 276 in close proximity south of the Montgomery County seat. However there is no access from southbound as that is provided via Exit 333 of Interstate 276 west. Plymouth Road stems northwest from Butler Pike to Germantown Pike into Norristown. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Interstate 476 southbound travelers destined for Norristown are directed onto Ridge Pike westbound to reach the city. A parclo interchange facilitates the movements between the two highways. Ridge Pike becomes Main Street in Norristown. Photo taken 04/24/04.
An older style guide sign remains in place as the two-mile entry for Interstate 76 (Exit 16) on Interstate 476 south. Interstate 76 constitutes the busy Schuylkill Expressway between the Walt Whitman Bridge and Delaware River westward to U.S. 202 and Interstate 276 at Valley Forge and King of Prussia (pop. 18,539). Photo taken 04/24/04.
Access to Pennsylvania 23 (Front Street) & Fayette Street in Conshohocken (pop. 7,589) and West Conshohocken is provided via the Exit 16 off-ramp to adjacent Matsonford Road. Pennsylvania 23 skims underneath Interstate 476 into West Conshohocken (pop. 1,446) before turning east across the Schuylkill River into Conshohocken itself. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Interstate 476 comprises a six-lane freeway between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Pennsylvania 3 (West Chester Pike). Depicted here is the one-mile guide sign for Exit 16 (Interstate 76). The Schuylkill Expressway enters the city limits of Philadelphia (pop. 1,517,550) in nine miles. Photo taken 04/24/04.
A directional-cloverleaf interchange handles the movements between Interstate 476 & 76 at West Conshohocken. The junction represented the south end of the original Interstate 476 until 1991. At that time the remaining portion of the Mid-County Expressway opened between here and MacDade Boulevard (Exit 1). All traffic to Interstate 76 departs via the Exit 16 off-ramp. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Exit 16 leaves Interstate 476 southbound for Interstate 76 and Matsonford Road (to Pennsylvania 23). A parting shot from the mainline reveals the ramp split of Exit 16 for Interstate 76 west and Matsonford Road. Matsonford Road passes underneath Interstate 476 on the 0.75-mile drive to Pennsylvania 23 (Front Street). Photo taken 04/24/04.
Traffic to the Schuylkill Expressway partitions into independent ramps above Matsonford Road just past the Exit 16 gore point. For travelers bound for downtown Philadelphia a curved ramp merges onto the left-hand side of Interstate 76 east. The next exit exists in seven miles beyond the infamous Conshohocken Curve along the Schuylkill River. Photo taken 07/05/00.
Original button copy signage remains in use at the Interstate 76 westbound & Pennsylvania 23 (via Matonsford Road) split. The right-hand ramp intersects Matsonford Road at Dehaven Avenue in a residential area of West Conshohocken. Photo taken 07/05/00.
State-named Interstate 76 posted on the westbound entrance ramp to the Schuylkill Expressway. Ahead is the Pennsylvania 320 (Gulph Road) interchange and King of Prussia junction with U.S. 202 and nearby U.S. 422. Connections from there carry traffic to Norristown, Pottsville (pop. 15,536), and Malvern (pop. 3,059) among others. Photo taken 12/99.
Approaching the communities of Villanova and St. Davids on Interstate 476 southbound at Exit 13. U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue) crosses paths with the Mid-County Expressway here en route between Radnor (pop. 30,878) and Haverford. Photo taken 04/24/04.
U.S. 30 comprises a busy arterial between the city of Philadelphia and its western suburbs. Some of the communities found along Lancaster Avenue include Penn Wynne (pop. 5,432), Ardmore (pop. 12,568), Wayne, Devon, Berwyn, Paoli (pop. 5,433), and Malvern. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 476 southbound at the off-ramp (Exit 13) onto U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue). An unusual parclo interchange links the two highways. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Southbound Interstate 476 Pennsylvania reassurance shield at the Conestoga Road underpass. Photo taken 04/24/04.
The third southbound lane becomes exit only as Interstate 476 nears the Exit 9 interchange with Pennsylvania 3 (West Chester Pike). The freeway was slated to carry six lanes all the way south to Chester but community opposition curtailed that plan and a four-lane freeway was built instead. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Curving near the parclo interchange with Pennsylvania 3 (Exit 9) on Interstate 476 south. The east-west state route comprises another arterial serving the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 3 exits the city of Brotherly Love at Upper Darby some 3.5 miles to the east. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 476 southbound at Exit 9 for Pennsylvania 3. Westward Pennsylvania 3 (West Chester Pike) enters Broomall en route to Newtown Square, Newtown Heights, Willistown, and ultimately the Chester County seat of West Chester. Photo taken 04/24/04.
