Interstate 10 East
The next three exits are 7th Avenue, 7th Street and 16th Street, as Interstate 10 enters a long viaduct over 19th Avenue and Interstate 17. 06/19/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 approaches Exit 144B, 5th and 3rd avenue, one-half of a mile. Exit 144B is an exit designed for carpool use only. 06/19/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 approaching exit 144A, 7th Avenue. All hazardous cargo must use this exit, as hazardous cargo is not allowed through the upcoming tunnel. 06/19/07
Exits 144A and 144B depart here for 7th Avenue, 5th Avenue and 3rd Avenue. Use these exits to reach downtown Phoenix. 06/19/07
The next three exits are exit 145, 7th Street, exit 146, 16th Street, and exit 147A-B, SR 51/Loop 202. 06/19/07
Approaching the tunnel, we find a distance sign to the previously mentioned exits. 7th Street exits just after leaving the tunnel. 06/19/07
Before reaching Exit 145/7th Street, the mainline of Interstate 10 enters a cut and cover tunnel. The tunnel is six blocks long, located between 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue, and Margaret T. Hance Park overlies the tunnel. A bus station was designed for the freeway median with direct exits from the HOV lanes, but has never been used - the gates on the left side of the photo block access to this area. A comparable tunnel is along California 15 near University Avenue in San Diego. 06/19/07
Leaving the tunnel, the next exit is exit 146, 16th Street. 06/19/07
Interstate 10 is approaching the Mini-Stack interchange here, where Loop 202 and SR 51 separate from Interstate 10. This section of Interstate 10 and the interchange ahead comprise the busiest section of Interstate 10 in Arizona, with over 200,000 vehicles daily. 06/19/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 at exit 146, 16th Street. 06/19/07
The right two lanes become exit only lanes for Loop 202. On the left, there is a direct HOV exit (147C) to Loop 202's HOV lane eastbound. 06/19/07
Now at the Mini-Stack, Exit 147A departs for Loop 202 East to Tempe and Mesa. Exit 147B departs for Arizona 51 northbound to North Phoenix, and exit 147C serves the HOV lane of Loop 202 Eastbound. 06/19/07
In the shadows of the Mini-Stack, we find advance signage for exit 148, Washington Street and Jefferson Street. Interstate 10 performs a hard turn to the south as it goes through the Mini-Stack interchange. 07/22/07
Advance signage for exit 148, Washington Street and Jefferson Street, 1/4 mile. Use Exit 148 to reach the consolidated Rental Car facility at Sky Harbor Airport. Use exit 149 to reach Sky Harbor Airport. 07/22/07
Exit 148 departs here for Washington and Jefferson Streets. 07/22/07
This picture shows eastbound Interstate 10 approaching Exit 149, Sky Harbor Airport, 1/4 mile. Eastbound Interstate 10 is actually travelling southbound at this point. 07/22/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 meets Exit 149, Sky Harbor Airport. This exit provides access only to Sky Harbor Airport, and not to Buckeye Road. 07/22/07
The close proximity of Interstate 10 to Sky Harbor Airport can be seen in this photo, with a Ted (United) A320 landing at Sky Harbor in the background. Interstate 10 marks the western boundary of airport property. 07/22/07
Advance signage for Exit 150, Interstate 17 Northbound, 1/4 mile. 07/22/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 at Exit 150, where Interstate 17 meets Interstate 10. Unlike the prior stack interchange, the ramp from Interstate 10 Eastbound to Interstate 17 Northbound is quite dimunitive, reflecting traffic flows through Phoenix. 07/22/07
Advance signage for exit 151, 32nd Street and University Drive. 07/22/07
Distance sign to University Drive and 32nd Street, 40th Street, and SR 153. 32nd Street does not travel north due to the Salt River and Sky Harbor Airport, and University Drive stops at 32nd Street due to the river. 07/22/07
32nd Street and University Drive exit here from Interstate 10, at exit 151. 07/22/07
Advance signage for exit 152, 40th Street. 07/22/07
Distance sign to 40th Street, SR 143/48th Street/Broadway Road, and U.S. 60 Eastbound. 07/22/07
40th Street departs from Interstate 10 westbound here, at exit 152. SR 153 was planned to meet Interstate 10 here, but the extension of that road has been cancelled from state highway plans. 07/22/07
Advance signage for exit 153, SR 143/48th Street/Broadway Road. 07/22/07
Use SR 143 to reach Sky Harbor Airport, and Broadway Road to reach Tempe. 07/22/07
