1946 Baltimore and 1956 Hawaii Maps

In addition to the recent 1942 Washington, D.C. map we acquired, we got our hands on some other goodies, including a city map of Baltimore, Maryland and a map of the Hawaiian Islands including a Honolulu street map. We'll touch on some of the highlights for the Baltimore map before moving onward to the Aloha [...]

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Baltimore again – June 2012

We had the opportunity to revisit Baltimore again this month to add to some of our exploration from summer of 2010. Researching a few things in advance, we plotted a drive along U.S. 40 east from west of the city to the Orleans Street Viaduct and the vicinity of the Jones Falls Expressway viaduct. A [...]

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The Maryland light is out

Put the finishing touches on a major overhaul and update for the Maryland section of AARoads. Finally added photos dating from trips between August 2005 and July 2010, covering mostly the Interstate 95 corridor, Baltimore, Washington, and areas in between. Things updated within the Maryland Highway guides include: Maps covering Baltimore, Cecil and Harford Counties [...]

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ICC to the BWI?

The first section of Maryland's 6-lane toll freeway the Intercounty Connector opened yesterday. The project, which has some of the highest tolls in the United States, has its own website complete with interactive maps It is the first new freeway in the Washington DC area in several decades.

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Suitland Parkway / S Capitol Street

Suitland Parkway links southeast Washington, D.C. with Andrews Air Force Base at Maryland 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) near Forestville. The highway carries four lanes overall along a 9.35-mile controlled-access route. Several interchanges and a handful of at-grade intersections lie along the route. Like the George Washington Memorial and Clara Barton Parkways, the Maryland section is maintained by [...]

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Maryland 43 Extended

Constructed between August 2003 and October 2006, Maryland 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) was extended 3.8 miles from a premature end at U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) to Maryland 150 (Eastern Boulevard). The new state highway consists of a four-lane divided highway with expressway like characteristics. While there are no private driveways, seven at-grade intersections exist along [...]

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Interstate 95 Maryland Express Lanes

A $1 billion project is underway in the state of Maryland along Interstate 95. Being constructed are the Interstate 95 Express Toll Lanes. Beginning at the Interstate 895 merge in Baltimore and ending at the Joppatowne Road overpass, the express toll lanes project will widen Interstate 95 from eight general purpose lanes to eight general [...]

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Interstate 95 & 695 Megastack!

Have you seen this rendering? It is the megasized symmetrical stack interchange currently under construction at the eastern junction of Interstate 95 and 695 at Baltimore, Maryland! Construction began in 2006 on a multi-year project that will bring express toll lanes to the busy corridor. Presently Interstate 95 carries eight lanes between Interstate 895 and [...]

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Intercounty Connector construction begins

Overall the Intercounty Connector (ICC) represents a $2.4 billion project to build an 18-mile long toll road between Interstates 370 in Montgomery County and Interstate 95 in Prince Georges County, Maryland. After years of representing nothing more than just a dashed line on planning maps, the first leg of the (ICC) is set to become [...]

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Interstate 95 Growing Pains

Today's thoughts involve reflections on the Interstate 95 corridor between Florida and the northeast U.S. The reviled freeway in some cases, Interstate 95 suffers from overrunning by travelers headed to/from Florida, a number that increases significantly every year. Respective DOT's are trying to keep up with growth with various expansion and interchange projects throughout the [...]

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