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Nevada State Highways

The original Nevada State Route system was renumbered in 1976 to its current system. This system clusters primary, secondary (urban), and secondary (rural) routes by county. The following chart shows the numbers assigned to each county, including any routes added and/or removed from the state highway system since 1976:

County Primary Secondary-Urban Secondary-Rural
Carson City   509-531 705
Churchill 115-121   715-727
Clark (Las Vegas) 142-171 562-612 738-745
Douglas 28, 88, 206-208   756-760
Elko 221-223 535 766-767
Esmeralda 264-267   773-774
Eureka 278   780-781
Humboldt 140, 289-294   786-794
Lander 304-306   806
Lincoln 317-322   816
Lyon 338-342   822-829
Mineral 359-362   839
Nye 372-379   844
Pershing 396-401   854-860
Washoe (Reno) 425-447 646-686 877-880
White Pine 487-490   892-895

Nevada Highways in the National Highway System

In addition to the Nevada Interstate Highways, Nevada has several other arterials that are designated as part of the National Highway System. This includes:


Nevada has used the white, California-style milepost for quite a while. These markers indicate the county name, the route number, and the type of route. Interestingly, the markers are used on interstate highways in Nevada in addition to the typical Interstate green-and-white milepost markers. The numbers for the white markers are restarted at each county line, so that are found at different intervals than the green and white markers. Although California refers to these as "postmile markers," Nevada refers to their version as "mileposts."

Each Nevada milepost has an abbreviation indicating the class of the route: "IR" for Interstate, "US" for U.S. routes, and "SR" for all state routes. Sometimes these markers are the only indication that a road is maintained by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). These markers are the only indications that some of the unsigned highways are maintained by NDOT.

Nevada uses two-letter abbreviations while California uses three letters. This is likely due to the fact that Nevada has only 16 counties while California has 58 counties. California's situation is further complicated by the fact that eight of them begin with "M" and a whopping 18 of them begin with "S." Of those "S"s, 10 of them begin with either "San" or "Santa". So, California has no choice but to use three letters to make clear differentiations. Even with three letters, sometimes the combinations they choose are a bit arcane: SBT for San Benito, SBD for San Bernardino, and SBA for Santa Barbara; SCL for Santa Clara, and SCR for Santa Cruz. California uses only two letters for LA (Los Angeles), SD (San Diego), SJ (San Joaquin), and SF (San Francisco). The following is a complete list of all two-digit county codes for Nevada Mileposts. These abbreviations are also used in the State Highway Lists.

  • Carson City, "CC"
  • Churchill County, "CH"
  • Clark County, "CL"
  • Douglas County, "DO"
  • Elko County, "EL"
  • Esmeralda County, "ES"
  • Eureka County, "EU"
  • Humboldt County, "HU"
  • Lander County, "LA"
  • Lincoln County, "LN"
  • Lyon County, "LY"
  • Mineral County, "MI"
  • Nye County, "NY"
  • Pershing County, "PE"
  • Storey County, "ST"
  • Washoe County, "WA"
  • White Pine County, "WP"

Population Statistics

Nevada State Population
2000 U.S. Census: 1,998,257
2010 U.S. Census: 2,700,551
Top County Populations
Clark 1,375,765 Washoe 339,486 Carson City 52,457
Elko 45,291 Douglas 41,259 Lyon 34,501
Top City* Populations
Las Vegas 478,434 Paradise* 186,070 Reno 180,480
Henderson 175,381 Sunrise Manor* 156,120 Spring Valley* 117,390
North Las Vegas 115,488 Sparks 66,346 Carson City 52,457
* Includes Unincorporated Communities in Clark County
Source: 2000 U.S. Census Data and 2010 U.S. Census Data

Other Statistics

  • Capital: Carson City
  • Nickname: Silver State
  • Area: 110,622 square miles or 286,367 square kilometers, 7th largest
  • Statehood: 36th state; admitted October 31, 1864
  • Total Interstate Mileage: 559.97 miles (excludes I-580 extension)
  • Highest Point: Boundary Peak (southwest of Coaldale) 13,147 feet above sea level
  • Mining: gold, diatomite, oil, gas, silver
  • Agriculture: cattle, milk, hay, potatoes, barley

This page, and all the Nevada Highway pages herein, are in no way related to the state of Nevada or the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). Please visit the Nevada State Department of Transportation for official road and highway information.

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