Crossing the William Preston Lane, Jr Bridge across Chesapeake Bay on U.S. 50 west / U.S. 301 south. 12/31/16

Finished adding the last of the December 2020 photos to Delaware this past weekend, and proceeded west into Maryland and added the recent photos from there as well. Reorganized the guides covering U.S. 301 south in Maryland with separate pages from the Delaware line to Sudlersville and from Church Hill to U.S. 50 at Queenstown. Followed by splitting the westbound coverage of U.S. 50/301 into pages for the freeway in Queen Anne’s County and Anne Arundel County.


  • SR 2 East – replaced seven photos in the Newark area with ones shot 12/26/20.
  • SR 2 West – updated with two photos from 12/22/20 and one from 12/26/20.
  • SR 72 North – updated with five photos in Newark from 12/26/20.
MD 313 south at MD 287 - Goldsboro

MD 313 south at the west end of MD 287 in the town of Goldsboro. 12/25/20


  • U.S. 50 West – Prince Georges County – replaced photos west to I-95/495 (01/04/19) and added photos from the Capital Beltway to the D.C. line.
  • U.S. 50/301 – updated photos westbound from Queenstown to Bowie with ones shot on 12/31/16 or 01/04/19.
  • U.S. 301 – replaced most of the 2004 and 2008 content with photos taken on 12/25/20 and 12/31/16
  • Route 287 – updated with seven photos from 12/25/20 eastbound and seven photos westbound from 12/19/20.
  • Route 311 – added three photos at the south end from 12/19/20
  • Route 313 North – added 44 photos from Goldsboro to U.S. 301 near Massey (12/19/20).
  • Route 313 South – added 25 photos from MD 544 south to MD 287 at Goldsboro (12/25/20).
  • Route 544 – created page

Had an appointment in Pasco County, Florida this week and that got me to thinking what has been posted on the site and what remains. So went through the backlog and created pages for the remaining routes not previously covered. Also considered nearby County Roads in Hillsborough County without guides, and added content for some of them as well.

Updated existing guides: