2017 Delaware Road Meet

Nearly one year removed from the first ever Delaware Road Meet, I am finally getting around to updating the Delaware pages on the site with content from last December. The meet took place on December 16, with 19 of us gathering at the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza on Interstate 95 near Newark. After two hours or so of commiserating, divvying out road maps, and consuming Philly cheese steaks [...]

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Observations from the Road: Southeast Iowa

Enjoyed a break in the cloudy weather on our resent visit to Iowa to tag along with Bill and his son Joey on 300 mile day trip exploring various U.S., state and county routes across southeastern Iowa. Here are a few noteworthy things and photos from the drive on March 25. Six years after the realignment of U.S. 61 to bypass Davenport, signs along U.S. 6 still reflect the [...]

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Map Finds from February 15th

Occasionally we make trips out to area flea markets, swap meets and antique stores in the search for more maps to add to our growing collection. The majority of these are open on weekends, with others, like New Castle Farmers Market's outdoor flea market in Delaware (a long time favorite of mine), open on Friday as well. Some of the largest flea markets in the county operate on weekdays and [...]

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Updates and Road News for the week of February 1

This week we finished adding photos taken last month in Upstate South Carolina and moved on from there to additional material sent in from Peter in the Green Bay area. Carter shot some of U.S. 123 between Easley and Greenville, so we coupled those photos with previous photos he took in April 2014 and from a drive Brent and I did back in December 2008 to three new pages. U.S. [...]

Washington, D.C. 1942 Map

We recently picked up a Washington, DC area map with a General Drafting base dated from 1942. This map may be the oldest we have of the capital city in our collection, and it definitely shows signs of aging having been torn into three separate sections. The fragile nature of the map made scanning it difficult, so we broke down the imagery into a few excepts. Let's take a further [...]

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Mississippi Gulf Coast / Southeast Louisiana Road Notes

Finally getting around to reviewing a day trip we took on May 9 from Pensacola, Florida west to Biloxi, Gulfport, New Orleans and LaPlace, Louisiana. While we have extensively covered much of this region previously, several key projects are underway or were completed in recent years. Let's take a look at a few of them. The drive across Mobile was uneventful and the only work ongoing is a resurfacing project [...]

Observations from the road: Quad Cities to Chicago

The last day of our eight day trek through the Upper Midwest took us from the Quad Cities area back to Chicago before heading southward to home. Leaving around lunchtime, we traveled I-74 through Bettendorf and Moline, catching a glimpse of the current utility work being performed in preparation of the I-74 rebuild across the Mississippi River. We then hooked up with I-80 east toward Lasalle and Joliet. [...]

Observations from the road: Topeka to the Quad Cities

Day 7 of our Midwest/Great Plains trip takes us east from Topeka back through Kansas City and then north to Des Moines before ending the day in the Quad Cities. We started out deciding to explore the Topeka area freeway system with spurs north and south along U.S. 75 before returning to Kansas City to finish our documentation there. Passing through the tri-level stack interchange from Interstate 70 [...]

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Observations from the road: Fargo to Omaha

Day five of our Midwest/Great Plains trip took us from a start in West Fargo southward along the I-29 corridor to the Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska area. A cloudy and drizzly morning appeared to be setting the stage for another murky day, but as it progressed, the clouds finally lifted resulting in a great day to explore some roads. Construction is underway along Business Loop I-94 & U.S. [...]

Observations from the road: Minneapolis to the Canadian Border and Fargo

Day four saw the end of our sojourn to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area as it was time to move onward to our next destinations. On this day we traveled along I-94 to Fargo, North Dakota where we hooked up with I-29 north for Grand Forks and a stop near the Canadian border. Fargo remained on the scope as the resting place for day five. Drivers are afforded panoramic [...]

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