U.S. 1 interchanges with Interstate 476 at the Exit 5 volleyball interchange near Media (pop. 5,533) and Springfield. The US highway comprises a full freeway as the Media Bypass within the vicinity of the Mid-County Expressway. Photo taken 03/23/04.
A series of overpasses cross over Interstate 476 near the one-mile overhead for U.S. 1 (Media Bypass) on southbound. They are Cardinal O'Hara Drive, Springfield Pike, and Pennsylvania 320 (Sproul Road). The westbound control city of U.S. 1 is that of Lima at Pennsylvania 452. Photo taken 04/24/04.
One half mile north of U.S. 1 (Media Bypass) on Interstate 476 south. Interchanges along the U.S. 1 freeway include Pennsylvania 252 (Providence Road), State Road, Pennsylvania 352 (New Middletown Road), and Baltimore Pike (old U.S. 1). Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 476 passes high above U.S. 1 at the Exit 5 interchange. A pair of ramps intersect a pair of ramps from the Media Bypass below at signalized interchanges. There are no traffic lights on U.S. 1 itself as it passes by on the ground level. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Traffic slows on the four-lane Interstate 476 between U.S. 1 (Media Bypass) and Baltimore Pike interchange at Exit 3. Congestion occurs throughout much of the western suburbs of Interstate 476 due to the burgeoning growth of the area and lack of capacity. Pictured here is the one-mile overhead for Exit 1, Interstate 476 southbound reassurance shield, and Beatty Road over crossing. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Sound barriers line the Mid-County Expressway on the approach to the Exit 3 diamond interchange with Baltimore Pike. Baltimore Pike represents a busy east-west route between downtown Media, Swarthmore (pop. 6,170), and Springfield. Photo taken 03/23/04.
An auxiliary sign indicates that Exit 3 serves Baltimore Pike and Springfield. Baltimore Pike east also serves Morton (pop. 2,715), Primos, Clifton Heights (pop. 6,779), and Lansdowne (pop. 11,007). Westward the pike joins U.S. 1 near Lima. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Southbound at the Exit 3 off-ramp to Baltimore Pike, Swarthmore, and Media. The north-south routes of Pennsylvania 252 (Providence Road), Pennsylvania 320 (Sproul Road), and Pennsylvania 420 (Woodland Avenue) intersect Baltimore Pike in close proximity to the Mid-County Expressway. Interstate 476 replaced these state routes as the main route of travel through the area. The junction of Baltimore Pike and Sproul Road is home to the Springfield Mall. Photo taken 03/23/04.
The final mainline interchange of Interstate 476 exists at MacDade Boulevard in the city of Chester. Pictured here is the one-mile overhead for that exit and the high level crossing of Pennsylvania 320 (Chester Road) at Wallingford. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Drawing to within one mile of the MacDade Boulevard off-ramp on Interstate 476 south. MacDade Boulevard parallels U.S. 13 (Chester Pike) between Pennsylvania 320 (Providence Avenue) and U.S. 13 itself at Collingdale (pop. 8,664) Photo taken 03/23/04.
A parclo interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 476 and MacDade Boulevard at Exit 1. The east-west route serves Glenolden (pop. 7,476), Ridley Park (pop. 7,196), Folsom (pop. 8,269), Rutledge (pop. 860), Woodlyn (pop. 10,010), and Chester (pop. 36,854). Overheads are posted for the southern terminus with Interstate 95 as well. Photo taken 03/23/04.
An auxiliary guide sign for the Philadelphia International Airport is posted within the Exit 1 interchange for Interstate 95 northbound. The airport resides just five miles to the north off Exit 12 of Interstate 95. Photo taken 04/24/04.
Diagrammatic overhead for the southern terminus of Interstate 476 at Interstate 95. Control cities feature Chester for southbound and Philadelphia for northbound. Interstate 95 crosses into the state of Delaware seven miles to the south en route to Wilmington. The city and county line of Philadelphia is just five miles to the east. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Exit 6 guide sign for the adjacent interchange of Interstate 95 southbound on the Interstate 476 southbound ramp to Chester. The Chestnut Street off-ramp to both Pennsylvania 320 (Providence Avenue & Avenue of the States) and Pennsylvania 352 (Edgemont Avenue) departs just one half mile from the Interstate 476 ramp merge onto Interstate 95. Passing underneath the ramp here is the CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 03/23/04.

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