SR 143, the Hohokam Expressway, is a five mile spur route leading north from Interstate 10 and U.S. 60 to provide primary access to Sky Harbor International Airport. Even though SR 153 is the Sky Harbor Expressway, it does not have any direct connections to Interstate 10, so it is not useful to reach the airport. Arizona 143 also connects to Loop 202 (Red Mountain Freeway) and to McDowell Road, both of which connect to Loop 101. 07/22/07
Advance signage for exit 154, U.S. 60 Eastbound. Interstate 10 is now entering what is locally called the Broadway Curve. 07/22/07
In the Broadway Curve, Interstate 10 Eastbound turns to travel directly south. The U.S. 60 freeway connects Phoenix with Mesa and Apache Junction before shifting to a divided highway. At Florence Junction, the divided highway ends where SR 79 (former U.S. 89) splits south. 07/22/07
Prior to 1993, U.S. 60 along the Superstition Freeway was known as SR 360, and U.S. 60-89 followed Main Street through Mesa. Since the completion of the freeway to Apache Junction, Main Street was shifted to local control, and the freeway became U.S. 60. 07/22/07
Exit 164 departs from I-10 east for U.s. 60 east. There is a direct HOV exit from the HOV lane to U.S. 60 east, as well as the right three lanes exiting to U.S. 60 east. This interchange has been reconstructed numerous times, most recently in 2000. 07/22/07
In the shadow of U.S. 60, the next exit is exit 155, Baseline Road. Use Baseline Road to reach Arizona Mills or the Pointe at South Mountain resort. 07/22/07
Advance signage for exit 157, Elliot Road. 06/19/07
Elliot Road is a major east-west arterial into Ahwatukee, as well as through South Tempe. 06/19/07
Advance signage for Warner Road, exit 158, mounted on the Elliot Road bridge. 06/19/07
Distance sign to Warner Road, Ray Road and Chandler Blvd. The signs along this north-south stretch of Interstate 10 are some of the few non-reflective button copy signs left in Arizona. 06/19/07
Exit 158 departs here to serve Warner Road. Warner Road is locally famous for IKEA, located just east of Interstate 10. 06/19/07
Advance signage for exit 159, Ray Road, also mounted on the Warner Road bridge. 06/19/07
Distance sign to Ray Road, Chandler Blvd and Pecos Road/Loop 202 Eastbound. Use Ray Road to access the major shopping areas along I-10 and Ray Road, both in Ahwatukee and Chandler. 06/19/07
Exit 159 departs here for Ray Road. The auxiliary lanes for Ray and Warner Roads were added in 2003. 06/19/07
Advance signage for exit 160, Chandler Blvd, and exit 161, Loop 202/Pecos Road. 06/19/07
Chandler Blvd departs here as exit 160. This exit has been made into the minor exit, with the construction of Loop 202. 06/19/07
Exit 161 serves Loop 202, the Santan Freeway, and Pecos Road. This interchange was constructed in 2003-04. The right two lanes exit for Pecos Road and Loop 202. 06/19/07
Just after exit 161 separates from Interstate 10, the exit splits into two, for Loop 202 east and Pecos Road west. 06/19/07
The four-level stack interchange between the Santan Freeway (Loop 202) and Interstate 10 is built to handle traffic needs of the future South Mountain Freeway (Loop 202). 06/19/07
Advance signage for exit 162, Wild Horse Pass Blvd and Sundust Road. 06/19/07
2 photos
2 photos
Until 2005, exit 162 was known as Maricopa Road. An interchange reconstruction became required due to the growth of the Wild Horse Pass casino on the Gila River Indian Reservation. 05/24/03, 06/19/07
2 photos
2 photos
Eastbound Interstate 10 at Exit 162, Wild Horse Pass Blvd and Sundust Road. Use this exit to reach Firebird Lake and raceway, Rawhide Western Town, and the seasonal Santa's village. 05/24/03, 06/19/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 at Exit 164, Junction Southbound SR 347. SR 347 is a four lane, divided highway that provides a shortcut around Casa Grande to meet Interstate 8 near Exit 151 (SR 84). As a route to San Diego, it is more direct than Interstate 10/Interstate 8 or SR 85 from the eastern half of the Valley of the Sun. 06/19/07
This is a fairly significant interchange. Interstate 10 continues eastbound toward Casa Grande and Tucson, while SR 347 heads due south to Maricopa and Interstate 8. Somewhat surprisingly, there are no signs indicating that this expressway is a good alternate route to reach westbound Interstate 8 to Yuma and San Diego. 06/19/07
Eastbound Interstate 10 at Exit 164, Junction Southbound SR 347/Queen Creek Road. Although not photographed here, Interstate 10 crosses from Maricopa County into Pinal County near Exit 167; Florence is the Pinal County seat. 06/19/07


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