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U.S. 202 North
A welcome sign spans the northbound lanes of U.S. 202 (Wilmington Pike) just beyond Pyle Road (SR 3042) and the Delaware state line. 08/04/04
U.S. 202 continues a short distance north into Concord township to intersect the west end of PA 491 (Naamans Creek Road). PA 491 arcs 5.7 miles east to Booths Corner, Ogden and Claymont, Delaware. 08/04/04
U.S. 1/322 (Baltimore Pike) combine one mile east of U.S. 202 (Wilmington Pike) at Concordville. 08/04/04
U.S. 322 turns north alongside U.S. 202 (Wilmington Pike) to the West Chester Bypass. U.S. 1 continues west to Chadds Ford, Kennett Square and Oxford in southwestern Chester County. 06/17/00
U.S. 322 branches southeast from U.S. 1 along Conchester Highway to the city of Chester and the Commodore Barry Bridge. U.S. 1 travels eastward to Lima, Media, Springfield and other west Philadelphia suburbs. 08/04/04
U.S. 202 North U.S. 322 West
U.S. 202/322 overlap 4.7 miles north from U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) to U.S. 322 Business (High Street) north to the borough of West Chester. 08/04/04
Crossing into Chester County, U.S. 202/322 (Wilmington Pike) approach PA 926 (Street Road) at Darlington Corner. PA 926 travels west from PA 3 at Williston to Westtown, Pocopson and PA 10 near Russellville. 08/04/04
U.S. 202/322 shift onto the West Chester Bypass at a trumpet interchange with U.S. 322 Business (High Street) north. U.S. 322 Business leads directly north to West Chester University and Downtown West Chester. 06/17/00
Constructed in the 1950s, the West Chester Bypass encircles the borough to the east through West Goshen township. 08/04/04
A signalized intersection joins U.S. 202/322 (West Chester Bypass) with Matlack Street north of Oakbourne Park. 08/04/04
North from Matlack Street, U.S. 202/322 continue along a limited access highway to interchanges with Westtown Road (SR 2007), PA 3 (West Chester Pike) and Paoli Pike (SR 2014). 08/04/04
The concrete roadways along the West Chester Bypass were paved over with asphalt in the late 1990s. 08/04/04
Westtown Road (SR 2007) meanders northwest from PA 926 (Street Road) through Westtown township to a diamond interchange with U.S. 202/322 south of Chatwood. 08/04/04
PA 3 (West Chester Pike) meets U.S. 202/322 north at a parclo interchange next. 08/04/04
PA 3 (West Chester Pike) constitutes an arterial route east from Chatwood and U.S. 202/322 to Willistown, Newtown Square, and Havertown where it meets Interstate 476. PA 3 continues from there into Downtown Philadelphia. 06/17/00
PA 3 separates onto a one way couplet of Gay Street west and Market Street east between Chatwood and U.S. 322 Business (High Street) in Downtown West Chester. 08/04/04
A folded diamond interchange connects U.S. 202/322 (West Chester Bypass) with Paoli Pike (SR 2014) just north of PA 3. Paoli Pike is the historic alignment of U.S. 202 east from West Chester to Malvern and Paoli. 06/17/00
U.S. 322 splits with U.S. 202 along the north leg of the West Chester Bypass leading west to U.S. 322 Business (Downingtown Pike) in East Bradford township. 08/04/04
U.S. 322 travels eight miles northwest from the wye interchange with U.S. 202 to the borough of Downingtown. U.S. 202 continues along a freeway northeast to Malvern and King of Prussia. 08/11/04
U.S. 202 North
PA 100 branches northwest from U.S. 202 at the succeeding wye interchange in West Goshen township. 08/11/04
PA 100 follows an expressway north to Pottstown Pike (SR 3100/old PA 100) in Whiteland township. PA 100 advances north from there to Exton, Lionville and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) at the Downingtown Interchange. 08/04/04
Turning northeast, U.S. 202 next meets Boot Road (SR 2020). 08/04/04
Boot Road (SR 2020) arcs west from PA 352 near Goshenville to Kirkland, Bradford Hills and Downingtown. 08/04/04
Entering the diamond interchange with Boot Road (SR 2020). 08/11/04
U.S. 30 converges with U.S. 202 east from the Exton Bypass at U.S. 30 Business (Lancaster Avenue) in one mile. 08/04/04
The Exton Bypass is a limited access highway constructed in the late 1990s. The freeway leads U.S. 30 west to the Coatesville Downingtown Bypass. U.S. 30 Business follows the former route along Lincoln Highway west through Exton and Whitford. 08/11/04
