Delaware Route 1 crossing the U.S. Senator William V. Roth, Jr. Bridge across the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. 12/19/20

Aiming to complete the latest round of updates for the Delaware Highways Page this week. This includes covering the First Responders Memorial Highway, the toll road for U.S. 301 opened to traffic on January 10, 2019 from the Maryland state line near Middletown northeast to SR 1 south of St. Georges. What’s been completed so far:

  • SR 299 – finished updating coverage of the state route west from Odessa to U.S. 301 (First Responders Memorial Highway) in Middletown with photos from 12/28/20. Also partitioned the guide into east and west into tabs.
    Took 20 minutes to drive SR 299 east from SR 15 at Middletown Warwick Road to U.S. 13 in Odessa and back. Previously anticipated to begin construction in 2019, widening of SR 299 (Main Street) between Caroline Street in Middletown and SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) is slated to start this summer and extend to Fall 2023. Utility relocation got underway last year. While expanding the two lane road into a four lane arterial will accommodate the rapid growth, I cannot see how traffic congestion along the bottleneck through Downtown can be addressed.
  • U.S. 301 in Maryland – finally got around to posting photos shot on 12/16/16 covering all of the expressway along Maryland’s Eastern Shore north from the split with U.S. 50 at Queenstown to Church Hill in Queen Anne’s County. Split the remainder of U.S. 301 north from Sudlersville to the Delaware state line near Warwick onto a separate page. Reshot U.S. 301 from MD 313 north to the First Coast Responders Memorial Highway toll road into the Diamond State on 12/19/20.
  • Added pages for U.S. 301 North – First Responders Memorial Highway with photos shot on 12/19/20 and U.S. 301 South with photos taken Christmas Day.
  • State Route 1 North – Smyrna to Churchmans Crossing – updated coverage from U.S. 301 north to SR 58 at Churchmans Crossing with 28 photos from 12/19/20 and six photos from 12/22/20.
  • SR 7 North – added 17 photos covering the route from Christiana to Telegraph Road at Stanton (12/19, 12/22 and 12/26/20).
  • SR 4 East – add/replaced 4 photos from 12/22/20 and 2 photos from 12/26/20.
SR 1/7 north at I-95 - Churchmans Crossing, DE

A new end sign was posted along SR 1/7 north at the Road A overpass by Christiana Mall in 2020. 12/19/20