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Updates January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Like many other road enthusiasts, we wrapped up a somewhat low key year as far as travel in 2020. This included one major trip and several day trips in state. Personally I finished up the year with one final trip to the Mid-Atlantic over part of the holidays, although my travels once at my destination were somewhat limited. The bulk of the drive north and back south [...]

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Updates June 22-23, 2020 – West and East

Covering a variety of roadtrips from 2016 onward, made a variety of updates to AARoads over the last two weeks. Added/updated content from the Southwestern U.S., Texas and the East Coast. Arizona Interstate 40 Arizona - revamped westbound coverage from Exit 311 / Petrified Forest National Park to Exit 148 / County Line Road. Added photos from April 2017 and reedited photos from November 2016. Arizona Route 24 [...]

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2017 Delaware Road Meet

Nearly one year removed from the first ever Delaware Road Meet, I am finally getting around to updating the Delaware pages on the site with content from last December. The meet took place on December 16, with 19 of us gathering at the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza on Interstate 95 near Newark. After two hours or so of commiserating, divvying out road maps, and consuming Philly cheese steaks [...]

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Delaware Highways Revamp

Just put the last of the new photos from Kent County onto the site, rounding out several weeks of page updates and additions covering all Delaware state routes between Smyrna and the south end of Sussex County. The revamp also includes a few more source citations, and more concrete dates based upon the DelDOT map archive. Many of these pages were written in the early 2000s, with minimal attention or [...]

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Time to Carbon Copy more Signs!

Every time I see a Wilmington News Journal sign tidbit such as today's, I know that DelDOT is yet again carbon copying signs that usually don't need replacing in their current form (but should be updated to reflect new information, which they will not be). All the while the state budget continues to run at a deficit and the economic recession continues to worsen: Work on overhead traffic signs [...]

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Delaware gets in on Clearview act

The first sighting of Clearview font used on highway signs was reported to us recently along Interstate 95 in Delaware. New signs are being installed along the southbound (westbound) stretch of the freeway in conjunction with the "5th Lane Project". Widening of the freeway is underway between Exit 4 (Delaware 1 & 7) and Exit 5 (U.S. 202 south & Delaware 141). A new overhead features Clearview font [...]

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More changes with the Blue Ball Projects in Delaware

Yesterday I had the opportunity to revisit the Blue Ball project of U.S. 202 north of Wilmington, DE. I thought that most of the U.S. 202 work was completed by May, but much to my surprise, a few more things were tweaked road and signwise. Now travelers heading north from Wilmington via Concord Avenue (Delaware 202) remain separated from merging traffic from Interstate 95 until after the Foulk Road (new [...]

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15 years later…

It was 1992 when I first noticed large mounds of dirt rising within the cloverleaf ramps of the Interstate 95 interchange with Delaware 7 and then fledgling-Delaware 1. The mounds were created in anticipation of a planned interchange upgrade between the Delaware Turnpike and new SR 1 Turnpike. 15 years later, the mounds remain, covered with vegetation and even a growing tree if I remember correctly. Delaware 1 [...]

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The Maine Light is off again…

An inside joke, sort of... The fact of the matter is that Maine @ AARoads is once again up to date with all our existing coverage that includes a short excursion in the Kittery and York areas as part of our July-August New England road trip. That joins Maine with Arkansas as the only two of the lower 48 states without existing coverage in the queue for future AARoads updates! [...]

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Delaware Toll Increases

The 2008 State Budget for Delaware passed this Summer and in it are changes that will affect many drivers through Delaware. At stake in the $3.28-billion budget are increases in tolls on both Interstate 95 at the Delaware state line and the SR 1 Turnpike between Dover and Christiana. Tolls for Interstate 95 will increase from $3.00 per passenger vehicle to $4.00. Each of the SR 1 Turnpike plaza tolls [...]

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