U.S. 202 spans Amtrak and SEPTA Regional Rail ahead of the parclo A2 interchange with U.S. 30 east and U.S. 30 Business west. 08/11/04
Heading east, U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue) parallels U.S. 202 to Frazer, Malvern and Paoli. 08/11/04
Curving east, U.S. 202 enters East Whiteland township ahead of the diamond interchange with PA 401 (Conestoga Road). 08/04/04
PA 401 branches northwest from U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) near Frazier to Bacton and rural areas of northern Chester County. 08/04/04
PA 401 (Conestoga Road) measures 20.1 miles in length from PA 23 near Elverson to U.S. 30 near Malvern. 08/04/04
The ensuing stretch leads U.S. 202 east to ramps for PA 29 (Morehall Road) and Matthews Road. 08/04/04
U.S. 202 meets the southern branch of PA 29, which originates from U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue) nearby. The state route travels north to I-78/PA 309 at Allentown. 08/04/04
A loop ramp joins U.S. 202 northbound from Swedesford Road (SR 1002) one quarter mile from the exit for PA 29 (Morehall Road). 08/04/04
PA 29 (Morehall Road) concludes a half mile south of U.S. 202 at U.S. 30 west of Malvern and Paoli. 08/04/04
The exit for PA 29 north to Great Valley and Phoenixville links U.S. 202 northbound with parallel Matthews Road at Foundry Way south. 08/04/04
Swedesford Road (SR 1002) and U.S. 202 converge again at a half diamond interchange near PA 252 (Bear Hill Road) at Howellville. 08/04/04
PA 252 follows Bear Hill Road south from Swedesford Road to U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue) at Paoli. Southeast from Paoli, PA 252 heads to Leopard and Newtown Square. 08/04/04
Swedesford Road continues east along PA 252 from Howellville to Valley Forge Road at New Centerville. 08/04/04
Serving an array of apartment complexes and business parks, Chesterbrook Boulevard loops north from PA 252 on Swedesboro Road to PA 252 on Valley Forge Road. 08/04/04
A parclo interchange joins the six lane freeway with Chesterbrook Boulevard. 08/11/04
A wye interchange links adjacent PA 252 (Swedesboro Road) with U.S. 202 northbound beyond the exchange with Chesterbrook Boulevard. Swedesboro Road is the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 202 along this stretch. 08/04/04
U.S. 202 northbound expands to four lanes ahead of the exit for Valley Forge Road. Although unmarked on guide signs, Valley Forge Road is a part of PA 252 north from Swedesford Road into Valley Forge National Historical Park. 08/04/04
The Valley Forge National Historical Park Visitor Center is located just west of the exchange joining U.S. 422 (Schuylkill Expressway Extension) with PA 23. 08/04/04
Valley Forge Road extends south from PA 252 (Swedesford Road) to the community of Devon. 08/04/04
The succeeding off-ramp joins Swedesford Road (SR 1010) eastbound to West Valley Road. Swedesford Road westbound connects the exit with PA 252 (Valley Forge Road) north. 08/04/04
Greatly improving congestion, major reconstruction in the early 2000s separated traffic bound for I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) east, U.S. 422 (Schuylkill Expressway Extension) west and U.S. 202 north to King of Prussia. 08/04/04
Two lanes depart U.S. 202 north next for both adjacent Devon Park Drive and a collector road to Interstate 76 (Schuylkill Expressway) east. 08/04/04
Devon Park Drive connects U.S. 202 north with area business parks and King of Prussia Town Center. Interstate 76 travels 18 miles southeast to Center City in Philadelphia. 08/04/04
The collector road for Interstate 76 bypasses the trumpet interchange joining U.S. 202 with U.S. 422 west and the cloverleaf at the Schuylkill Expressway. 08/04/04
Paralleling the Schuylkill River northwest from Valley Forge National Historical Park, U.S. 422 follows the Schuylkill Expressway to Royersford, Pottstown and Berks County. 08/11/04
The eastern branch of U.S. 422 runs from U.S. 202 near King of Prussia to Reading, Lebanon and U.S. 322 beyond Hershey. The western branch begins at Ebensburg and travels from there to New Castle and Youngstown, Ohio. 08/04/04


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